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May battles to keep Brexit on track after noconfidence win

first_imgLONDON — British Prime Minister Theresa May is reaching out to opposition parties and other lawmakers in a battle to keep Brexit on track after surviving a no-confidence vote.European Union countries are also debating Thursday on how to move forward now that the U.K. Parliament has rejected May’s Brexit deal with the bloc and with the March 29 exit date looming.Parliament overwhelmingly rejected the deal on Tuesday night, in a crushing defeat for May. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn immediately called for a no-confidence vote, but May’s government survived it on Wednesday night.May invited opposition leaders for talks about how to secure another Brexit deal and avoid leaving the EU without a deal. But Corbyn has declined unless May takes the “no-deal” possibility off the table.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Committee to decide on future of unity Government

The United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) meanwhile had said it will not support a Government led by Wickremesinghe. (Colombo Gazette) A committee is to be appointed to decide on the future of the unity Government, Minister and United National Party (UNP) Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa said.He said the decision was taken following a meeting between President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and UNP Ministers late this evening. “Several matters were discussed and the final decision was that a committee will be appointed tomorrow to decide on the best way forward,” he said. The UNP has been calling for a UNP-led Government to be formed following the Local Government (LG) elections while the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) is divided on the proposal. read more

Text of Finance Minister Bill Morneaus budget speech

Text of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s budget speech OTTAWA – Text of the federal budget speech given by Finance Minister Bill Morneau in the House of Commons Tuesday:Mr. Speaker,Today, we begin to restore hope for the middle class.Today, we begin to revitalize the economy.Today, we begin a long-term plan that will use smart investments and an unwavering belief that progress is possible to ensure that Canada’s best days lie ahead.I know that this can be done. Canadians have done it before.After the dark days of the Great Depression and the Second World War, Canadians believed the future could be brighter.They believed that if they worked hard and saved, they could get ahead.They could buy a car and a house. They could send their children to college or university. They could look forward to a decent retirement.And they could hope that their children would do even better than they did.Confidence inspired investment. Investment inspired confidence.In the post-war years, Canadians built the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Trans-Canada Highway. They constructed new airports, subways, pipelines and communication networks. They created new colleges and universities—and parents sent their children to those institutions in record numbers.These investments made the workforce skilled and educated. They connected communities. They improved access to markets. They made the flow of people, goods and services faster and cheaper.The economy grew rapidly. And Canadians prospered.Hope and hard work were rewarded.Well, Canadians are not so optimistic today. That’s understandable.The decline in the price of oil and other commodities has hurt whole regions and provinces.Economic growth has slowed. Wages haven’t grown significantly since the 1970s.I want you to imagine an ordinary, middle-class Canadian family. Two parents with two kids in university.The parents have been working for 25 years, the bills are growing, and it’s been hard to get ahead.There’s nothing left at the end of the month. And they don’t know if they’ll ever be able to afford a decent retirement.It’s no surprise that many Canadians feel they are worse off than their parents were at the same age—and that they feel the next generation will do worse than their own.A fundamental change must happen: Canadians need to believe that hope and hard work will be rewarded again.To make that change, we first have to see good reasons to be confident about the future.The global economy is evolving rapidly. Digital technology has already transformed how we live and work. These changes will accelerate. For example, clean technologies are improving at an astonishing rate thanks to a torrent of investment and ideas. Markets in Asia present significant business opportunities.Canada can be a leader in this new environment.Our people are highly educated and skilled. The diversity of our population connects us globally and is a wellspring of innovation.We are at the forefront of scientific research.There will always be those who claim that we should fear change.The reality is that we stand before a historic opportunity to shape and lead this change.But to shape the future, we must invest in the future. We must do for our children and grandchildren what our parents and grandparents did for us.Fortunately, circumstances for investment are ideal.Wise management of the nation’s finances back in the 1990s restored Canada’s fiscal health, giving us a debt-to-GDP level today that is by far the lowest of any G7 country.At the same time, our interest rates have never been lower, so we can borrow on excellent terms—as governments are being urged to do by everyone from the IMF to the OECD to the G20.Our plan is reasonable and affordable. By the end of our first mandate, Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio will be lower than it is today.The government will make the investments needed to boost the economy over the long term.Mr. Speaker, we know balancing kids, careers and personal goals is not easy. People work hard. They expect their government and their economy to work hard for them in return.This budget puts people first and delivers the help Canadians need right now. But it’s about much more than this moment. It is an essential step in a sustained, strategic effort to restore prosperity and optimism.Help