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CDC experts advise beware of all kinds of infectious diseases in autumn

Into the fall, the rapid temperature change, sooner or later, a large temperature difference, the incidence of infectious diseases season. The most common respiratory infectious diseases, intestinal infectious diseases are also prone to seasonal rebound. In order to survive "an eventful year", the Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention experts remind the masses: to focus on the prevention of infectious diarrhea, influenza, foot and mouth disease, hepatitis and dysentery.

in order to prevent infectious diseases, the provincial CDC medical experts remind: to control "disease from the mouth of the entry, usually pay attention to food hygiene, wash, do not drink water to drink boiling water, do not eat unclean fruits and vegetables and rotten food, not energy gluttony, eat some vitamin rich foods. Try to avoid public places, especially crowded places, during the epidemic. Healthy people or close contacts who can take root, vitamin C and other prevention. Strengthen physical exercise, maintain a good state of mind, influenza vaccination is an effective way to prevent. (author: Li Xin) read more

After the failure of entrepreneurship

there are some things we lost only know regret, after the failure of the venture, said, will also have to understand, let us go to see the feelings of others after the failure of the business, we hope to be vigilant.

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Entrepreneurial Q & A open a mid-range clothing store store choice should pay attention to what

in the high-end clothing chain to the site, the whole network analysis of investment experts for you, some site should pay attention to in the high-end clothing chain stores open.

(1), the business activities of the high frequency area of this area is general commercial center, downtown, commercial activity is frequent, the inevitable high turnover. This site is called "land the land". In this area, logistics fast, for the apparel industry, clothing trends spread very quickly, if the goods flow slowly, it may not sell in the clothing before they become obsolete, so the choice of clothing shop business areas with frequent activity is the best place. read more

North District attaches great importance to the work of the provincial inspection teams feedback sug

North District attaches great importance to the provincial inspection teams feedback opinions and suggestions, decompose the task to implement the responsibility to lead the party secretary pay close attention to the opinions and suggestions of the rectification work, to ensure that the provincial inspection teams corrective feedback results.
A, the establishment of institutions, strengthen the leadership. In April last year, the provincial first inspection team on the work of my district focused inspections. After the provincial inspection team office in writing to the 3 aspects of the inspection team put forward opinions and suggestions made by the masses of the 13 aspects of feedback. From the provincial inspection office of "feedback" on the North District of Xining city to inspect the situation after the North District in the party’s ruling ability construction, cadre team construction, healthy economic and social development and social harmony and stability of the opinions and suggestions of inspection teams rectification work into the district team attaches great importance to the important schedule, seminar held a standing committee the meeting, set up by the party secretary of the leader, deputy secretary, deputy mayor in charge of deputy head, the relevant responsible departments and units of the main leaders for the rectification work leading group members, responsible for the whole service to daily tracking supervision, to ensure that the opinions and suggestions from the implementation of the rectification.
two, plan, implement the responsibility. In order to ensure the successful completion of the rectification task, to achieve tangible results, formulated the "provincial inspection group visited feedback on the proposed plan" submitted to the division of responsibilities, the Standing Committee study, by district office, district government office issued in the name of responsibilities to the relevant departments and units, the general requirements, the rectification rectification work principles, objectives and requirements methods, steps and measures, request the responsible unit in accordance with the rectification of the content, the time limit for rectification, rectification goals, rectification measures four clear requirements itemized rectification and reform implementation.
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Deepen reform but only know

Reform is the driving force of development, deepening reform requires courage. In accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee and the deployment of the provincial government, municipal government adhere to the "economic development lags behind, but not behind the reform and opening up" concept, efforts to make up for the reform of the bonus geographical disadvantage, active exploration, active as, in some important areas and key links to promote reform and special. Of the party since the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the depth of planning reform, identified 7 categories of 28 key reform tasks, especially in order to deepen the administrative examination and approval system reform and decentralization as a breakthrough of cancellation, decentralization, the adjustment of administrative approval items 73. Reform to further optimize the development environment, stimulate the vitality of the market, the driving force for development. read more

How to choose entrepreneurial projects Xinshoubikan

for a novice, the choice of entrepreneurial projects is very difficult, many novice feel a bit blind, do not know how to clear their own entrepreneurial projects. Today Xiaobian for everyone to sum up a number of ways to find entrepreneurial projects, we want to help.

entrepreneurs to clear their own strength of entrepreneurial projects. As the saying goes, so that the strength to speak, the strength refers to the ability of entrepreneurs resources. It is an important pillar to determine the scale of entrepreneurs and the ability to follow up development. Our principle is "". Whether it is the production or trade based projects, there are products in the road, have to press a lot of things can not be directly realized. For example, raw materials, semi-finished products, inventory occupy, downstream distributors Zhanya etc.. Therefore, the entrepreneur’s budget to play less count. read more

Experience sharing entrepreneurs to endure loneliness

entrepreneurial success is not an overnight thing, to go through a lot of things. Entrepreneurs in the business process to be able to endure loneliness, to keep busy. Time waits for no one, the market waits for no one, any detail is what we need to pay attention to.

