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Website simple and effective operation of the whole process

1: select program:

1: recommends building sites with Blog, and Zblog is a good choice,

2: was used to avoid abuse of the program, or someone to do the dumpster, you will be joint punishment, this proposal to contact the developers with appropriate price to remove copyright links, and modify the template architecture and program directory


two: site structure:

1: follows the W3C standard

as much as possible

2: using div+css architecture

3: uses minimal effects as little as possible, and browser compatibility issues must be taken into consideration.

, 4:css, and JS try to call

as much as possible

, 5:, color and art want green, green here means to make users feel soft

6: makes it as convenient as possible to users, for example, every page should have links to return home page and reasonable navigation

three: internal optimizations:

1: uses h tags properly, and H1 can only be used on the most requested content of this page,


2: file page is as static as possible, at least pseudo static

3: at the bottom of the page to emphasize the keyword

4: needs Tags

5:URL optimizations:


a: path cannot be too deep,

b: path, as far as possible to use the web page keywords, if it is Chinese station, Pinyin is a good choice, pay attention to the word and word Pinyin between the best use of "-" to separate.

c: can make directory styles without using file type url

d: does not have multiple URL in the same file, otherwise it will be treated as a duplicate content, such as xnhow.cn/ and xnhow.cn/default.asp, and choose one from it,

four: Keywords:

1: select: search from the Baidu index search large amount of search results and less pages

2: density: recommended control to 3%-5%

five: website submission promotion:

1: to submit to major search engines

, 2:, webmaster tools, Google, Yahoo, etc. submit Sitemaps and RSS boot spiders:


3: home page has links to the sitemap (Sitemaps)

4: each column page should have its own RSS, and prompt users to subscribe to

5: points to your chain, should use your website keywords, from your site export to link, avoid pointing to search engine punishment site (including links)

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