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Perry targets Rio spot

first_imgFlorida-based Jamaican women’s beach volleyball star, Danielle Perry, said she is confident Jamaica will finish on top in the second round of the Women’s Beach Volleyball Olympic Qualifiers, under way from yesterday and concludes tomorrow, at Ocho Rios Bay Beach, St Ann.Perry, who recently took the female category award for volleyball at the RJR Sports Foundation Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year awards ceremony, said she is fully focused on winning and taking Jamaica one step closer to qualifying for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.”I expect that we are gonna win this tournament and have a good placement and go to the next round, then we will have two more rounds, and possibly the Olympics, so we are hopeful,” Perry told The Gleaner.leading by exampleThe 29-year-old said she will be leading by example to show that Jamaica’s first-round win was no fluke, while calling on the Jamaican crowd for support.Perry and company spectacularly defeated the Cayman Islands women team in the first round of the Continental Women’s Beach Volleyball Caribbean Zonal Tournament last year, despite trailing 7-13 at one point.”It was great. The stadium was packed in Ocho Rios with locals, and it gave us the energy to win. That was the energy of the crowd, and it helped us immensely. We won and it was great, and, for the second (second round) one, I am very confident we are gonna win,” she pointed out.big featPerry said she is only in her second year of playing for Jamaica, and four years, overall, playing the sport, but will be looking to give it her all on the court for team Jamaica.”It would be a very big feat for Jamaica, I just try to be one of the leaders, to try and direct everybody in the right way. We have a strong team, and if we have the right direction it will allow us to prevail as a team,” she said.Perry and her A team partner, Kai Wright, who she described as an excellent partner with good team chemistry, are joined by B team Alicia Malcolm and Sashalee Wallen.shayne.fairman@gleanerjhm.comlast_img read more

World Bank Pledges Additional US$100M

first_imgThe World Bank Group says it has raised an additional US$100 million funding in its Ebola crisis response to speed up deployment of foreign health workers to the three worst-affected countries in West Africa. The announcement increases the Bank’s funding for the Ebola fight over the last three months in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to more than US$500 million. The Bank has already disbursed about US$105 million to the governments of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone to fight the Ebola epidemic.In recent weeks, West African and global development leaders have appealed for a massive coordinated reinforcement of international health teams to the three countries in order to contain the epidemic. The health workers are needed to treat and care for patients, boost local health capacity, manage Ebola treatment centers, and resume essential health services for non-Ebola conditions. According to a dispatch from the World Bank, current estimates by the United Nations indicate that about 5,000 international medical, training and support personnel are needed in the three countries over the coming months to respond to the Ebola outbreak, including 700 to 1,000 foreign health workers to treat patients in the Ebola treatment centers.”The world’s response to the Ebola crisis has increased significantly in recent weeks, but we still have a huge gap in getting enough trained health workers to the areas with the highest infection rates,” said World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim. “We must urgently find ways to break any barriers to the deployment of more health workers. It is our hope that this US$100 million can help be a catalyst for a rapid surge of health workers to the communities in dire need.”The World Bank Group’s additional financing will help set up a coordination hub in close cooperation with the three countries; the World Health Organization (WHO); the United Nations’ main Ebola coordination body in Ghana; and other agencies to recruit, train and deploy qualified foreign health workers.The hub will be designed and operated in coordination with the Senior United Nations System Coordinator for Ebola and the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), with technical support from the WHO and in close collaboration with other partners. It will resolve key issues blocking the recruitment of significantly more foreign health workers, such as pay and benefits, recruitment and training, safety, transportation, housing, provision of urgent medical care, and/or medical evacuations for any infected staff.The funding also will strengthen the overall capacity of the three countries toward reaching the targets established by UNMEER and WHO on October 1, 2014: To isolate and treat 70 percent of suspected Ebola cases in West Africa and safely bury 70 percent of the dead within the next 60 days.The announcement comes at a time of increased international focus on the need to bring more trained health workers to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone-the three countries worst hit by the Ebola outbreak.At a special meeting on Ebola called on October 28, 2014, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, African Union Commission Chairperson Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said her organization would help deploy 2,000 trained health workers from African countries to the affected nations. At the meeting, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and World Bank Group President Kim welcomed the pledge and said they would do all they could to help. Also Tuesday, Kenyan health leaders told Kim that 600 health workers in the country have volunteered to go to work in the affected nations.And earlier this month, Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, pledged US$100 million to increase the number of foreign health workers, with much of the funding going toward medical evacuation services for foreign health workers if they were to contract Ebola. The European Commission and the United States earlier this month also pledged to support medical evacuation of infected foreign health workers.”Health workers take an oath to treat the sick – and so it’s no surprise to me that many health workers want to go treat Ebola patients at the source of this epidemic,” said Kim, an infectious disease doctor who spent years treating patients in poor countries. “So we need to find all ways possible to remove any obstacle that stops health workers from serving – whether it is pay for workers in developing countries, or the promise of evacuation services. Health workers who treat Ebola patients are heroes, and we should treat them as such.”Kim also said that the hub could jumpstart the development of a more permanent global health security reserve corps from different countries for rapid and targeted health worker deployment in response to future health crises.”Even as we focus intensely on the Ebola emergency response, we must also invest in public health infrastructure, institutions and systems to prepare for the next epidemic, which could spread much more quickly, kill even more people and potentially devastate the global economy,” said Kim.The new funding will come from World Bank Group’s IDA Crisis Response Window, which is designed to help low-income IDA countries respond to exceptionally severe crises in a timely, transparent and predictable way. Financing from the Crisis Response Window complements UN and other emergency relief efforts by providing immediate crisis response, supporting country efforts to provide care and essential support for affected populations, while helping countries return to a path of long-term development.The World Bank Group previously announced that it was mobilizing US$400 million for the three countries hardest hit by the Ebola crisis, of which US$117 million has already been disbursed. This support-coordinated closely with the United Nations and other international and country partners-will assist the affected countries in treating the sick, providing essential food and water to Ebola-affected households, coping with the economic and social impact of the crisis, and starting to improve their public health systems to build up resilience and preparedness for potential future outbreaks. The World Bank Group also recently released a report that said that if the virus continues to surge in the three worst-affected countries and spreads to neighboring countries, the two-year regional financial impact could reach US$32.6 billion by the end of 2015.Bank President Arrives in GhanaAt the same time, World Bank Group president Jim Yong Kim has arrived in the Ghanaian capital Accra on October 30, for meetings with Ghanaian Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur and other country officials. According to a statement issued by the Bank’s Monrovia office, Dr. Kim will meet with  officials of the United Nations (UN) Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER)  to discuss the Ebola epidemic and its debilitating impact on the three most heavily affected countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone –  and on the West African sub-region as a whole. Dr. Kim, a public health expert, has been a strong voice in rallying global support to fight the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. He has vowed to stand by the people of the sub-region until the virus is defeated and pledged the Bank’s commitment to supporting post-Ebola economic revitalization of the three worst hit countries whose GDP growth projection have declined substantially due to the Ebola outbreak.He is quoted Dr. Kim reaffirming the World Bank Group’s commitment to fighting the Ebola epidemic and will share the latest news on how the World Bank Group will continue to work closely with partners to assist the affected countries. The Ebola epidemic continues to spread exponentially in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. It has ravaged families, health workers and communities; disrupted normal life; and led to a breakdown of already weak country health systems. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Another egregious act of authoritarianism

