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Which projects are suitable for College Students

we know that many college students after graduation, especially facing the difficult employment problem, many people will give up work to choose their own business, so in the end what the project is suitable for the entrepreneurship of college students? Come and see.

Analysis of

1) more advanced equipment and technology, -40 C -18 C frozen, stored in the hand is not easy to melt, tastes soft with hard, cool hundred percent! 2) the latest process to make the ice cream puffing rate increased by 100% ~ 120%, the raw material is saved, the taste is more delicate, more smooth. Delicious 100! 3) no ice, no frosting, storage period, sales period is prolonged, customers can eat, consumers and stores like health 100%! 4) variety, variety, love what taste is what taste, eat not greasy, happy hundred percent! Sit store, the main push hard ice cream, with sales of soft ice cream, hot and cold drinks, fruit drinks, fast food and snacks, multi angle profit, why not developed science.

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