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The kind of sad behind but it is a power Adsense still need to adhere to

today is April 14, 2010, looking at the computer could not sleep, recall their faces this year’s difficulties, thinking a bit sad feeling, is a person under the age of 20 years, a graduate who is now facing social pressure, but what is not for a long time, in bursts of meditation, this year do the station last year, nearly 1 years, the year I feel the joy of feeling lost, but the more I grow, I learned more experience in a year, every day I read the article on A5, see the website the news every day, which I have accumulated some experience, the first station is a live site, however, is limited and the development of the CN domain name domain name value does not have development potential, in March this year, I started the second sites, but a navigation station, though Although the domestic navigation site overwhelming but I believe I can do this station, push! Because there are a lot of advertising resources on my hand, and the domain name is easy to remember, 197La com and the 197 means to go to, so that from the domain name and Chinese meaning it strengthened my confidence and, although we are all grassroots webmaster, but with their own hard work and effort, I believe that we can do a lot of things.

remember the website at first, look at that only a small little traffic, I want to give up, maybe they are not suitable for the Internet, but I am sure I love love the Internet website, the struggling heart still wandering, others say that stick will make oneself go further, and make their own learn more knowledge and experience, behind seeing those old webmaster feelings, watching their voice articles, watching them touching words, I finally determined, your belief, your way, no one is not on their own sweat and effort to irrigate, if these are the words and actions of a life, I will be in my youth to the cause of my love. Persistence will make us successful, and persistence will make us find our road sign.

pursuit of user experience, the most substantial development is the hard truth, I only want to seek immediate advertising interests, but now the Internet is a user centric Internet, any of our products are for customer service, whether navigation, music, community, the game is to provide better more users of the service, the pursuit of the user experience, of course, in the pursuit of the user experience at the same time, the content and quality of the site should be a prerequisite, if a good website does not have a very rich or have the quality of website content, which makes your promotion again good, but the viscosity of the site with respect to the user’s back reduced. So we stationmaster must long-term consideration.

as a genuine grassroots, I understand the grassroots thoughts, understand their feelings, the development of the Internet, the Internet is strong, we have the power of the grassroots, Chinese millions of websites, but the vast majority is the grassroots webmaster, the so-called big website, "

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