first_imgDear Editor,The Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) is a statutory body corporate. By law, it is managed by a Board of Directors and possesses its own persona. It can attract liabilities, own assets and hire its own employees. It is not a department of the Government but an agency of the state.Indeed, historically, like the Inland Revenue Department (and many such entities), it was once a Government department. Its character, structure and personality were transformed into the new status that it now enjoys, in order to imbue it with functional autonomy and to permit it to function independently of the Government. It is the same philosophy which informed the transformation of the Inland Revenue Department into the now Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA). In Tamlin v. Hannaford [1950] 1KB 18, Lord Denning, in describing an entity similar to the GPOC in England, stated thus: “In the eye of the law, the corporation is its own master and is answerable as fully as any other person or corporation. It is not the Crown and has none of the immunities or privileges of the Crown. Its servants are not civil servants, and its property is not Crown property. It is as much bound by the Acts of Parliament as any other subject of the King. It is, of course, a public authority and its purposes, no doubt, are public purposes, but it is not a government department nor do its powers fall within the province of government.”Some years ago, the Trinidad and Tobago Post Office underwent a similar metamorphosis with the establishment of the Trinidad and Tobago Post Office Corporation. Prior to that, the postal services in that country were a department of Government and its employees were public servants. The status of the Trinidad and Tobago Post Office Corporation and that of its employees came to the fore in the case of Perch v. Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago [2003] 62WIR 461(PC), Lord Bingham, who delivered the opinion of the Judicial Committee, firmly rejected the notion that the new corporation remained a service operated by the government. His Lordship said: “Those transferring were not regarded as remaining in the public service: hence the provision that the terms and conditions on transfer should be no less favourable than those enjoyed in the public service”.After referring to the passage from Tamlin v. Hannaford (supra) cited earlier, he concluded that, “The Board is of the clear opinion that employees of the new corporation are not holders of any public office and are not employed in the service of the Government in a civil capacity within the meaning of section 3(1) of the Constitution.”In Griffith v. Attorney General, [2006] CCJ 1 (AJ), the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) carried out a similar examination in respect of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and concluded thus: “This court is firmly of the view that the Revenue Authority is a new corporate entity distinct from the government although it is a public corporation. The employees of the Revenue Authority are not holders of any public office nor are they employed in the service of the government of Guyana in a civil capacity; see also Chue and Hyman v Attorney General of Guyana (unreported, H.C.A. No. 6 of 1998) at pages 27 and 43 per Carl Singh J.”.It must now be inexorably clear that the GPOC is not a Government department. It is not part of the Government. Therefore, its policies and activities are not to be dictated by or interfered with, by the Government. Likewise, its employees are not employees of the Government. They are not public servants. Therefore, they are not subject to Government’s supervision or control. It must also be unequivocally clear that any attempt by the Government, including the President, to interfere with the day-to-day activities and operations of the GPOC and its staff, would be unlawful, clear executive lawlessness and abuse of power.It is against this background, that the matter involving the issuance of the stamps in celebration of the centenary birth anniversary of Dr. Cheddi Jagan must be examined. The Cheddi Jagan Research Center Inc. (CJRCI) entered into a contract with the GPOC for the production and issuance of these stamps. The discussions lasted several months before it was consummated by CJRCI paying to the GPOC a 50% deposit upon request of the requisite monetary charges for the production and issuance of the agreed stamps. Although it was absolutely unnecessary, I am informed that the transaction received the positive imprimatur of the subject Minister. Yet, on the day in question, the GPOC failed to deliver the stamps. They directed CJRCI to make contact with the Ministry of the Presidency. Based upon the legal authorities to which I have referred, the Ministry of the Presidency has absolutely no authority in this matter.The Ministry of the Presidency, in a statement, essentially admitted that they have prohibited GPOC from issuing the stamps. Clearly, the Ministry of the Presidency has acted ultra vires and has unlawfully usurped the functional responsibility of an independent statutory body corporate. It has also exposed the GPOC to civil liabilities for breach of its contract with CJRCI.The Ministry of the Presidency is free to and indeed, may consider itself duty-bound to commemorate the life and work of every former President. However, it has no authority to monopolize such activities. Therefore, other organisations are free to do likewise. The Ministry of the Presidency issued a statement. It is but merely a plea in mitigation. The phrase “national symbols” was invoked to describe the stamps. This is simply an adjectival verbiage employed to sanctify another egregious act of authoritarianism.Mohabir Anil Nandlall,MP, Attorney-at-Lawlast_img read more

