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We teach you how to open a good shop Taobao

many people have chosen to start their own business, open a Taobao shop is currently the most popular projects. So how to open a good shop Taobao? So many sellers, buyers why choose your home products, if the study of these issues, it is not easy to open a shop. Here, small series to share 5 tips to teach you how to open a good Taobao shop.

2 reputation.


brush reputation too much, buyers are not so reliable reputation, he will see you with the record of a transaction. The size of the store, whether to participate in the consumer protection, whether it is Wang shop, which can increase the confidence of buyers to you.

4 priority among priorities – supply.

your baby is unique, the quality is qualified, whether the price advantage. Buyers shopping online is nothing more than a cheap and difficult to find in the vicinity of the baby, which needs to find a good source. Physical stores, factories or companies to open Taobao stores in this area has a great advantage. Now Taobao is the hottest selling cosmetics, clothing, products such as mobile phone, if you do not have the advantage of the supply if it is best not to do, you can find some souvenirs, handicrafts, home or some of the more difficult to buy in the life of the baby. In short, your baby must have an advantage.

5 promotion.


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