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Give you the latest revenue survey results

watch, 2011 is about to be lifted, which have relatively high income industry? Start to find the project, only certain industries, in order to find their own fresh mushrooms! Therefore, understand the relatively high income industry, can help entrepreneurs play a multiplier effect! Today Xiaobian announced 2011 the relatively high income industry survey results, with a look!


than the refrigerator color TV, small household electrical appliances, the lowest cost, highest profit. PHILPS is one of the big companies started small appliances. In fact, the razor manufacturing cost 1800 yuan only 180 yuan higher than the razor 1.5-2 times, but in retail but can be sold for 10 times the price. Who used PHILPS razor hand: Hello hundreds of high-tech products is also a value of 20 yuan

HIGHPAYING luxury industry


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