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Purchase also need to have accurate positioning

purchase work done in place, the store will have a very big impact on the operation. It is for this reason that people are now paying very little attention to store purchases. To reduce the purchase cost, in addition to the purchase channels efforts, but also take into account the purchase of the brand, the brand structure is reasonable, reduce purchase cost, effectively revitalize the capital, the key to realize profit maximization. In the purchase process, my approach is positioning best-selling, taking into account the regular sales, not new".

positioning is popular for a number of best-selling goods, in the purchase of more to ensure adequate supply. Supply of goods is the emperor’s daughter does not worry about marriage, only adequate supply, in order to ensure that there is a huge profit, this category of goods to account for 50% of the entire commodity. However, there is a certain difficulty in selling goods in the supply organization, that is, suppliers can not meet the supply to you.

so, to expand the purchase channels, so long attack, in order to be effective. This commodity is the largest source of operating efficiency, therefore, to account for more than half of the operation. In the purchase process, such goods if the proportion of less, it will affect sales, increase the profit is also a certain degree of difficulty.

is often sold for some marketable goods in the purchase can not be careless. Although this kind of goods do not have a wide range of marketable goods, profit, but the lack of such goods, you can not play the retail store, such goods in the purchase or store supply management, to account for 40%. In the purchase, you can not always stare at the eyes of those who sell goods, selling goods, after all, there is a limitation of the amount of supply, often selling goods supply is not a problem, but also to consider the purchase.

is not new at the time of purchase, should pay attention to some new trends of the brand, the timely introduction of some of these brands, but the new brand sales have a certain degree of risk management in supply, purchase or stores, most can not be accounted for 10%. The introduction of new products, we must be careful to consider the introduction of this brand, sales prospects? Development potential? Local consumers can accept? How to price and so on. If the new brand once the sale of trouble, it is best not to start, to prevent the money did not earn, but get a burden in the hands, the loss outweighs the gain.

in order to reduce the efficiency, in the purchase, the purchase of vehicles to take advantage of this resource, less cars, waste of resources, increased costs, and vice versa. So, when the purchase of vehicles to do what to sing what song, that is, goods with carts, goods less car, the vehicle to maximize the use of resources.

want to do the work of the purchase, in fact, we need to master a lot of knowledge, the need to do more work in place. At the same time, there must be a reasonable inventory structure, the maximum amount of money in hand

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