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What should the website traffic analysis analyze

in this article will share how to sort out the traffic on the site analysis, including how to subdivide and five modules of the analysis process, we use the most often included in the website: website search, SEO analysis, paid search, direct traffic and email marketing.


, no matter what kind of analysis, can not only stay in the surface of thinking, but need to think about why to choose these indicators, and in-depth analysis. In website analysis, a very important method is: to subdivide. Because Web users are not stereotyped, each user has its own features, including different age, gender, and different access purposes. Therefore, in the process of analysis, we must carry out effective segmentation.

in the subdivision before we must understand first on their own website business, know what is the most important site for business, and what the most important is to achieve the purpose, and on the basis of traffic breakdown. By subdividing, we can learn more about the data and get more hidden value. In brief, without subdivision, without depth, without subdivision, without prospect.

focuses on user behavior, not just overall results,

Of course,

overall results are very valuable, for example, you give your superiors say website traffic daily UV you have exceeded the number of million, your boss is certainly very happy, but before long, your boss might ask you a question, that is, why the website traffic rose so much, but the sales performance is not too big promotion. This time you need more far-reaching vision, the overall flow of the site is important, but we should be concerned about the behavior of users on the site.

a simple example, a lot of SEO employees in order to achieve the purpose of improving site traffic, go to a number of optimization and website business is not relevant but have high search volume keywords, the final site overall although traffic is improved, but the number of users of the bounce rate is very high, almost all to turn off the web page to leave this traffic to help small business website, the significance was greatly reduced.

if we can by observing user behavior, through some of the index data mentioned before analysis, to distinguish the valuable user groups, more directional input, then the effect will be much better. Of course, you can also analyze users who jump out of the box to find out why they don’t like it, and then make improvements.

segmentation and attention to user behavior is a water has been emphasized on site analysis of the basic ideas, then we will discuss the site analysis process essential five modules.

1, station search

most websites don’t pay attention to station search at present, but it’s very important because it can tell you the user >

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