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Music meets the nternet to create a new field of entrepreneurship

Internet plus era, various industries have started a new choice, the traditional industries and the "Internet plus" integration, to achieve cross-border business cooperation, so as to explore new business opportunities. Even the seemingly unrelated "Internet plus music", also has the good performance of the business.

The scene in the sixth

exposes the entrepreneurial experience with the entrepreneurial dream


"entrepreneurs in this matter, is a dream for every young person, hope I can do the things you love." Liu Baiyan emotion, with the "business" seems to have a bond. When it comes to the current work, there will be a variety of entrepreneurial relations. When it comes to entrepreneurial enthusiasm, Liu Baiyan admitted that although no young people dash ", but they will pay attention to some industry information, especially the Internet, there is a suitable opportunity, he will still hesitate to join the ranks of entrepreneurship.

as this festival awards ceremony, "2015DoNews leading Internet Award Best entrepreneurship award, Liu Baiyan said, very honored to participate in such an Internet event to witness this historic moment occurred; at the same time also will keep the entrepreneurial mentality, pursue their dreams, look forward to with a good business projects next year, to participate in the new session of the MARS entrepreneurship competition training.

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When it comes to

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