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Zhangzhou total investment of about 1000000000 yuan to build Minnan water

with the development of tourism, the tourism industry has been paid great attention to. This time, in order to further develop the local tourism industry in Zhangzhou, with a total investment of about 1000000000 yuan to build Minnan water"!

yesterday, the reporter learned from the Longwen District of Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou key urban construction projects, with a total investment of about 1000000000 yuan Zhangzhou Minnan water, the current demonstration area of Xiangqiao has started construction. Water in the city, people in the middle of painting. The future, through the water and city context, veins, full of vitality and heritage of the Zhangzhou edition "Qingming Festival" will appear, build with international influence in Riverside leisure tourism destination. Zhangzhou ninety-nine Bay South Fujian water project is also included in the province, ten thousand safe and ecological water system construction pilot, provincial sponge city pilot units.

ninety-nine Bay add cultural connotation

provincial historical and cultural village – Xiangqiao village, is the beginning of the "Minnan water village" project. The reporter saw along the demolition has been completed, the construction team are entering the construction, will open up the river; workers to repair the temple ancient houses and other ancient buildings. Longwen relevant person in charge told reporters, in the village of Xiangqiao will also tap the Minnan Guan CuO architecture, painting and calligraphy, Huang Jitang Hua Tuo could carry out culture; Yongxing Buddha, ye Jue Huang Zen, dragon boat races and other cultural activities, add cultural connotation is ninety-nine bay. Will be carried out across the ninety-nine Bay Bridge project to restore water navigation. The project will reproduce the Zhangzhou version of qingmingshanghetu".

along the ninety-nine bay along the way, dredging remediation is also stepping up. Zhangzhou Fujian water development company responsible for the "Fujian village" river regulation and flood detention area, the construction of waterfront landscape and flood detention area green, will invest 140 million yuan.

"Minnan water village" will reappear 10 scenic spots

ninety-nine important river bay as the city of Zhangzhou, Longjiang and Xixi lead nine North River, meandering from north to south, a total length of 14 km, 50 meters wide -200 meters. There are a lot of historical and cultural relics in the urban and rural settlements along the ninety-nine gulf. In the future, ninety-nine Bay Minnan water will reproduce the 10 attractions.

ninety-nine Bay industrial space is divided into the following four areas, including the core area of ecological wetlands, wetland sightseeing and leisure agriculture, ecological wetland tourism area, health industrial zone. From the north to the south of the forest in the night market, will build seven rivers, Strait Exchange, Yi Tang, Lantian industrial, ancient Jue Huang Zen, dragon boat, Xijing Shi Cang, Yongxing Zhimei Ye Buddha, at Xiangqiao 10 scenic spots. Through the waterfront walking tour line, bicycle riding tour line, water routes, sightseeing battery car tour lines, etc., and set up two centers along the way, the station of the 9, so that scenic spots, parks, communities, business district. At the same time, ninety-nine bay along the bridge across the river will be upgraded to the top of the 5, in order to adapt to recommend

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