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Seize the four time to do the Spring Festival business

Spring Festival is such a special moment, is a lot of shops selling time, naturally by the attention of numerous shopkeepers. However, the Spring Festival is not immutable and frozen cigarette sales, sales of the characteristics of each period in each period, each period of each period of the sales focus, our retail customers only to seize the key sales, catering to the consumption characteristics, so as to give yourself the opportunity to the Spring Festival, the store to bring booming business.

According to the

years of cigarette sales experience, I put the cigarette sales during the Spring Festival is divided into four stages: the first stage: the twelfth lunar month twenty to twenty-eight the second stage is the twelfth lunar month, the twelfth lunar month twenty-nine to the lunar new year, the third stage is the second day to the eighth day, the fourth stage is the eighth day to sixteen months. Every stage I have focused on the sales target.

is the first stage of the twelfth lunar month to the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight twenty. In this stage, migrant workers, people working in the field, in the field of reading is one home, with the arrival of the first wave of the tide, I also will store sales peak is approaching, the main consumption level of the wave peak sales is the high-grade cigarette. Outside earn money for a year to go home, the village folks see a face, a cigarette is normal, as always to improve grades, some cigarette, so 10-20 yuan per packet is migrant workers returning favorites, and their favorite consumer brands with high degree of concentration, smoking cigarettes. Because of the real estate brand, brand out all know the price, so there.

while working in the field of home consumers more rational, they have a stable job in the field, have fixed income, high brand loyalty, but usually smoking grade is relatively high, so they will choose their own often give the national well-known brands, such as furongwang, Zhonghua, Su smoke the level of consumption, mostly in the 25-40 yuan per pack.

and some students consumer spending habits are not fixed, in addition to their smoking habits of their brand, also love "try something new, extraordinary and special cigarette brands, such as fine cigarette, cigar, fine bead blast tired kind amount of cigarette brand. Understanding the consumer choice of this part of the consumer groups, we can carry out targeted recommendations.

is the second phase of the twelfth lunar month twenty-nine to the lunar new year. This stage is the focus of consumer discretionary spending by consumers, this part of the consumer’s consumption habits, consumption level I have detailed records in the consumer archives, so they do not open a shop, I know they want what brand cigarette, need a few packets, such understanding not only reflects the mutual understanding between tourists. Deep feelings of mutual trust in the Spring Festival, the busy season, reducing transaction time, enhance the work efficiency of our retail businesses.

at this stage, I still have a key job

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