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Various ways to influence the chain




There are many factors affecting the

website keywords in the search engine rankings, summed up hundreds of factors, if you want to choose the most important factor in the high quality of the chain will be the choice of many people, although each optimization personnel are not the same, but at this point, all this is not the same, especially, position in the chain of SEO in optimization.

each SEO has obtained the method of the chain, the chain optimization way in each heart is also not the same, today published here, understanding their years of foreign chain, and their common chain method.

1, soft text

said the chain, the first to the number of soft paper, saves time, and the effect is obvious, a similar quality soft, add dozens of the chain is not a problem, it will not only be reproduced to various forums, blog may be reproduced to other types of sites, increase the outer chain. Is an effective way to obtain high quality external chain. The impact on ranking is obvious, and not a single keyword ranking rise, often a few keywords of the web collective rise. Shows that the overall weight of the website has been raised. So you’ll do well in search engines.

2, classified information release,

is Baidu search engine to give a high weight to some classified information website, publish some promotional information on these sites, will soon be collected, and may have very good rankings, have certain effect to promote the brand image. Don’t worry about whether the original, will be included, is a good way to increase the chain, disadvantage is the website information release a number of restrictions, pay the fee, in order to release more content, and some classification information website, only to pay the fee, the content posted in the search engine will have good rankings. Although the number of free restrictions, we can only find more information sites, every day to release some, the chain will also grow at a rapid rate. There are many successful cases, these information classification specifically, it will get a good ranking.

3, blog construction,

this is many webmaster will choose a way to increase the chain, put the chain, there is no limit on the number and placement of the anchor text links, and blogs are a large portal blog for free, do one, will have a certain effect on website brand communication, although the effect is not immediate, but the stick for, ranking to improve, is very useful, think of a station to do for a long time, long time did not improve the ranking, one day suddenly went to the Baidu home page, what is the mood.

4, forum posting comments

this is almost every webmaster will do, an increase of the chain method, for this method, the Internet has a lot of say

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