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Shaanxi province colleges and universities will implement flexible educational system

this year for college students to start a business has been a clear policy, believe that the need for entrepreneurship in terms of college students is a very good policy. Shaanxi Province on the basis of a clear policy to act,   Shaanxi colleges and universities will implement flexible educational system to support college students to start a business.

for the cultivation of students’ innovative spirit and entrepreneurial consciousness and innovation ability, our province will implement the "Higher School of innovation and entrepreneurship education promotion plan", "13th Five-Year" during the construction of 100 provincial innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform College (Department), the implementation of flexible educational system, support students retain the school practice of innovation and entrepreneurship.

retain the school support for college students entrepreneurship

the Provincial Department of Education announced the plan yesterday, clear in our province will focus on supporting the construction of 100 universities in innovation and entrepreneurship education reform pilot school (Department), the reform of student selection, teaching methods, evaluation content and method, strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship training, in-depth implementation of the credit system, the establishment of innovative credit accumulation and conversion the system will explore the students to carry out innovative experiments, published papers, patents and independent business conditions for credit conversion. The implementation of flexible educational system, to support college students to retain the status of innovation and entrepreneurship practice, the specific suspension period determined by the independent colleges and universities.

credits into entrepreneurship courses

will be for all the students set up a separate "entrepreneurial foundation" course. Focus on supporting the construction of 100 advanced concepts of education, teaching style, teaching results highlight the innovation and entrepreneurship class resource sharing courses. Support colleges and universities in accordance with the orientation of the school, personnel training and professional characteristics of the discipline, the development, employment and entrepreneurship guidance and other required courses and elective courses, and into the credit management.

2016 colleges and universities to open up a special venue to provide entrepreneurial incubation services to college students, colleges and universities to achieve full coverage of public space. Encourage college with enterprises and research institutions to establish entrepreneurship incubator, focusing on the construction of the 100 experimental teaching demonstration centers, 100 centers, virtual simulation experiment teaching 100 students school education practice base. To promote the university laboratory and other innovative platform to fully open university students.

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