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Fishing tackle shop price war would be good for you friend

in our general public opinion, the merchants themselves war, for consumers will undoubtedly become a very useful thing. Then, fishing tackle shop price war is good for us? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

Consumer terminal

fishing is fishing, fishing tackle market price fluctuations and has a close relationship. Everyone is interested in "fishing tackle shop price war, what benefits?" The topic, made a survey of the different levels of fishing, fishing for retail stores in the reference pricing strategy:

1, the more fun the better the game, anyway, the price is cheaper than your benefits.

in the survey, this view can more, but most of these income is relatively small, the type of culture, generally speak outspoken. They did not wait to hear the reporter’s investigation, blurted out the above views.

Jiangbei District, Nanjing, working-class fishing friends, income in general. Fishing activities carried out mainly in the scope of the reservoir, the outskirts of the rough surface of the water, as well as the cultivation of water charges on the pole, and occasionally there are some fishing friends to play both leisure and sports. Therefore, when investigated here, most fishing friends are holding this view.

perennial pearl springs in Nanjing, Xuanwu Lake and other places, fishing for the world, some of the fishing friends, this is a strong response. They think: fishing cost is low, the selling price now, strong demand falls again!

This part of

friend’s view is: the price war played better, as you go to the factory business, we should not bother, we are cheap. Good price war!

2, properly call, eliminate false high price of some components of fishing tackle, let the fishing tackle price falls on reasonable position.

hold this point of view fishing friends are more rational, more comprehensive analysis of the types of problems. They always listen very carefully and carefully before answering questions.

Wuxi commercial vocational school sports teacher Xu Jian said: fishing and other commodities prices should be the same price should be set at a reasonable range, accepted by consumers in. Appear too high or too low, the market is not mature performance, but also more likely to cause consumers deceived. I learn fishing time is relatively long, get involved in a lot of fishing, leisure fishing, competitive fishing like. 10 years ago, fishing tackle shop prices are generally higher, especially in some competitive fishing activities, the price is scary.

I remember to buy a pack of 10 hook hook without barb sleeve packaging, to 10 yuan; domestic bait (100 grams).

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