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Henan as soon as possible to create the province’s entrepreneurial Service Alliance

Henan in 2016 will focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in the seat, and strive to build the province’s entrepreneurial service alliance, creating an entrepreneurial atmosphere. By the Provincial Department of human resources and social, CO sponsored by the Provincial Department of education in Henan province 2016 college students into the campus service activities in March 26th launched in Zhengzhou, Huanghe Science and Technology College.

in the public venture, the highly innovative fast now, students start to lead the program of welfare policy, our province will encourage more students with entrepreneurial great plan and noble ambition to a customer, "double" posture in the tide of the vow to annihilate the rebels. Entrepreneurial ambition of college students and the society on many guests, are facing the starting fund, project selection, skills training and other related problems, to support the introduction of the policy, is a strong wind from the East, they crack the problem to the enterprise.

in known as "the first year" Chinese venture in 2015, the average daily in our province of newly registered enterprises 513, an increase of 6.6%, increased downward pressure on the economy environment, the number of newly registered enterprises can contrarian, lies in the government departments to promote the "double" activities continued to carry out, the introduction of a a series of policies to support entrepreneurship, thus reducing business costs and barriers, to further optimize the environment, entrepreneurial enthusiasm is full of rushes.

their finest hour. With the continuous expansion of the province hit off the team, "who is swimming naked" the problem we have to face the low tide. Policy support is able to make the entry into the venture market is relatively easy, but it can not resolve the entrepreneurial risk, to ensure the success of entrepreneurship, after all, is the main market for the creation of the main market.

to start blowing tide, there must be hidden reef rapids: when the high-tech incubator blossom everywhere, when to enter the "Internet plus" become "although I will carry millions of people in the landscape, creating the market how to avoid redundant construction and overcapacity and other industries are suffering" pain points "is not alarmist.

in last year’s "Henan multi-creation alliance" to start the ceremony, the guests have to hit off the market chaos expressed concern, "too much space, creating a bit is not used.

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