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The 4 trick is to create a lively atmosphere for your early product

when you use an Internet product, what is it hope to provide their own service point


electricity supplier products, low-priced authentic.

read the product, the contents are expected.

tool products, effective solution to the problem.

community products, bustling.

you may also find a lot more mature Internet products is no longer a single product form, Jingdong covered products and tools in the community women’s wardrobe shopping service at the same time, a book from the beginning of the corresponding transformation of community electricity supplier in 14 years. But no matter what kind of form is a collection of their products, electricity supply chain, tools rely on technology, reading to fight copyright, operation is the most can reflect the value of the community should be to create a lively atmosphere, which also belongs to the operation difficulty of new products.

, a lively community atmosphere can give users a kind of experience,


for those who are good at sharing, some people commented on some people praise.

for people who are scuba diving, there’s something to see.

for people who are interested in interaction, there are topics to take part in.

for all community users, this product is alive.

on the market a good community atmosphere a lot of products, see competing products backstepping operating strategy, in combination of practical experience in community a Book cold start, talk about some practical operation methods of atmosphere (focus on the operation of the vest).

vest operation

In the era of the

forum refers to vest in the forum, if you and others have a quarrel, after the conflict, you want to revenge or some do not want to show their identity words, also apply for a forum account, let others do not know you personally, you can use the vest to do some things don’t have to worry about others will know you, with the competition in the market we called vest for the navy.

vest operation this ancient way, the vast majority of people have heard. The user to tear forced registration vest hired Navy operations would be better, in order to move bricks, by allowing users to feel good atmosphere vest early community. Consider yourself in the first task of a book is used to create a community atmosphere below the vest, is responsible for the management of each content of the comments and praise, and with the real user interaction, the operation effect is basically do not see it is a just online community.

1, recruiting vest

registered to make comments on the contents of the vest like, which belongs to the technical content is low but also have to spend a lot of time to work, a simple operation can do it naturally, is a normal operation but also put fine timber to petty use, not willing to work every day is to write comments on the registration number.

the correct approach should be to recruit volunteers, some Wangzhuan QQ group looking for part-time, can also go to University Forum / Post Bar >

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