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Web site case at home and abroad Ten detailed analysis of web page navigation

often encounters paging navigation when browsing a web page. Paging navigation has four main functions: tell the user the amount of information you want to browse; let the user quickly skip some information that you don’t want to see; facilitate location and search; reduce page size and increase loading speed. In addition, paging navigation actually gives users pause over the web, which allows the product to be "more rhythmic" and reduces the user’s sense of fatigue.

below, to a few common websites at home and abroad (mainly for search engines and e-commerce sites) as an example, from several aspects to talk about page navigation design.

1: paging navigation length

paging navigation can neither be too long nor too short. Too long paging navigation, increasing the burden on the user; too short paging navigation, can not play a good role in navigation.

The number of page navigation pages for

, Taobao, and Jingdong is 6, and Google, Bing and Yahoo are 10. Baidu and Amazon adopted a variable length format. The starting length of Baidu is 10, and as the page goes down, the page number of the page increases gradually, and finally maintains the length of 20 pages. And Amazon originally only has 4 pages, and finally maintains the number on the 5 page.


Paging navigation for



Paging navigation for



Paging navigation for



Baidu paging navigation


Paging navigation for



Taobao paging navigation


Jingdong paging navigation

can see that the number of page navigation pages on e-commerce websites is generally less than that of search engines. The main reason, of course, is that the search results are far less than the search engines. Secondly, because the electricity supplier website is mainly to sell, with respect to the search engine information presentation to the user as the goal, they are more willing to let users carefully browse front pages of the goods, rather than to guide the user to optionally click a page to view the goods.

2: the need to first page navigation links

Google, Bing,

page navigation Yahoo, Amazon, Baidu, Taobao, the Jingdong’s website are not home and back links.


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