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How do customers find fault with the price of goods

some picky customers are always prone to a variety of critical reasons, and prices naturally become a lot of people picky one of the preferred. I remember once, a little sister to my supermarket to buy a price of twenty-five yuan of copper pots, she said some time ago in other stores to buy only $twenty-three. We sell department stores, it is impossible to sell each other cheaper than others. But the customer reflects your price to sell high, we can not say that I on the "price" you love to buy, but can not change the price, otherwise the price will make consumers lose confidence in you.

in order to retain the consumer, I said to her: "you’re pretty good, I completely believe that some shops like copper pots and even sell only twenty-two yuan. What was the reason? Because now the use of copper products, will add a certain amount of zinc, so the price of copper products will be different because of the different copper content." If the customer is a bargain or who do not want to buy, then we can only indirectly lower the price to the sale.

then I would say, "ok! Look at you really want to buy out of the business, I don’t want to make too much of your money, just a day before yesterday sent a few manufacturers to do promotional toothbrush, I sent it to you two. The quality of this good copper basin also let you pick up a cheap, you sold that day today, you have to take care of a lot of my small business." So far, the words to this son who are willing to buy things home.


commodity prices in the end is not expensive, in the end can not make money, as the owner, we are very clear. When our goods are questioned by consumers, the price is higher than other peers, we can use some of the relevant knowledge we have to create a number of reasons for consumers to accept. For example, the weight is not the same, caliber is not the same, the quality is not the same, manufacturers are not the same, and even the factory can not take out the same time flicker. No, but avoid excessive not to the point according to the rendering, must be appropriate and reasonable, otherwise it will backfire.

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