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s it right or wrong for college students to rent bikes

in the eyes of the Chinese people, students should be good to learn, why move to what crooked brains, thinking about making money? It is an adult thing to make money, and now the sun to use their own ideas, start a rental bike business, which is right or wrong?

"rental bicycle is? I’m a chemistry department. I’ll go to the canteen in 10 minutes. I want to rent a car for half an hour. You can send the car downstairs to the girls dormitory, recently, taxi family quietly appeared in many colleges and universities in the campus, and has been favored by students.

supply bicycle

Shenyang Industrial University Sun Liang is the rental bicycle, bicycle rental to "business income", Sun Liang said happily: "at least a month can earn 300 yuan last month, earned 500 yuan. In fact, we can earn more, but our car is not so much. Sometimes there will be a lot of people queuing car, wait for the next semester to have money, buy some more cars."

"after school, school time, the most intense car. We take care of the old customers, this time the first car to let customers use." Sun Liang said, do business focus on credit.

Students earn money

provoke controversy

the needs of today’s college students is not only the death of knowledge, such as Sun Liang can be thought of learning and the ideas of their own business combination, not only can make money, but also for the students and even criticism, believe that he will stick to it, and his wonderful achievements!

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