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Laid off workers in the cake shop to earn a million stories

as the saying goes, when God closes a door for you, it opens a window for you. The following small series to introduce a laid-off workers in the entrepreneurial process, to tell you a moment of frustration is inevitable,   even if you are at the bottom of life, but also to achieve the entrepreneurial dream.

1994 years of summer, from the Zixi cement plant laid off Xu Quanlong came to Hangzhou to work in a bakery. After several months of work, studious Xu Quanlong learned to bake bread making technology. At that time, he thought if he had 10 thousand yuan investment shop, not out of the past three years, earning $100 thousand is not a problem.

weizhizheshijingcheng. Xu Quanlong grabbed the bread industry in Hangzhou in the initial stage of profit margins, the rapid completion of the accumulation of the original capital. Eight years later, he rolled from $10 thousand to $1 million. At the same time, the people who went out to make bread in Zixi also expanded from thousands to thirty thousand people, and they put the more than 7 thousand bakeries in the whole country to the top 50 cities. Looking out of the mountains of bread, Xu Quanlong, but there is a concern: Zixi’s bread, if not improve the level of technology, the integration of forces, hit the brand, Zixi bread will be mercilessly swallowed by the tide of the times. Xu Quanlong immediately to the Zixi County, the county government to write his ideas and the county will soon introduce training decisions coincide. Autumn 2001, Zixi County bread association was founded.

2002 in the spring, Xu Quanlong returned home to its full of Art Dragon decorative cake training center, he would take her learning to teach more people try to reduce their risk of fighting the market. The piping process is difficult art of cake, it needs not only excellent use of cream techniques to capture vivid features of object creation to be more sensitive, such as static sealing mood. As the basic skill training of students, Xu Quanlong specially designed a nine channel cake, the left and right rotating plate extrusion cream decorating craft may seem simple, but must be meditative, coherent, otherwise it will come to naught. Spare time, Xu Quanlong took a stroll between the green mountains and rivers of Zixi students and guide them, careful observation, every tree and Bush a worm of birds, the wings, looking for inspiration.


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