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You can make money Rhizomys aquaculture

farmers start to become rich, farming and planting is a good choice, however, if you want to rely on this money, naturally also need to choose the varieties. Then, Rhizomys aquaculture can make money? Let Xiaobian through specific case analysis for you, let you see rhizomyidae "money" ability.

Rhizomys breeding can make money? In recent years, Liucheng county to develop Rhizomys aquaculture projects, has begun to take shape, the county’s 1800 farmers breeding 40 thousand years to sell rhizomyidae, Rhizomys 480 thousand, the annual output value of 82 million 560 thousand yuan, annual profit of 70 million 560 thousand yuan, the average farmers profit nearly 40 thousand yuan.

Rhizomys diet clean, is a high nutritional value, meat is low in fat, low cholesterol, market demand. Rhizomys aquaculture feed low cost, less investment, high return. Rhizomys aquaculture can make money? Each feeding a female with an average annual production of 12 wild pups were fed for four months after slaughter, the average weight of each commodity rhizomyidae about 2 kilograms, the market price of 80 yuan per kilogram, while each commodity Rhizomys feed, drugs, artificial cost is only 25 yuan, the average per feeding a female Rhizomys the net profit is 1800 yuan, the economic benefit is very considerable.

is the focus of the County Ma Shan Xiang township for the establishment of two breeding wild Rhizomys breeding professional cooperatives, responsible for issuing and in unified recovery, unified sales of goods of rhizomyidae, formed a production, supply and marketing through-train business model, farmers development Rhizomys aquaculture. Rhizomys aquaculture can make money? At present, the total of 20 thousand kinds of Rhizomys aquaculture Xiang sell goods, only 240 thousand years of rhizomyidae, the annual output value of 41 million 280 thousand yuan, the annual profit of about 35 million 280 thousand yuan, output and profits accounted for the "half of the country".

thus, if rely on raising money, Rhizomys is actually a very good business opportunities, it is worth more entrepreneurs choice. So, if you are now looking for breeding and planting varieties, so that will be your choice of rhizomyidae?

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