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Shop location is easy to have what errors


said that every investor knows the importance of the store location, in the course of the daily site selection is also very focused, however, some errors exist, but it is easy for operators to locate the error. So, if we want to have a correct shop location, naturally also need to avoid the existence of these errors. So, what are the errors in the shop location?

practice has proved that, due to the geographical location of the shop is different, although in the quality of goods, service level is basically the same, may also lead to economic benefits gap. However, some owners have entered the wrong location, then the location of the store what errors? The following Xiaobian to explain to you.

beginners start business shop, is a smattering of for a lot of things, if a clothing store appears Renqibuwang situation in the course of business, it is certainly in the clothing store opened into the wrong location, location error.

location errors: industry deviation from the location of

each region has its own overall business network layout. Where to develop the service sector, where to develop IT retail. Each city will have long-term overall planning. Dislocation site, contrarian move, often less than the support of macroeconomic policies and the promotion of the environment, thankless, and finally only choose to withdraw.

site errors: the idea of confusion in the flow of

traffic is the main factor that should be taken into consideration when choosing the clothing. But for clothing stores, in addition to considering the overall traffic, but also should be in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of the passenger flow. In the same area of the different nature of the store, the ratio of effective passenger traffic is relatively large. That crowded, bustling place is a good shopping district, which is a misunderstanding of the shopping district.

location error: lack of awareness to

do business to make a trip to the city, too isolated to rely on a store alone, may not be a good thing. Clever use of the opponent’s potential, often can play a positive role in promoting sales. McDonald’s store where to open, Kentucky Fried chicken shop with where to go, this phenomenon will be able to explain the problem.

location errors: superstitious prime locations

"non feng shui treasure not marry" is a common mentality in the clothing store location. They believe that in the downtown area, commercial center shop, a rich flow of business is to ensure that the fire, the clothing store will be opened in the land of gold. As everyone knows, the high rents and intense competition in the golden section of the pressure brought about by the business, the general store can withstand.

location error: regardless of form >

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