for the Middle ClassThe fate of the middle class and the fate of the country as a whole are one. Canada will not prosper if the middle class doesn’t prosper.In the short term, the collapse of the price of oil and other commodities has strained families and communities in many provinces. To ease the burden, the government is extending Employment Insurance benefits in affected regions, including parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador.But the government must do more for families than merely help them through challenging times. That is why, earlier this year, the government cut taxes for middle-class Canadians everywhere.Since January 1st, roughly nine million people see more money on every paycheque that they receive.To help pay for this middle-class tax cut, we raised taxes for the top one per cent. It’s only fair to ask those who can afford it to pay a little more so that we can help those who need it—and strengthen the economy for everyone.But more needs to be done. And with this budget, we will do more. Much more.Mr. Speaker, I am proud to announce the introduction of the new Canada Child Benefit—a plan to help families more than any other social program since universal health care.Families with children under 18 will receive the benefit starting in July. The size of each cheque will depend on your family, but 9 out of 10 families will get more help than they do under existing programs.A single mom with one child under the age of six and earning $30,000 a year will receive an annual benefit of $6,400, tax-free.A family with two children earning $90,000 will receive $5,650—an increase of $2,500 from the current system.That is money in the pockets of mom and dad. Money that can go directly to eating healthier food, paying the rent and buying new clothes for back to school.The Canada Child Benefit is the most significant social policy innovation in a generation. It will lift hundreds of thousands of kids up from poverty.Mr. Speaker, our country has a long and proud history of big, bold, transformative public policies—programs like universal health care, Old Age Security and the Canada Pension Plan. Now we proudly add the Canada Child Benefit to that honourable list.Long-term Growth for the Middle ClassAs important as government help is, what the Canadian middle class needs most is strong economic growth. That is why the government will make new investments in infrastructure from coast to coast to coast.We all benefit when infrastructure is improved. New roads and bridges allow us to get around faster. Waste treatment plants, sewers and water mains keep water clean. Broadband connects us digitally. Social housing delivers affordable homes.These benefits are obvious. But people don’t always realize that infrastructure is vital to strengthening the economy and growing the middle class.Consider something as simple as traffic jams. Everyone knows they’re annoying. But they also slow the movement of people, goods and services—they actually hurt the economy.That’s why an investment in mass transit does much more than make life more pleasant. It boosts the economy. It helps the environment. Not just for today. But for years and decades into the future.Studies consistently show that when there is slack in the economy and interest rates are low, for every dollar a government spends on infrastructure, substantially more than one dollar of economic activity is generated.These are good investments.Some are urgently needed and require the government to act quickly. But in every case, investments will be made with a focus on long-term value—so that Canadians will reap the benefits far into the future.To help families and communities struggling right now, the first phase of our infrastructure plan invests $11.9 billion over five years to modernize and rehabilitate public transit, water and wastewater systems, provide affordable housing, and to protect infrastructure systems from the effects of climate change.We are also investing $3.4 billion over five years to help maintain and upgrade national parks, harbours, federal airports, border infrastructure and support the clean-up of federal contaminated sites across the country. Over the course of the next decade, we will invest more than $120 billion in infrastructure.These investments will accelerate our transition to a low-carbon, clean-growth economy, make traffic flow more smoothly, bring high-speed Internet to more rural communities and deliver so many other benefits for Canadians.It means a father will make it to his daughter’s soccer game on time, a small business owner in rural Manitoba will get her website up and going, and our communities will be better places to live. But most of all, they will deliver a long-term boost to the Canadian economy.An Innovative and Clean EconomyThe global economy is going through an extraordinary time of change. One thing, however, will never change. The people, companies and countries who create the next economy will prosper.Canadians can be those people, create those companies and build that country. To get there, we need to invest in innovation.Within the next year, the government will put forward a new Innovation Agenda which will outline a new vision for Canada’s economy as a centre of global innovation, renowned for its science, technology, resourceful citizens and globally competitive companies.Underpinning the Innovation Agenda will be our plan for real change.But we are not waiting to move ahead.Today I am announcing several new, important measures that will boost our capacity to innovate and to grow our economy.We start with post-secondary education.Post-Secondary EducationParents understand that their children’s future depends on the education and skills they get and that post-secondary education has become an important factor in our children’s future success. But every parent knows that post-secondary education is becoming increasingly expensive. The government must do its part to make post-secondary education more accessible.We will increase Canada Student Grant amounts by 50 per cent, from $2,000 to $3,000 per year for students from low-income families, and from $800 to $1,200 per year for students from middle-income families.250,000 students across the country from low-income families, 