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The Enlightenment of Zhou Chaoren’s entrepreneurial story

not all entrepreneurs who can build a career, but one thing is for sure, successful business people must be unremittingly, and constantly improve themselves constantly studying market and marketing strategy, Zhou Chaoren is one of the most representative figures!

Zhou Chaoren $70 honorarium put all sorts of things together, carry 30 kilograms of candied fruit big battles to Shanghai. To Shanghai, he was carrying a fruit to several food store sales, got the same answer: "no state collective business license, what business can’t and you do!" this night, he spent in Nanjing road under the eaves. With a big bag of sweets. There’s always a way out!

this success, make Zhou Chaoren more ambitious. He set up a "succades purchasing" in his hometown in Shanghai, rent an apartment every night, he according to the sales trends in Shanghai candied fruit market, let his secretary to the hometown telex production planning. There is no cost of entrepreneurship, at the same time, Chaozhou sent to Shanghai every day in the long-distance transport team, there is a car under his bag. Over the past few years, Zhou Chaoren became a famous Shanghai King candied fruit market.


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