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Worth a look of the ice shop business secret

hot summer, but the weather was very hot, similar to ice such a business is very hot, but also very little worth the investment of this project, every summer, ice shop business is to not stop, if the water ice store is certainly a seat without seat All seats are occupied., ice stalls must full of people, thus, the summer ice business is so good. Therefore, if you have money, may wish to open an ice shop. The following is the ice shop business secret, take a look at it!

project required equipment: an ice machine, freezer plus a sand ice machine. Raw materials: all kinds of fresh fruit characteristics and production of ice ingredients of mung bean, red bean.

business secrets

shop layout in a fresh, beautiful, can be a variety of fruit placed in front of the counter, such as Kiwi Australia mango, pineapple, Taiwan Xinjiang melon, American Sunkist orange, new zealand…… These fruits are pleasing to the eyes of people do not move, it feels good, it is easy to attract customers.

fruit must be fresh, ice toppings component to the foot. According to a more than a month before the opening of the ice cream shop owner, is currently the most popular mango ice sand, because it looks lovely, sweet taste, it can cater to popular taste; second is the kiwi ice rich nutrition. Only a variety of fruit sand ice, the store will be able to sell about 200 cups a day. The shop every day before the shop, the clerk is responsible for the purchase of four boxes of various types of fresh fruit, but not many varieties, but in order to maintain the freshness of fruit.

there is a variety of ice bar, summer, mung bean and red bean is the main ingredient in ice. In addition, with plum juice plum particles for the elderly, remembered by drinking plum summer days, there is a sense of nostalgia, is a middle-aged customer favorite; strawberry, pineapple juice with fruit particles is a bosom friend; lover’s fruit to tell young lovers. These ingredients are seemingly simple, actually have to pay attention to fresh, with additives and pigments will make these ingredients of the original flavor out of tune, did not sloppy, because the ice is ice cream shop signs.

investment analysis

do not look at the ice shop to do is a small business, but the early investment is not small, coupled with ice machines, freezers, Sha Bing machines and other necessary equipment, set up at least 200 thousand investment in the shop. Even if a year has 6 months in the summer, also have half a year to recover the cost, if during this period, fruitsmoothies is still relatively rare in the cold drink business have to do, if the overnight variety fruit smoothie shop, as overwhelming as pearl milk tea, and the fruit of the uneven in quality. Business risk occurs. So, to remind you: if you want to open the ice cream shop, the choice of shops is very important.

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