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How to design a fitting room for opening an underwear shop

underwear is every woman is not the lack of personal things, have very big demand, entrepreneurship is very good, in the past, buy underwear directly according to the size to buy on line, and now the underwear store has a fitting room, for consumers to try to buy later. Underwear shop fitting room to a certain extent, improve sales, increase revenue, is a very good store settings. So, underwear shop fitting room how to design it?

attention to privacy issues

because everyone in the trial fashion underwear to go through the stages of the people can not be seen, so the design of the fitting room should focus on privacy issues.

two fitting room area should not be too small

How to design the fitting room of

underwear shop? The fitting room is for all consumers to provide services, do not become a body fat customers feel shame.

three fitting room decoration can not be too simple

a lot of people want to try their bra when you can not go out to look in the mirror, so the fitting room is best fitted with a mirror, so that when the effect is not good bra underwear will not be seen by others.

might be a lot of people to open up a lingerie store in the fitting room decoration are more casual, do not know the importance of it, the underwear store dressing room space should not be too high, but do not be too small, because some people are relatively large, too small space will make people feel stuck. In addition, a good fitting room in the decoration to consider whether the use of customer comfort, whether the light can set off a significant effect, etc..

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