Jagdeo urges public not to participate in land CoI

first_img… says will put Amerindians, Afro-Guyanese in conflictGiven the complicated nature of the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) which will be looking into ancestral lands and other land matters, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, has advised members of the public not to take part in the process, as it only seeks to bring division among Guyanese.Addressing a press conference on Friday at his Church Street, Georgetown office, Jagdeo told media operatives that the CoI will not solve a single-issue people face on the ground, describing it as another ‘political gimmick’ that is intended to cause racial division.The former Head of State said given this fact, Guyana may never achieve its objective of bringing its people together across all racial lines. He opined that the land CoI in its current form, to a large extent, will put Amerindians and Afro-Guyanese at conflict with each other.“Most people in Guyana, ordinary people have gone pass that, have gone pass those issues. But now in this racially inflammatory way… they are putting out who came before whom, and who has too much etcetera,” he said.Jagdeo also believes that the CoI is being used to generate a feeling among Afro-Guyanese that the coalition Government defends their interest. He feels Government is doing this because they recognise that people, who supported them including many Afro-Guyanese, are very disappointed with their performance.He lashed out at Government for allegedly attempting to ‘play the race card’ again, instead of focusing on policy.“So you say that you defend interest, but it’s not going to happen in the future. If you come up with the African ancestral lands, that’s why at the beginning I asked how a report would help a young kid in South Georgetown who has no job or who is looking for a job. Will he get land?”The Opposition Leader also believes that the land CoI is just another means by which Government is trying to create what he dubbed “jobs for the boys.” “This is a wedge issue,” he added, stating that Afro-Guyanese have more land today at their disposal than they had in 1992.In making reference to comments made by the Guyana Reparations Committee, which is chaired by Dr Eric Phillips, in relation to Africans being in Guyana before three Amerindian tribes who have been given titles to their lands, embraces the same views made by Minister Keith Scott.The Minister within the Communities Ministry had told Parliament that Amerindians are “greedy” and that the National Toshaos Council (NTC) had made it clear that it was not satisfied with the lands already given to them some (24 per cent of lands) leaving nothing for Afro-Guyanese. However, Scott has refused to apologise to the Amerindian community.In April, the Opposition People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) motion calling for the revocation of the appointment of the Lands CoI was shut down by the Speaker of the House, Dr Barton Scotland as he deemed it ‘not urgent,’ although the Opposition claimed it was of national public importance.The Opposition has been calling on President David Granger to hold consultations with all the relevant stakeholders in order to determine a course of action that would accelerate the issuance of title to Amerindians for traditional lands and address all matters in relation to that issue.The NTC had rejected Government’s decision to establish the CoI into land rights, on the grounds of lack of consultation and that the two issues – lands acquired by free Africans, along with Amerindian land titling issues – are unique and need to be addressed separately.“While we support reparations and repatriation of African Lands and addressing that issue with a great degree of urgency, the Indigenous land issue cannot and should not be viewed in the same light, nor can it be addressed under the same framework,” the Council had said in a statement.The NTC called for the establishment of two separate entities to deal with the two different issues as it voiced its refusal to cooperate with the current land CoI.The organisation noted that failure to do so would demonstrate that Guyana’s Indigenous peoples are being marginalised by Government. The NTC also highlighted that in the Amerindian Act of 2006, as a matter of law, there exists a process that speaks to the issue of Amerindian Lands.Several Amerindian organisations, including the Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) have maintained strong objections to the land rights CoI, stating that the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the CoI were vague, as they did not define clear objectives of addressing the issue of communal lands belonging to Amerindians and, as such, the organisation is calling for them to be reviewed.last_img read more

