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What problems need to pay attention to the bookstore

Bookstore need to pay attention to what issues? Many franchisees will certainly consider location and product issues. If you want to open a bookstore, how to improve its popularity? There are many details need to pay attention to, in the early stages of the shop to be ready.

Bookstore site

in the district investigation, the need to understand clearly is:

1, the basic form of the community, such as the parish, office, commercial, residential, or mixed type, etc.;

2, regional population structure, including density, major education and occupational status, general income levels and future trends;

3, the business situation, type and quantity of the statistics of the values of various commercial shops, business scale, operating conditions (including their traffic, commercial atmosphere, environmental health, universal service attitude, general performance), the average rent, commercial staff wages etc..

according to the project, we can make a circle, just fill out the questionnaire after the business situation in the region, basically at a glance. We plan the bookstore, in the future can survive, and it is closely related to the surrounding community, the target area of the crowd’s spending habits, but will have a huge impact on the bookstore business. Therefore, only after the objective investigation, we can determine whether the bookstore is suitable for opening the bookstore, or what should be opened a bookstore. Obviously, in the remote, sparsely populated, or the main crowd of education, income, consumption level is not suitable for the opening of the bookstore. – give a friend who just wants to find a low rent pavement.



: if people choose to shop floor where the venue is not located on the first floor is the floor height limit for the consumer’s willingness to open, for example is the theme of this bookstore, limit the impact is very small, if you want to open.

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