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Yunnan more than 500 demobilized cadres succeed

demobilized cadres in this world can be said to be a very special group, at the same time, they are retired from the army after some personal development problem has been the concern of the whole society, there are many demobilized cadres have begun actively undertaking.

17, a reporter from the province’s 2015 self employment of demobilized cadres adaptability training classes ceremony, Yunnan province since 2001 the implementation of self employment placement, the province has more than 3500 self employment of demobilized army cadres through the unit employment, set up economic entities or self-employed and other ways to achieve employment and entrepreneurship, among them, more than and 500 people have a successful business, absorb more than 5000 social employment, annual tax 200 million yuan.

It is reported that this year, the province’s

, self employment of demobilized cadres training according to the characteristics of adaptability of self employment of demobilized cadres, highlight the pertinence and effectiveness, set up a special package for their adaptability". The "package" is the interpretation of employment situation analysis, our province employment support policies, and the entrepreneurial success of their own jobs demobilized cadres experience, understand the situation, familiar with the policy, psychological adjustment, change the role to help self employment of demobilized cadres, successfully achieve the national defense and army building personnel to change talents for local economic construction to positive role.

According to the provincial

In fact, some demobilized cadres


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