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Mobile phone shop to pay attention to what principles

is a name to store related skills to master, however, if you want to have a proper name, but also need to pay attention to the relevant principles. So, the mobile phone store to pay attention to what principles?

a, avoid similar

mobile phone shop to pay attention to what principles? Because of the industry many shop owner’s cultural level is limited, thus creating a lot of follower, not only in the business suit, if you see someone open Hot pot shop to make money, he would immediately open a fire disaster in the shop, and the shop name also imitate others, some even directly steal others’ name, and is a lot of names on the street are similar, are similar to each other!

barber shop as an example: others named charm salon, he took the beautiful salon, others take youth salon, he took the delicate hair salon, there is no innovation. So the shop must have their own unique personality and connotation in it, in order to effectively attract the attention of customers.

two, should be rich cultural connotation

mobile phone shop to pay attention to what principles? A product name must be rich and profound cultural connotation, small shops are no exception! In order to reflect the level of the quality of the shop owner, the customer is also easy to accept. Now a lot of small shops, especially in the cultural aspects of the lack of comparison, appears to be more tacky! What Xiao Li clothing store, etc..


must be considered from many aspects and angles in the given font shops cultural connotation, such as historical and cultural origins, product characteristics, like the flower shop "fresh", "sweet", the hotel clothing store "beauty", this is our cultural connotation, such as the sale of stationery "the calligraphy Hall", "laocha" business items of these names can reflect certain cultural heritage. Mobile phone shop name, mobile phone shop name Daquan

Three, should conform to

mobile phone shop to pay attention to what principles? The shop name refers to pay attention to the name of three factors, one is actually consistent with your business, if you open a clothing store, but others sounded like a barber shop; the two is to match your operating strength, now a lot of the boss in the shop name a little too domineering, and even some exaggeration, such as "XX," the first shop "XX authentic shop" like a lot, let the customer feel a little more than the name. In addition, it is necessary to combine the actual situation of the local consumer market to consider the name of the store, such as the competitive environment, consumption and other factors.

four, catchy

mobile phone shop to pay attention to what principles? The name of the store must be loud, >

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