Morris warms to City Hall over bike race

first_imgI mean, John Morris, who always has embraced the if-I-can’t-say-anything-good-about-someone-I won’t-say-anything mantra, suddenly oozing goodwill affability towards those who operate civic business? I mean, John Morris, whom detractors long have insisted took too many bumps to the noggin during his days as a rugby player with the Belmont Shore club he co-founded, suddenly joining the establishment? Well, believe it or not – and those of us who know this ham-and-cheese sandwich version of Ralph Nader find it quite stunning – John Morris the other day actually said to me: “I just can’t say enough nice things about the way everyone in the city has come together in regard to the Amgen Tour of California bicycle event. It’s just been unbelievable. “The Special Events office of the city with Blair Cohn heading the way has been tremendous. So has the Downtown Business Associates with Kraig Kojian. And so has Pat West of the Redevelopment Agency, who also is an avid cyclist. The cooperation we have received from all the agencies has just been marvelous.” It was like hearing Rosie O’Donnell reciting kind words about Donald Trump, or hearing Donald Trump do the same about Rosie O’Donnell. It was like hearing George W. Bush throwing rhetorical bouquets at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It was like hearing Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears announcing they were joining DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). I mean, John Morris, Long Beach’s notorious political gadfly, City Hall’s most virulent critic, lifetime detester of government bureaucrats, artful connoisseur of titillating gossip, Pine Ave. restaurant pioneer, weathervane of downtown rhythms, suddenly saying something positive about those who conduct city affairs? center_img I was waiting for a punch line from Mr. Morris. But the guy was actually serious! He kept a straight face! Honest to goodness, cross my heart, hope that Jim Hankla and Henry Taboada and Jerry Miller don’t faint when they hear about Morris’ dramatic reversal. Apparently, Morris is thrilled about the way the city has reacted to the Amgen Tour of California race that climaxes Sunday in Long Beach, as it followed through with his suggestion to put up those seven huge “Party With A Purpose” banners that are now adorning buildings on Pine. He also, of course, is thrilled that there will be a big party on Pine Saturday evening, with the street closed off between 6 and 11 p.m. and a New Year’s Eve-like celebration planned with three bands, The Emperors, Tripadavon and The Bravery, scheduled to perform. “It’s going to be tremendous,” says Morris, whose Smooth’s just happens to be located right in the middle of the action. The admission charge for those wanting to visit the Pine venue that will be closed off between First and Third streets will be $35, and most of the 12 restaurants in the area participating in the event already have reached capacity. Morris also has played a vital role in this as he has been working the phones feverishly like a telemarketer lining up dining customers at $125 a pop – with almost half of the money to be funneled to the 16 involved charities. “The irony is that I’ve helped sell out all the restaurants except my own,” he said. But John Morris wasn’t complaining. Not a bit. He even was smiling about that development. “Oh, I figure I’ll be sold out by Saturday night,” he said. But, in the meantime, this celebrated curmudgeon doesn’t evince even a hint of being upset with anyone connected to the city, a historic milestone. “It’s just been a pleasure working with the downtown people,” he said. Who ever thought a bicycle race would inspire such a stunning personality change? That benefit for Abe Yapp and Roy Wade Jr. held Wednesday night at the Gaslamp turned out to be quite a success, with a large crowd showing up in support of the Long Beach police officers who are recovering from gunshot wounds suffered while on duty on Dec. 22. Had a nice chat with Anthony Batts. I don’t know if he’s the best police chief in the country, but I doubt there is one more buffed out. The guy looks like he belongs in a Mr. Olympia contest as he fills out his police uniform in impressive style. Still recovering from a rather dysfunctional Tuesday evening at Mahe in which I mixed too much sake with too much vodka, I limited myself to a cup of coffee and a beer, to which Southern Wines & Spirits’ Bernie (The Prince of Tabs) Selmanson, one of the hosts of the event along with the Gaslamp co-owners Alicia Shelton and Jennifer McDonald, observed, “Never seen you with a beer before.” That’s true, since he hadn’t, as I usually only drink it when I’m in Germany, but special circumstances – like feeling terribly lousy – dictated such a ridiculous choice. All the usual suspects were present, including, among others, the retired assistant police chief, Two-Fisted Ted Hulsey, Steve (Son of Bob) Folger, Rockin’ Roger Carlson, Dancing Barry Clifford, Junk Bond Jimmy Werner, John “Nature Boy” Narz, Dave (Big Wave) Hayden, Dashing Denny Lund, John (Up) Hill, Bad Stu Ledsam, Wally (Bubba) Montgomery, Phil (P-Dogg) Barth, Stu (The Big) Cahn and couples like Brian & Dania Gimmillaro, Harold & Donna Hughes, Bond (007) Nichols and Karen Perez, Susie Atwood and Man In Waiting Dave Butler and Mark (Pretty Boy) Edmondson and his gorgeous new squeeze, Shy Shannon Smith. Natch, representing the Long Beach State athletic department was Vic Cegles, who’s making so many friends so quickly around town that I marvel at his God-given ability to keep accurate track of all their names. Jeff Severson was also there making the rounds, but, strangely, without his gal pal, Irene (The Verizon Queen) Rodriguez, still waiting patiently for Jeffery Boy to come up with an engagement ring. Eh, Irene, don’t despair, I’m still waiting for that phone call from Jessica Alba. Omigod, almost forget Mike (The Hammer) DiMarzo was present, and when I introduced Long Beach’s very own celebrity bodyguard to Dr. F. King (The Boy Wonder) Alexander, the Long Beach State president said, “So, you’re the famous Hammer.” Alas, The Hammer’s fame doesn’t extend beyond this column, or at least not beyond Joe Jost’s, but it might one day if he marries his brand new Polish Princess flame who is better looking and a lot younger – she’s 22 – than most of the high profile actresses for whom DiMarzo routinely provides security. Had an engaging talk with a coughing, wheezing Brian Gimmillaro, although it was momentarily interrupted by that cable TV pest Art Levine. Brian and I both exited early, and the great women’s volleyball coach can’t seem to get over a lingering cold that certainly wasn’t helped by a weekend stay in Las Vegas to observe a major volleyball tournament. But at least he and I managed to avoid the painfully persistent Levine, the old Yalie whom we shooed away. … Had a blast last weekend in Nashville, and checked out the historic Ryman Auditorium where so many legendary musicians – curiously, not the Singing Safety, Jeff Severson – have performed across the decades and the Opryland Hotel that is the largest non-casino resort facility in America. Found both places interesting. … Ran into the former Tennessee Titan running back, Eddie George, at a lively, busy establishment called Virago’s, and – like Anthony Batts – he looks like he easily can compete in a physique contest. He told me he lifts weights five days a week, weighs 248 – 10 more than when he played – and has arms that measure 20 inches. George does some football commentating, and still is a revered figure in Nashville. … Add look-alike: F. King Alexander and Joel Osteen. Sat in Vanderbilt’s quirky Memorial Gym – the player benches are behind the baskets – last Saturday afternoon and watched the Commodores upset then No. 1 ranked Florida. The highlight of the match for me came with about a minute to go when the PA announcer made an announcement that everybody present knew would blithely be ignored, saying, “Do not go onto the floor after the game. Violators are subject to arrest and prosecution.” And so, at the final buzzer, about 500 students charged on to the floor, ignoring the 10 or 12 cops who vainly attempted to stop the stampede. … Three weeks recently in Europe and no snow. Three days in Nashville, and two with snow. … Former standup comic Steve Due of AIS Custom Athletic Uniforms claims one reason fans don’t flock to the Walter Pyramid is because the 49ers haven’t exactly played schools that stir one’s basketball passions, hosting the likes of Cal State Bakersfield, Sacramento State, Manhattan College and UC Davis Saturday night. What happened to that surefire gate attraction, Cal State Dominguez? … The Esther Tognozzi who sheared off Britney Spears’ locks last week at her Esther’s Hair Cutting Studio on Ventura Blvd. in Tarzana is the same Esther Tognozzi who has been trimming the hair of the scoop-breaking AM-570 reporter, David Vassegh, since he was a mere 5. … Received an E-mail message Thursday stating I had won a one million euro lottery, and to call a Mr. Duncan Smith at a Holland number for the details. I passed, just as I did a couple of months back when I received another E-mail fraud from England revealing I was the beneficiary of a 10 million pound inheritance from an unknown relative who died in a tragic airline crash. … I’ll never figure out why so many people with a lot of hair go for the bald look when millions of bald guys spend millions of dollars in a feeble attempt to avoid looking that way. … The Lakers have a legitimate excuse for their decline because of their many injuries. What excuse do the Clippers offer other than having a head coach, Mike Dunleavy, who never should have been given that lucrative long-term contract from Donald T. Sterling, for being back on a losing streak? … John Morris, caught up in the hyperbolic frenzy of the Amgen Tour of California race, insists there will be more than 200,000 people lining the Long Beach course Sunday for the finish. Sure, and I think, on second thought, I’m going to call up Duncan Smith and claim my $1 million euro lottery winnings. Doug Krikorian can be reached at doug.krikorian@presstelegram.com. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Inter Milan crash to seal Roma’s Champions League berth

