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Home textile products store should be how to manage it

engaged in textile products store technique is the need to find, how to successfully manage good shops is also very worthy of our entrepreneurs to consider the consumption structure now is very different with previous. Home textile fabric products are more and more popular, as home textile products store operators, you need to immediately find the answer to this question.

elements, market management: marketing people must have the concept of time and number concepts. Product sales season cycle: each region has its own sales cycles, each brand has its own sales cycle, accurate sales cycle to determine the accuracy of goods, goods to all the reserves in the listed node and sales cycle determines the goods on the waves; often joined the business problem: franchisee orders often have "sold enough to sell unsalable and sell the doubts, will appear in the order: the leakage, leakage volume, color code, the average price is too concentrated, ignoring the arrival time error.

element two, inventory control inventory is how to form order: No, no, no, good replenishment display only sell goods, the storm had a reasonable inventory control point will be out; that no inventory is not possible, whether the effective inventory is the key, when the inventory of more than 20% began to risk your store inventory reached 30%, and the cost is not to make money, about 8% to 10% in inventory, no goods can be sold.

elements three, brand image promotion strategy: to profit recovery is the precondition and foundation, with cost accounting to determine the sales cycle time; the significance of the new push, promotion of competitive promotions, promotional digest inventory.

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