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Web content is planned out from Taobao bad division invoice division speaking

finally, Baidu web search anti cheating team released a new algorithm for low quality sites has entered into force, publicly given the middle of June since the "Baidu earthquake" official statement.


Baidu earthquake officially explained, after some of the webmaster K site is not acceptable

, as many have pointed out, the announcement admits that "there are still instances of unintentional injuries", indicating that the rate of accidental injuries is still not low. The announcement, by some K site owners have repeatedly questioned by a K station of the old webmaster in Baidu webmaster community lamented: "I stop doing business, selling products on the several write just toss about the kinds, how do you let me tell me? I tell you my pseudo original is how to do, I have never used the software, also very despised by software. I was in the website of the relevant industry news copy down, and then modify the content according to their own, it was also K off".

Although Baidu

strategy has some problems, but I think, for most K sites, K sites were also need from their website strategy (content system construction and website promotion strategy) to find the problem – this time I blog also be punished by Baidu, has 7 consecutive Baidu original content not included I think the original content has a certain quality, not only because the submission site, reprint sites, and submission and reproduced website Baidu included has been very fast.


my blog was originally created in June 17th, and Baidu hasn’t included


"it is not too late," a K station (lower right) does not mean that the webmaster failed completely, can only be regarded as a major setback. As long as we do not give up, learn a lesson, long days of big day, there is still opportunity.

and, from a positive point of view, "the new algorithm for low quality site is in effect" reaffirmed "website content as the core values embodied" principle, after all to many SEOER who points out a right direction — trying to provide a unique and valuable content for potential users, to meet the needs of potential users, the it is the most important.

because even above the bemoan their website is K old webmaster, the reason why he does not agree with "pseudo original machine", and hope that through their own efforts, to build a better user experience of the website, the website gradually establish their own brand, to achieve long-term stable income to obtain website.

Baidu has given clear low quality standard site remind us once again with the national SEO era, SEO SEO is no longer the key skills, and must return to the combination of solid content, fight the core competitiveness of enterprises, fight the marketing idea, spell site execution, not by.

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