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The analysis of the benefit of the barbecue industry

As for

investment barbecue industry entrepreneurs, before investing in the project, entrepreneurs only do the industry’s budget, then entrepreneurs is well creates the industry business opportunities through this project. However, the budget for the barbecue industry should be how to do, I believe a lot of entrepreneurs are not very clear. Next, on the barbecue industry budget for the following analysis.

barbecue industry average profit margin is so, at about 50%-60%, the net profit of about 40%, profits mainly depends on what barbecue varieties to sell sell more quickly, for example: fish profit of about 60% ~ 65%, chicken wings at around 55%, the meat string is 50% ~ 60% (Lamb profit is the lowest, followed by beef, generally speaking, pork and chicken is the highest profit) to high profits, in fact, the most important is to look at the waiter’s presentation and marketing,. Other types of barbecue profits are more than 55%. A simple example: you rent a storefront rent fee is 24000 yuan, hire 4 to 5 attendants, conservative count you a day of turnover is 2000 yuan, it is 1000 to your gross margin of about 1200, 30000 to a month gross profit of 36000 yuan, the removal of rent and utilities from 3000 to 3500 yuan, the wages of employees from 3000 to 4000, other expenses such as the business tax of 3000 yuan, and the rest is your net profit 20000 to 26000 yuan, but also good business if recommended to hire 1 teachers (can also own barbecue, barbecue training apprentices, it saves money, good management). If you want to do barbecue, it would be more simple, a barbecue investment in about 1000 to about 2000, profits than the barbecue shop to be a little high, because the stalls less cost, high profit, 2 to 3 people on the line every day, in addition to the booth fee, basically there is no other expenses, if one day to sell 1000, one month’s net profit was around more than 12 thousand, mainly to the barbecue shop to some of the hard work, but still can profit off.

entrepreneurs in the operation of a project, do a good job in this industry investment budget for entrepreneurs is very necessary. This paper is aimed at the barbecue industry entrepreneurs to do business in the project budget analysis, I believe that many of the entrepreneurs in detail after reading through this, for this aspect of the problem must be done well! I hope the successful operation of the content for your barbecue industry help.

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