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How to open a very hot spicy hot shop

now with the catering market constantly in the development of some of the characteristics of the delicacy will be respected very well, especially the Malatang, now the little shop business is hot, as the investment project is now looking for investors, Malatang alliance is a good choice, will give you to introduce how to open a profitable Malatang stores the following small series:

how to open a very hot spicy hot shop? 1, keep the dining environment. Before the opening of hot and spicy shops need to do a good job decoration, do not need to spend a lot of money to shop decoration, but also need to have their own characteristics. A comfortable and characteristic dining environment is a good place for anyone who wants to eat. After the shop also need to maintain the environment in the store, for consumers to create a relaxed, comfortable, clean dining environment.

how to open a very hot spicy hot shop? 2, taste better. Franchise business, first of all, there is taste and quality. Taste must be better, distinctive. However, the price is not suitable for the consumption of the consumer groups, economic benefits is the fundamental business development of spicy franchise.

how to open a very hot spicy hot shop? 3, treat consumers with enthusiasm. To consumers, should immediately send tea, do not let the consumer’s table is empty, to allow consumers to sit down, have something to do; once the dish is started, it should immediately be consumers used condiments on the Qi, do not delay consumers eating or cause consumer dissatisfaction.

how to open a very hot spicy hot shop? 4, ensure the service quality. Spicy hot shop service staff need to have a certain service skills, improve their quality of service, and strive to do with their sincere service to win every one to the store’s consumer recognition.

how to open a very hot spicy hot shop? 5, and the waiter and a good teacher. A Malatang franchise, the operator must and staff relationship, Malatang stores belonging to the service industry, the development of quality is the service will determine to some extent the passenger and Malatang stores, and depends on the Malatang join in Inn staff service level. So we should try to make the staff is like the working conditions and state of mind. Don’t take care of everything, just let them know what they should do, and do it well. Operators do just in time to urge it, there is no need to worry about everything

in fact, entrepreneurship is not as people imagine so difficult, so difficult, as long as the right way, looking for a good project, looking for a good brand of cooperation, entrepreneurship is very simple, through the above Xiaobian to introduce several Malatang join money skills, not.

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