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2015, the province’s total number of college graduates is expected to reach 22 thousand and 900

March 16th, reporters from the provincial Office of human resources in our province was informed that the 2015 year of college graduates to promote employment and Entrepreneurship of the main activities began, community sector in various activities, urging the 22 thousand and 900 college graduates to find a job.
it is reported that in 2015, the total number of college graduates in the province is expected to reach 22 thousand and 900 people, to promote the employment of college graduates entrepreneurial work task is very arduous. According to the Provincial Department of human resources and social decision-making and deployment of college graduates’ employment, the actual state of our province college graduates’ employment work, timely on the 2015 employment work arrangements, through to employment and entrepreneurship policy implementation, the implementation of the "two plan" and the "six project", the implementation of technical training, carry out project for brains, into the market "theme education activities, comprehensively promote the employment of college graduates, to ensure that the employment situation is generally stable.
to ensure annual employment work smoothly, to practical problems from the Provincial Department of human resources and social will further improve the concept of employment of college graduates in our province is lagging behind, the low level of employment and entrepreneurship, promote employment and entrepreneurship activities clear overall goal, work arrangement, task partitioning, asked the province’s people at all levels of society, adhere to market oriented, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, the concept of employment, effectively enhance the effective transformation of college graduates employment employment ability of college graduates, to ensure that the employment of college graduates in the province to promote the overall.
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Eastern open ventilation normalization

what has the government done recently? Dolls to school, the elderly to see a doctor, people with disabilities on these issues is not a good policy? Many times, the residents of the district to understand the work of the government’s dynamic, access to the latest policy information channels are relatively simple, passive.

in order to create the sun and service-oriented government, in March 26th, the east district government convened the central provincial capital in the green media, the media, on the East District this year is short, medium and long term working with the media "ventilation", through newspapers, television, radio, Internet and other media to allow more attention and eastern area residents the development of public understanding of the eastern real-time dynamic. read more

Mu Dongsheng stressed the implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development to promote the constru

9 3, the Provincial Federation of trade unions held a seminar on the development of harmonious labor relations as the theme of emancipating the mind. Xining Federation of trade unions and other six units and departments from different perspectives on the development of harmonious labor relations practice, experience and experience. Provincial Party committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Mu Dongsheng stressed the need to thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, continue to emancipate the mind, persist in seeking truth and pragmatism, and vigorously promote the construction of harmonious labor relations. read more

City Federation of trade unions to promote the integration of five fine services

City Federation of trade unions to carry out fine service as the starting point, focus on the "Five Combinations" efforts to strengthen the Union’s own construction, enhance the overall image of the union, to promote the cause of trade union innovation and development.

is a combination of fine service and learning practice. Effectively establish the fine sense, explore and master the way of meticulous work, improve the ability and level of service workers.

two is a combination of fine service and the needs of the masses of workers. From the attention of worker of bit by bit, to the ongoing "grassroots, down to earth, do practical activities as an opportunity to the enterprise, workshop, street community, the concept of refinement into the service of the masses of workers in all aspects, into union assistance, legal aid, and the occupation management model and through the further improvement of the system, further improve the difficulty of employee files, wholeheartedly for the masses of workers to do practical things, good things, problem-solving things. read more

New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister and finance minister Bill English visits Qinghai

from July 14th to 15, New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister and finance minister Bill · visited Qinghai in English. Vice governor Yan Jinhai, accompanied by Cheng Lihua.
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Members of the public Memorandum Beijing Tibet high-speed toll stations near the people and the cons

August 21st, the reporter learned from the Qinghai high-speed traffic police detachment, from August 24th to 27, the Beijing Tibet highway toll station and the nearby construction.

, uplink or downlink Lane Lane is closed, the traffic police department will take the belt removed, up and down road side of the road to two-way traffic lane. Qinghai high-speed traffic police brigade police reminder, when the driver wants to slow down in the past, to keep safe distance from the car, orderly passage.  
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Xining City East District for 48 disabled motorized wheelchair fuel subsidies

September 29th, the city of East District, Xining disabled persons with motorized wheelchairs for disabled persons in the year of the disabled motorized wheelchair fuel subsidies in 2012. Live public Jie Fu Qiang Xiang No. 367 disabled Ding Zhicheng received subsidies after gratitude shows between the lines: "the party and government as we are thoughtful, grateful to the party and the government always forget our disabled, we must live a good life, make the greatest efforts to return the society!" read more

China Meteorological Administration and the provincial government held a forum on cooperation Zheng

recently, the China Meteorological Administration and the Qinghai provincial government held a forum on cooperation in Xining, signed a joint efforts to promote the modernization of Qinghai meteorological support for the construction of a comprehensive well-off society cooperation agreement in Qinghai. Zheng Guoguang, director of the China Meteorological Administration, governor Hao Peng speech, and signed an agreement.

