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Science and technology innovation and Entrepreneurship APP for College Students

college students science and technology entrepreneurship is more competitive, but also the current economic development needs of scientific and technological innovation talent, Career Academy, Wuhan software engineering students developed a questionnaire treasure APP.

"students take up a few minutes of your support, we do a survey." Please fill in the questionnaire." In the campus, the students will encounter various investigations. Wuhan software engineering Career Academy junior high school students found a business opportunity, the development of questionnaire treasure APP yesterday to get a credit card business cooperation invitation.

A, eat in the cafeteria, a beverage company to a part-time student sent him a questionnaire, he completed saw the students began a statistical. How to use such a traditional way to do the investigation? It’s a waste of paper." He could not help thinking, the campus such investigation really a lot, "student mental health survey" and "employment survey" and the school organization, also investigate the activities of student organizations, more of a market survey of some businesses.

so bear Spray 4 months spring survey "campus market survey", found that the average per student during the university to receive 50 questionnaires, which prompted him to design a campus online survey platform. In addition to class, he and the team’s 5 students on the bubble in the design of the teaching building, six months after the end of the phone side of the questionnaire treasure as well as the PC side I love the investigation on-line.

"first time limit on the answer, answer fast cannot continue, we have the core technology can monitor users’ credit value."." Bear Quanlang said, instructors also suggest that analysis of the introduction of professionals to do the questionnaire design and questionnaire results.



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