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How to open a dumpling shop location is better

Chinese love dumplings is a delicacy, holidays also have the custom of eating dumplings, if you want to do some small business, you can try to open dumplings stores, is the choice of many people, the dumpling is a traditional food, there is a huge opportunity, location is as needed. The dumpling stores location there are five note what about some aspects of location, Zuiji should pay attention to the problem? As long as you keep in mind the following five points, just pass you by mistake.

1, the restaurant entrance should not be selected in the tuyere position, especially in northern cities. Whether North or South City, a winter wind attacks, if the restaurant door toward the wind, which towards the northwest, influence the customer into the store to eat.

2, restaurants should not be selected on the slope. Slope affect dining customers parked vehicles.

3, there is no obstacle in front of the door, blocked by the building store, affecting the visibility of restaurants, will weaken the source. In addition, it can not be directly against the tree, the tree is full of lush leaves, the air is not circulating, once there is a thunderstorm and the risk of electric shock.

4, a place not to open a restaurant. Because the crossing of the crowd and no time to go shopping, but also looking for enjoyment.

5, the museum door is not right there is no way out of the streets. The dull air is not transparent, the flow of people less, and if people from the psychological sense of depression and unhappiness, affect the appetite, which directly affect the restaurant business.

looks like this, we do not know what feelings, in fact, the paper still has many shortcomings, I hope you don’t mind, the above is the site of concern, the site needs to understand the market, need to adopt appropriate methods and techniques, so the information described above should be in the shop early to take note.

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