Zheng Guoguang in his speech on Qinghai’s economic and social development achievements and the achievements of meteorological work fully affirmed. He said, in the joint efforts of China Meteorological Bureau and Qinghai province in recent years, Qinghai meteorological guarantee ability, service ability, public meteorological disaster monitoring, risk management, technology support capacity has been significantly improved, significantly accelerate the pace of modernization of meteorological, believe that this cooperation agreement signed by the China Meteorological Bureau and Qinghai the province will establish closer relations and cooperation, will promote Qinghai meteorological career development. Zheng Guoguang said that the China Meteorological Bureau will be seriously in accordance with the cooperation agreement to determine the content, to further increase the Qinghai meteorological work support in capital investment, project construction, technology innovation, business guidance, and take effective measures to ensure the full implementation of the agreement, efforts to promote the modernization level of Qinghai meteorological. read more

Full coverage of environmental grid regulation

The grid refinement to each building, each street, each school road, to do transverse to the edge, vertical in the end of four to achieve full coverage, unified supervision and control, supervision and services, supervision and protection, supervision and law enforcement…… At present, our city is committed to establishing and improving the environmental supervision of the whole grid system, environmental protection and city management, community comprehensive management of grid management combined with the existing, to create a good atmosphere of full participation in environmental protection and management. Currently, the city has built four districts and counties, the park of the grid of the regulatory system, and the allocation of a certain number of personnel to actively expand the grid supervision. Among them, the "2+3+6+N" environmental protection grid monitoring system in the urban area has achieved remarkable results. Shanxi city community in Southern District, a large area of a wide range of films, many temples, cottage retail, infrastructure is lagging behind, showing a number of sources of pollution, the situation is complex, difficult management and other issues. According to the characteristics of the community, according to local conditions, combined with the practice, the integration of community resources, make full use of multi power, implementation of two environmental protection team into the community, "three in place" (i.e., organizational leadership in place, propaganda in place, visited Mopai place) based environmental monitoring work to lay a solid foundation, through the "six" volunteer service "(i.e. a lighter than", complaint handling line card six) method to improve the environmental supervision work way. The community organization within the jurisdiction of the third industry catering business households were surveyed, a detailed record of the use of disposable tableware, fuel use, sewage treatment, and supervise the construction site take Weidang operations, sprinkler dust, net cars and other measures.   read more

North of the city three protection system protection acres green shade

in recent years, the north of the city to take the forest resources management and protection and three prevention system, no forest fires in the area.

it is reported that the "three" system refers to the establishment of fire emergency teams, to carry out forestry afforestation, forestry administrative law enforcement supervision, forest disease and pest control of multiple means to curb the occurrence of deforestation and forest deforestation, regulate timber circulation channels, mouse density control of forest. Through these means, the per capita public green space in the north of the city by the end of 2005, 4.4 square meters, up to 2011 of 7.63 square meters, and built a garden style units of the green, the standard unit of 39 green. (author: Yang Jianwu Hai Ying)
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City human resources and Social Council to attract college graduates to meet the subsidy funds 185 y

In recent years, the total amount of college graduates in our city continues to increase, the employment situation is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, the provincial and municipal governments have issued a series of preferential policies to promote the employment of college graduates to ease the employment pressure

in recent years, the total amount of college graduates continued to increase, the employment situation is becoming increasingly severe, for this reason, the provincial and municipal government issued a series of preferential policies to promote employment of college graduates to ease employment pressure. City and Social Council also from the "global people’s livelihood and stability, growth of more policy guidance and promotion, widely publicized through the media, in-depth business patient guidance, visited the park management committee to send data to send the policy measures, make household household preferential employment policies. read more

The Sixteenth Congress of the Municipal Trade Union

on the morning of November 27th, the city’s vast numbers of workers and trade union workers are highly concerned about the Sixteenth Congress of the Xining trade union, the General Assembly should be on behalf of the 240 people, to represent the actual number of 208, in line with the quorum.

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Chinese Academy of Sciences survey showed that the water quality of Qinghai Lake continued to be goo

According to the

survey and the main river water quality Research Academy of Wuhan China aquatic biological monitoring by researchers and the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve Administration jointly carry out the day before the Qinghai Lake lake, the site investigation data with the last survey index data comparison, the data close to last year, a slight fluctuation, little change. After preliminary analysis, the index changes within a reasonable range, indicating that the water quality of Qinghai Lake continues to be good. read more