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The old man with their entrepreneurial three years to earn tens of millions of fried sausage


because of the dream and action, regardless of age, regardless of gender, as long as you have a dare to practice heart. Pay Guanzheng nearly sixty years once a million of wealth. But just one night, he fell from the peak of life to the bottom of the valley, pay all the assets are owed about 12000000 yuan debt. He leaned against the mother’s homemade sausage craft, in yinpen rented 8 square meters of road pavement monopoly "childhood taste" sausage, today, 3 years later, he frugally and earn nearly ten million yuan to repay all debt…… Pay Guanzheng fried sausage for three years to earn million, be familiar with his creditors and people praise the "integrity of brother".

20 years old to work in Changsha by raising dogs

58 years old, he has a white hair, with more than and 130 kg of super size. Grew up in Jiangxi County of Yifeng province to pay Guanzheng child. 20 year old came to Changsha to fight, although the book is not much, but he was diligent and love brains, and then settled in Changsha. In 80s, a friend gave him 6 small dog, let his life changed. "I found a deserted building in the village of Lei Feng bridge to become a dog base, up to the time, the number of dogs reached a few thousand, I also set up their own company."


into negative overnight millionaire

last century at the end of 90s, pay Guanzheng from between a millionaire overnight into a "negative Weng million". "Career development very smoothly, the total assets reached 1000 million yuan, it was 20 years ago!" pay Guanzheng repeatedly. Dogs, pay off government has brought wealth to the legend; however, chicken, let Guanzheng pay painstaking efforts of the legendary wealth "in an instant burst.

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