first_img0Shares0000On target: Sassuolo forward Domenico Berardi celebrates after scoring against Inter Milan © AFP / MIGUEL MEDINAROME, Italy, May 13 – Inter Milan crashed to a 2-1 defeat to Sassuolo at the San Siro on Saturday which ensured that Roma get to play Champions League football next season.Matteo Politano and Domenico Berardi scored in either half with Sassuolo goalkeeper Andrea Consigli proving heroic for the visitors to severely undermine Inter’s slim hopes of elite European action. The defeat means third-placed Roma — coached by former Sassuolo boss Eusebio Di Francesco — are sure to finish in the top four and return to the Champions League after losing in the semi-finals to Liverpool this month.Roma host champions Juventus on Sunday with the Turin giants needing just a point to seal a seventh-straight Scudetto.Inter are two points behind fourth-placed Lazio who can rubber stamp their ticket to the Champions League if they beat lowly Crotone on Sunday.If not, both Lazio and Inter go head-to-head next week in the Stadio Olimpico.Coach Luciano Spalletti lamented a “messy and confused” performance which failed to reflect Inter’s dominance.“It’s never the fault of a single player, after going a goal down we had plenty of time to do things calmly and take the game to crush them,” said Spalletti.“After the second goal the team lost its balance and chaotically tried to get back into the game.“The result is also down to our own mistakes. Sassuolo probably felt comfortable after securing their Serie A safety.“At times we were too chaotic and rushed, but we had the time. Andrea Consigli made two or three fantastic saves.”– ‘Eat their words’ –Sassuolo had secured their Serie A safety last week.And coach Beppe Iachini said his side had come out firing after hearing that Inter were aiming to get six past them to even out the goal difference with Lazio.“Of course they motivated us,” said Iachini. “There was a lack of respect and we read some things that were downright offensive. Whoever wrote that should eat their words.“We’ve lost only one of our last 11 games, finding confidence and balance. We played our game.”Politano found the way to goal after 25 minutes with a clevery-taken freekick under the wall.Inter star Mauro Icardi’s goal was ruled offside, with Ivan Perisic then setting up the Argentine ace only for Consigli to again clear.And Berardi blasted in the second after 72 minutes before Rafinha pulled one back eight minutes later for Inter.Consigli’s heroics continued deep into injury time to leave Inter stuck fifth and looking at Europa League football again next season.“This is a heavy defeat,” added Spalletti. “The lads were just distraught in the locker room, as they cared so much.”In Naples, Cheick Diabate scored a late winner as relegated Benevento gave their fans a lift with a 1-0 win over Genoa in their final Serie A at home.Goalkeeper Christian Puggioni saved midtable Genoa from conceding until four minutes to go following a run by Enrico Brignola from his own half to cross to Diabate who finished off.It was Malian striker Diabate’s seventh goal in nine games since joining the struggling newcomers from outside Naples in January.0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Oldham confirm deal for Evans has collapsed

first_img1 Ched Evans in action for Sheffield United Oldham’s deal to sign convicted rapist Ched Evans has collapsed, a senior source at the club has confirmed.The source has however denied a report in a local newspaper that chairman Simon Corney has quit over the matter following reports of threats to his family.It comes as Evans, 26, issued a “wholehearted apology” for the effects of his actions in 2011 but continues to maintain his innocence over his rape conviction.Evans has also condemned social media abuse of the woman he was found guilty of raping.last_img read more

