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Li Jiacheng the richest man in Hongkong

in the eyes of the people of the country, Li Jiacheng is a symbol of wealth, it seems that he is investing in people, whether it is to invest in what is making money, so many entrepreneurs follow his investment trends.

Li Jiacheng forever in the money? This is obviously not possible. And Huang had loss of HK $100 billion, another would have failed, but Li Jiacheng not only did not collapse, even has remained profitable business diversification, using capital financial skills is actually his real secret.

the richest Li Jiacheng over the past two months from Hongkong and the mainland serial sale of assets, has attracted divestment rumors, and even forced him to clarify himself. However, public opinion does not really become an obstacle to Superman, over the past week, he announced the power industry to spin off the Hongkong electric light market, the market has come to Watsons will also be listed in the next year.

from the beginning of the year trying to remove the sale service apartment, to inject assets of real estate trust, the sale of Hong Kong business to the new business market, while constantly being part of people identified as "disinvestment", but more and more people have realized that this is a new round of capital operation and a long shift in the economic form of launch.

in the previous column (editor’s note: see Li Jiacheng "on the divestment of four words of truth") once talked with Li Jiacheng has been "internationalization", in addition to internationalization, we should also pay attention to the diversification of the Li family "".

In view of the fact that Superman has identified

first maximum dynamic arms, is the most exciting outside nerve is of course a sale. Two months ago and Huang revealed to be accompanied by the sale of Hong Kong people for the past 40 years PARKnSHOP supermarket, set off waves in Hongkong folk. The reason why Li Jiacheng sell PARKnSHOP is very simple – the second largest supermarket in Hongkong, fresh food sales accounted for more than 40% of the market, as much as the big Chinese branch of the giant PARKnSHOP to recommend

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