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Street snack shop to make money what ideas


China delicacy snack a lot, the competition pressure is very large, but there are a lot of snacks can become a leader, such as Guilin, Chengdu, Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles Rice noodles and other snack snacks, like a secret arena, similar to the shop signs, similar decoration, similar dishes, but they are also fight the enemy separately. In the end is what people in the operation of this kind of store? What are the secrets of this kind of street snack bar?

secret 1: fellow is the biggest guarantee shop

a lot of people do not know, these snack bar operators are inextricably linked. For example, the Chengdu snack bar, the shop is basically the people of Chongqing, Kaixian, Guilin rice noodle shop is basically Guangxi County people…… And the vast majority of these people can climb relatives, the author had visited Beijing, China World Trade Center, a number of Chengdu snack bar, found that there is a relationship between the owners of these shops.

according to industry insiders, these shopkeepers inadvertently set up a barrier, an outsider is difficult to enter the barrier. First of all, a lot of snacks have a secret, if there is no insider outsider to teach, is impossible to know, and if the fellow relatives want to shop, get the secret of a high probability, the stranger is almost impossible to get such a chance. Secondly, a stranger, if you easily use a snack shop recruit, it is likely to cause trouble, small to someone always make trouble, big to provoke a lawsuit. Secret 2: do standardization is equal to the profit to others

here the reason is more complicated, first of all, the financial strength of the shop is not high, destined to either the site, or the operating area will not be ideal, so the standard is obviously congenitally deficient. Secondly, the positioning of these snacks is the public, the gross profit is not high. If you do standardization, equal to their hard earned profits to others, such as distribution centers, etc.. Because to build a distribution center, at least one million yuan.

secret 2: shop area more than 70 square meters is


, according to industry sources, this kind of snack shops in the area is also very special, basically in 70 square meters, because this is a "standard" in the industry, if the area is too large, all profits will be rent. A "Guilin Rice noodles" operators to the calculations, a 70 square meters of shops, the average daily flow of about 2000 yuan, excluding rent, utilities, staff salaries, and the cost of food, one month down about a net profit of about 20 thousand yuan.

if the opening of 100 square meters of shops, the average daily increase of less than 10% of the water, and the cost of rent, water and electricity costs will increase by 20% – 30%, net profit will be reduced, if the opening of the store of forty or fifty square meters, recommended

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