Fury as businesses are forced to close following water outages in west Donegal

first_imgLarge parts of west Donegal are without water once again this afternoon (Thurs) with no sign of it being turned back on before the end of the working day. The burst has left several businesses, including a children’s creche, having to close its doors for the day.Cllr Michael Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig said: “I had a meeting with Irish Water on Monday morning in regards to this area and a Montessori has had to close today because of this. “Now, that not only affects the business but it also hinders a lot of families that depend on that business on a daily basis.“It’s a disgrace that staff from this part of the county continuously have to go home because they have no water.“I have consistently asked for meetings on-site with Irish Water and at the new water plant in the area and they have refused to give me that meeting.“The attitude towards the community from Irish Water is unacceptable, we have asked them to come along to a public meeting to discuss these issues and they refused to even respond to our requests. “It shows a total lack of respect from Irish Water to the community that I represent, a community that has been hammered socially and economically already for years.“They have told me that an application is being considered for the area,” he explained. “But the people of this area don’t need consideration, they need action and they need it now.”A spokesperson for Lamha Beaga Montessori said:  “We had no notice of this outage and do not know when water should return.“Sincere apologies to the children and families who were forced to make alternative arrangements at such short notice.“(We are) disappointed yet again in Irish Water.” Fury as businesses are forced to close following water outages in west Donegal was last modified: October 3rd, 2019 by Shaun KeenanShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Garber’s Red Tractor Models

