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Strengthen and improve the management of cross border electricity supplier supervision center in Xia

with the advent of the Internet era, the electricity supplier gradually into our lives, but also changed the basic way of consumption of our lives, online shopping has become a fundamental choice for the public. Recently, the Xiamen cross-border electricity supplier supervision center in Fujian Free Trade Zone in the test area Haicang Park enabled. So, Xiamen cross-border electricity supplier supervision center specifically what special place? What are the advantages? The following and small make up a specific understanding.

it is reported that the Xiamen Centre for cross-border supervision is so far the only carry out the "Internet plus bonded Exhibition" mode of business regulatory sites, with the customs and inspection and Quarantine Bureau dual certification, Fujian FTA test area pilot policy innovation. By superimposing the Customs seized policy to optimize the operation process, and the use of the Internet platform docking special area management system, driven by data instead of the traditional manual operation, compared with the traditional mode of operation can save nearly half a month time.

business has made significant achievements in national development, but an enterprise wants to become bigger and stronger, we must conform to the trend of development, not only in the domestic market to do well in foreign markets also pay close attention to the development of their own. The Xiamen Centre for cross-border supervision of the "front shop and warehouse layout, enterprises can not only purchase overseas through the integrated service platform for bonded warehousing, inspection, sorting and distribution in the monitoring center, but also through supporting stores display, experience, complete sales, access to the domestic terminal customers" one-stop service from the source of goods abroad, save a lot of time and manpower cost, logistics and marketing.

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