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Chinese opportunity to attract overseas overseas Chinese intellectual participation in the developme

The development process of

China in recent years is seen, with the implementation of entrepreneurial innovation policy, but also to China entrepreneurs bring the "golden age", not only that, "China opportunity" has also attracted many overseas Chinese home business, to bring more power for the development of the new Chinese.

figure for overseas Chinese enterprises responsible person to recommend to investors in Fuzhou.

3 15 July, Fujian Province Overseas Chinese Affairs Office staff in the promotion conference in Fujian overseas dream garden "of the situation. On the same day, Chinese chamber of Commerce Science and Technology Innovation Committee "into the overseas dream garden Fujian special promotion will be held in Fuzhou, from the relevant departments in Fujian province staff introduced the relevant supporting policies to Fujian innovation and entrepreneurship by returning overseas Chinese professionals, in order to attract overseas overseas Chinese intellectual participation and the development and construction of Fujian.



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