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Teach you how to be a smart coating agent

real estate industry is the main economic lifeline China, along with promoting the economic industry chain is very long, such as paint, paint, tile etc.. In order to stimulate the economic needs of many people are following the pace of the times, to join the ranks of paint and paint investment agents, and to do a smart coating agents, you must know.

1. knowledge of painting

a lot of people in the industry has never been exposed to paint, there will always be less clear classification of paint. Paint is divided into wall paint, wood paint and metal paint. Wall paint including the exterior wall paint, interior wall paint and top paint, paint can be divided into water-based paint and oil paint, latex paint is a more common type of water-based paint. But there is a difference between latex paint and water paint. We usually say that water-based paint refers to the water-borne wood coatings.

2. select paint brand is the key

all kinds of paint brands are not rare in the market, the lack of experience of the people will always pick hualiaoyan, out of the purchase of propriety, paint agent is the same, choose a good brand, is half done.

many companies always want to paint something on the table fudge dealers, they tend to use the image of the language and celebrity endorsements guise to shape the product, so that agents are difficult to distinguish between true and false. So, as a paint agent, do not let the surface of things to confuse the. So, good paint is? The selection of coating elements is nothing more than the following: color and opacity, brushing time-saving, scrub resistance, environmental performance, such as Maydos paint joined with these characteristics. In accordance with these major elements, and then to be selected for a number of coatings on the comprehensive careful comparison, you can choose their own suitable paint.

3. how to develop paint brand agent

many agents complain about their brand sales difficult, the factory is full of complaints, think, as their agents, and what to do? The agent also need to invest a lot of energy, can not wait for a sign "sit" business, there is no free lunch, what you do pay to return. In short, the paint sales do a good job, that is, Hello, he is good, everyone!

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