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Five ways to help fast food restaurants increase turnover

accelerated pace of life, urban people are in love with fast food, so open a fast food chain to start a business is a good choice. Want to open a successful home fast food chain to master certain business skills, so as to ensure the success of the operation.

The use of

propaganda tool

recommended store printed part of leaflets, in low peak period the employee have paid work, can intercept out in front of the shop in the vicinity of the peak before the low peak period can also arrange staff on carpet in the store within a radius of 5 kilometers, to intensify propaganda.

improve turnover and a chance for brand promotion, we can not be confined to the store near from customers to consumption, expand publicity, let more people know there is such a restaurant, so delicious food, and go to the store to eat; we get not only the turnover is more there is a huge consumer market support


It is very important for

1, a meal, they decided to sales of products every day, the customers point product purchase, acting as a guide role in the process of promotion can be said to be a good time, when customers misserved certain products in the product structure, employees can timely the marketing, such as: the structure of our products by rice noodles, cold dishes, drinks, etc. the string class, if the customer did not order, can follow the customer suggestions do you want a taste of


2, the point of order at any time to order a meal to drink beverages can be sold; in the checkout process is also a good sales opportunity. (can be milk, wine, mineral water and other products are placed in the cashier, the cashier should get into the habit of every customer checkout must ask: Hello, * * * and a drink?) in brackets for centralized collection form;

3, as the saying goes: three mouth! Many times to say one more thing is an opportunity, which of course, if not, may not have a chance; you can calculate, the cashier to check every day about 200 single, if every increase 3 yuan, the success rate in 30%, so invisible every day will increase the income of 180 yuan; ordering staff recommended

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