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Wang Jianzhong’s knack for selling cigarettes

some people say that smoking is not good at the same time, there are people who sell cigarettes is fast, which in fact, and the know-how to sell cigarettes is a very big relationship. Wang Jianzhong, worked as a salesman for many years, laid off 3 years ago, is now a cigarette retail customers in Tongzhou City, East Town, Jiangsu. His shop is located in rural areas, but the monthly sales of cigarettes are more than 200, and the average price of more than $80 each. It wasn’t too long to run a cigarette, but the business was so hot that I couldn’t help trying to get the old salesman".

a few days ago, I visited Wang Jianzhong, and he talked about the way the cigarette business. The boss talked to me about his five tips.

new willing to let character

tobacco companies launched new products, Wang Jianzhong’s cigarette counters are put on, and sales are good. He said: the new brand in order to have a market, we must first be willing to let the customer product suction, through the product absorption so that customers recognize the brand." Wang boss said that each new brand, he must first split a package. Two months ago, he went to several new five-star red cedar, each package in the retail price of 20 yuan.

in order to open the market, he removed a package to often buy 20 yuan grade customer goods suck, where goods suck customers are that good, then buy the five-star red cedar, when they come to the store, to the five-star Redwood named. At first, his wife did not understand that this package of cigarettes is not white loss? But after seeing the five-star Redwood gradual increase in sales, but also gradually understand the truth.

advanced first to sell fresh

sell cigarettes should pay attention to sell a fresh, cigarette storage time is long, the smell will change." Wang Jianzhong led me to his garage. Every time a new cigarette, he has to do on the mark, put under the storage box, the last into the cigarette and then turn to the top, the first to sell. In this way, the sale of cigarettes will not be too long, always keep fresh, but will not cause unnecessary losses caused by mildew.

cargo customers have a choice

as the saying goes, "Department stores." So is cigarette business. Full range of cigarettes, in order to allow customers from different regions, different tastes, different consumer grades to buy cigarettes. A kilometre away from Wang Jianzhong’s shop, there is a new company, most of whom are from Zhejiang. These Zhejiang people first arrived, just listen to buy home "Abba" smoke, ran four or five stores nearby did not do so, finally, in his shop want to buy cigarettes. Now, these Zhejiang people have become regulars in his shop.

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