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College students are expected to be rewarded in the mansion 87 good projects

Some college students employment problem in

when the society has become very prominent, at the same time, there are more and more college students to realize the value of their life in other ways, entrepreneurship is a very good business and the way to get rich, there are a lot of college students have started and the way to get rich.

provisions of the new policy, college graduates 5 years after graduation in Xiamen entrepreneurial college year students and graduates, can enjoy preferential policies.

discount]  give encouragement and support entrepreneurial projects

the creation of college graduates entrepreneurial projects by the city entrepreneurial guidance experts into the City venture project resources, project reporting give people 2000 yuan / item storage project award; municipal entrepreneurship project repository of entrepreneurial projects is more than 5 people used to give people, project quality project award 5000 yuan / item to focus on the promotion of social.

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