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Fruit franchise business Raiders introduced

fruit has now become a kind of food, our life can not lack at the same time, every day now people for the fruit demand is very big, in the society also opened a lot of fruit shop, there are a lot of people to join in the fruit shop.

how to operate a low-grade vegetable fruit shop fruit supermarket. Fruit and vegetable supermarket rents a area of 20-30 square meters of the store room at the farmers market or large residential area, rent for 200-1500 yuan / month; apply for business license, business tax and health management, monthly 360 yuan; make the dishes with open type multi-layer bracket; buy bamboo basket, food basket, plastic pots, plastic bags, plastic film, scissors, rope and other packaging about capital 900-1200 yuan; should also buy a small sprayer or sprinkler, sprinkler spray used to prevent water loss, dried vegetable or dried; and then make a bold move card about 200 yuan, prepare cash flow 2000 recommended

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