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Howard and Carol Garber of Auglaize County personify the complete marriage, despite having to overcome the significant obstacle of differing preferences in collectable farm equipment.Howard was raised with Massey-Harris tractors and implements whereas Carol descended from a family with Farmall, McCormick-Deering and International equipment. Fortunately some experts claim couples do not have to agree on everything for a successful marriage.“Our marriage has been wonderful and we don’t agree on everything, especially our preference for farm machinery. Having those differences makes it more fun. When we’re on the hunt for that special piece we help each other,” Howard said. “We’ve even been able to merge our different collections in the same showroom.”Howard’s love for Massey-Harris stems from growing up where his family farmed about 60 acres in Allen County and his parents rented another 300 acres. His uncle owned the Massey-Harris dealership in nearby Elida. Consequently the family’s machinery focus was the familiar red Masseys. Howard’s first tractor driving assignment came at the ripe age of seven.“Dad rode with me that first round when I was discing the field. After that round, he stepped off the tractor and I was on my own,” Howard said. “For a kid that age, it was exciting. But, wouldn’t you know, I soon misjudged a turn and got tangled up in the fence. It was all part of growing up and learning responsibility at a young age. As a kid, I didn’t have any toy tractors, only a semi-tractor trailer and a truck for milk can transport. When you’re able to drive the real tractors the toys don’t have the same meaning. But now, I’ve developed a keen interest in toy tractors as an adult.”Carol grew up on a Western Ohio farm near St. Marys.“My parents farmed and milked about 60 Holsteins. The equipment of choice was Farmall, McCormick-Deering and International. The only tractor I remember my Dad buying new was a McCormick Model Super W-6. It eventually got sold, but my brother found it later and bought it back as a family memento,” she said. “I always enjoyed working outside with my Dad. Driving tractor was more fun than helping Mom in the house. In fact, I did most of the cultivating when I was still home. I also worked ground and drove the tractor when we baled.”The Garbers married in 1968 and eventually settled in Wapakoneta a community close to their respective hometowns. Their interest in collecting developed later.“Our interest in collecting came quite by chance. In the late 90s, Howard and I attended a real estate auction in Bluffton, Indiana. To our surprise, there were numerous pieces of farm toy tractors offered. They were all shelf models in good condition,” Carol said. “We ended up buying about 20 pieces and they were all red — Massey-Harris, Farmall, McCormick-Deering and International. Among them was one of our favorites to this day — a 1:16 scale die-cast McCormick W-9. Those auction tractors launched our farm toy hobby.”Collecting came quite naturally for the Garbers. Carol’s dad and brother collected antique tractors and Howard has always admired that old vintage iron, but as urbanites, space was limited for full size tractors. Gathering up scale model versions was the next best thing.“We were primarily interested in finding models like those our families farmed with. Beyond that, we have focused on replicas from the 50s, 60s and 70s,” Howard said. “We understood and appreciated tractors from those times. Modern tractors and equipment are great, but if you haven’t operated them they don’t have the same meaning.”The Garbers have dedicated the basement of their home as their Red Tractor Model Showroom. They have amassed well over 100 pieces. The scale sizes represented are: 1:16, 1:12, 1:8 and a few in 1:64 scale. Their collection includes six pedal tractors with an assortment of memorabilia in both versions of red. A favorite among the memorabilia is a bottle of Red Shed wine featuring a Massey-Harris Model Pony tractor on the label from a Nappa Valley vineyard.Howard and Carol enjoy the anticipation as they pursue each new addition for their trove. The added excitement comes when something pops up that is least expected.“We love going to auctions, estate sales, flea markets or farm toy shows as we search out that next tractor model. I’ve also found several items through eBay and online toy auctions. The Massey-Harris pieces, whether tractors or implements, are difficult to come by as there were fewer made,” Howard said. “I’m making progress as the Massey shelves are beginning to fill up.”They are now in search of some harder to find items.“The world of Farmall, McCormick- Deering and International tractors and equipment models is huge compared to Massey-Harris. Finding replicas of the equipment our family farmed with is much easier,” Carol said. “We have been challenged however in finding a 1:16 scale die-cast Farmall Model F-12 with a single front wheel. Howard wanted one to go along with the F-12 antique tractor he restored. One came up through a sale recently, but the price was well beyond our budget. We finally settled on a 1:16 scale row-crop Farmall F-12 with two front wheels. Maybe we’ll find the single wheel version someday.”Carol’s family had several restored antique tractors. Howard admired and became a little envious of those old vintage tractors. The bug to restore an antique tractor finally caught up with him in 2003 when Howard located a Farmall Model F-12 in rough shape that he could refurbish.“This old tractor predated our primary era of interest, but it was something I wanted to take on. And, the price was right,” he said. “ My space was limited, but the tractor fit in the garage where I could work on it. The old beater with a single front wheel had been worked hard, but eventually I got it back in good running condition. And it dressed out to be like new. Eventually, we had five full-size antique tractors. Our aim was finding a model of each of those tractors. The tractors became difficult to store so we sold all of them in 2010.”When asked about their favorites, the answer is an easy one.“All of them,” Howard said. “Whenever we find a special model and place it on our shelves, we consider it special. We probably wouldn’t have bought it in the first place unless it had special meaning.”There are, however, a few that do stand out, including the 1:16 scale die-cast Farmall Model F-12 and McCormick- Deering Model W-6.“Although my family farmed with a McCormick Model M-6, the Model W-9 replica is very similar,” Carol said. “As cultivating was a familiar task when I was still home on the farm, it was appropriate to own a 1:16 scale die-cast International Model 544 with a four-row cultivator. This replica was built by SpecCast.”The Garbers also have a commemorative Massey-Harris harvest parts truck used during the Million Acre Harvest Brigade.“The original truck was used to service self-propelled combines as the operators worked their way north from Texas to Canada to cut wheat during the early stages of World War II,” Howard said. “The entire event resulted in just over one million acres being cut by Massey-Harris combines.”The 1:16 scale die-cast Massey-Harris Model 44-Special in standard format, made by Ertl, occupies a significant location on the Massey shelves as well and the 1:16 scale grain drill by Reuhl is proudlyThe extensive display of Garber’s Farmall/International scale model farm tractors can be seen in their basement Red Tractor Model Showroom.displayed. In addition, the recently acquired gray Farmall Model F-20 pedal tractor built by Scale Models joins five other pedal tractors in the Garber cache.Many of the hard to find older items have been discovered on the Internet.“The farm toys built in the 50s, 60s and 70s were much tougher than today’s models. You could depend on them being around for a long time. There are toys available for play, but they’ll never be collectable like those from years ago,” Howard said. “Today’s shelf models and high detail pieces are wonderful, but the plastic in many of them is not to my liking. And yet, the prices have gone up even though they’re made in a cheap labor market.“When you’re on the hunt for a special toy, don’t get discouraged because you didn’t get the piece you wanted. Keep looking or try a different route. Sooner than you think, you will find the one you’ve been looking for.”For those interested in chatting with the Garbers about their Red Tractor Models, you may call them at 419-738-6952 or contact Howard by email at hcg@bright.net.last_img read more

Wheat yields and quality looking good so far

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest As of June 27, Ohio’s wheat crop was drying-down and being harvested in some parts of the state. Thanks in part to cool spring conditions followed by relatively dry weather during early grain-fill, head scab and other disease levels were generally low in most areas. Low disease severity often means very good grain yield and quality. Stripe rust was our biggest disease problem this year, but outbreaks only occurred in pockets within and across fields. Moreover, several of the affected fields were treated with a fungicide which helped to keep this and other later-season diseases in check.The first set of harvest numbers are showing yields above 80 bushels per acre and test weight in the upper 50s. While we expect these numbers to vary from field to field, once the rain stays away as harvest continues, we expect to continue seeing very good grain yield and quality. Lodging is being reported in some fields, but unless it becomes very windy and rainy over the next few weeks, this will likely not be a major problem. However, getting the wheat off as soon as possible will minimize the chance of lodging and other late season problems. If you opt to harvest early (moisture in the upper teens or lower 20s), make sure you dry the grain down to minimize post-harvest problems.last_img read more