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Patience is also an important factor in doing a good job of SEO

our company’s website also opened a period of time, the contents of the product news from scratch, online customer to have some feedback slowly, really do not know how much to spend web site customer service efforts, much like an outsider understand that is not good website program, open web site waiting for user home on the line!

is really wrong, how can a new website to find your information on the Internet in the multitude, except that people have supernatural powers, know you have the sixth sense of the site that he was looking for, how do you find your website? There are people will say: "maintenance of the website is very simple ah, a collection of software, search a large number of articles on the site on the line, we do not recommend this kind of irresponsible practices, just search online for you is not difficult to find, now the Internet is full of garbage, the same article has hundreds of pieces, just put in a different website only, a place not far from the traditional Internet library can build more libraries, put a few of the same books convenient for readers, but the Internet is not the same, many people at the same time in different places to see With a lot of people still want to use the article! Copy + paste way to update the website content, because it is simple and does not need brains to think about how to write the original article, after all the computer to play out the word to slow brain filtering.

our company website upload, someone also recommend to us too many simple maintenance mode, we have adopted, the reason is very simple: we understand that sometimes things need patience, need a serious and responsible attitude, although slower than the affordable flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum ". Do Baidu keyword submission page is like this, not in considering our convenience, but to imagine how customers will use Baidu to find similar products

is actually a lot of things are the same, do lift products too, many manufacturers of products like a mold made out of the same, the homogeneity of the people can not identify whether any product, it does not want to be in the online excerpts from other articles, make high quality and high technology the product innovation is the need for patience and responsibility, only the motives of the enterprises can make innovative products, to create a competitive brand.

wrote it, incoherent thought which wrote which purpose, just want to share my views, I wish you all good health undertakings on the upgrade.

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