100,000 students from middle-income families and 16,000 part-time students will get more help each year as a result of these measures.That matters. It can be the difference between getting a degree and dropping out. And that can change a life.To help these students gain experience, we will create up to 35,000 additional jobs for young Canadians in each of the next three years under the Canada Summer Jobs program.And through the Youth Employment Strategy, we will make new investments to create clean jobs. We will also strengthen co-op and on-the-job learning opportunities that will help students land that all-important first job after graduation.Investments in World-Class Institutions and ResearchCanada’s universities, colleges and research institutions attract the best and brightest from around the world to create hubs of discovery and innovation. Hubs that help companies grow and compete in the new economy.To support these centres of excellence, our government will provide the highest annual funding increase in over a decade for discovery research through Canada’s granting councils—an additional $95 million per year.I am also announcing that we will invest $2 billion over three years for a new Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund to modernize on-campus research, commercialization and training facilities.The fund is an example of an immediate investment that can make a real difference now, while preparing for future success. Colleges and universities will be able to modernize research labs, retrofit buildings used for advanced training, and expand on-campus incubators that support start-ups as they grow their businesses. It will create cleaner and more modern campuses today, and more economic opportunity tomorrow.These investments all reflect our core belief that the advancement of basic science and the development of intellectual capacity is the foundation of innovation.Science, insight and innovation tend to develop in clusters. The most famous of these clusters is Silicon Valley.Everyone knows Silicon Valley is the world’s capital of digital technology. But, I’ll tell you, everyone in Silicon Valley knows that Canada’s own Waterloo region is home to some of the most brilliant, innovative minds and companies in the world.This is a model that Canada can and must build on. We believe that businesses, post-secondary institutions, governments and other stakeholders can work together to accelerate economic growth. We will invest $800 million over four years to support innovation networks and clusters designed to increase collaboration and create value through innovation.We need to connect people and their ideas. These clusters are where innovation will happen—innovation that will ensure Canada is at the forefront of technological advancement in the 21st century.Clean Growth and Low Carbon EconomyInnovation and economic growth are not only good in themselves. They are essential in our struggle against global climate change.Thanks to the leadership of the prime minister and the minister of environment and climate change, Canada is once again a champion of clean growth and a speedy transition to a low-carbon economy.Our government is determined to work together with our provincial and territorial partners toward the new pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.Some believe we must choose between a strong economy and a clean environment. They are simply wrong. We are at a turning point in world history, with the International Energy Agency reporting that the global economy has grown while global carbon emissions haven’t. The IEA credits the widespread adoption of clean energy. This is just a glimpse of the future—a future we want Canada to lead.Think about what’s coming. Wherever the sun shines and the wind blows, farmers and landowners can become energy producers. Particularly for rural regions hurt by falling commodity prices, the opportunities for economic diversification are enormous.Forestry and agri-food are good examples of sectors where the government can help to facilitate the shift toward a cleaner economy, and ensure good jobs in rural areas.We will invest in new clean technology projects that address climate change, air quality, clean water and clean soil to support provincial and territorial actions that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.We are expanding eligibility for accelerated capital cost allowances in two important emerging areas: power for electric vehicles and electricity storage. We will also launch regional discussions to identify the most promising electricity infrastructure projects to reduce greenhouse gases.As announced by the prime minister at the First Ministers Meeting in Vancouver, the government will create a new $2 billion low carbon economy fund.Our concern for the environment isn’t limited to fighting climate change—our government is investing to expand protected areas, develop new national parks and fund ocean and freshwater science.We are all blessed to live in a country of unique and spectacular natural beauty. The trails we hike, the mountains we climb, the beaches we swim—and yes, as the prime minister knows, the rivers we paddle—give Canadians a special connection to the natural world. And a special responsibility to steward nature’s many gifts.Mr. Speaker, our national parks are the most beautiful places on Earth. From Cape Breton to Gwaii Haanas, from Kluane to Point Pelee, we will invest in them as our gift to ourselves and the world on the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017.Together we will share these national treasures with a whole new generation of children—and capture the spirit of the great Canadian road trip.Believing in the Creativity of CanadiansBelieving in innovation is also believing in the talent and in the creativity of Canadians. We must do more to support our artists and the cultural community in Quebec and across the country. Our cultural industries represent a key sector of our economy.Culture is synonymous with creation. It also creates a collective wealth that goes beyond economic benefits and statistics.CBC/Radio-Canada is a vital national institution that brings Canadians together and promotes our two official languages, while supporting creation and culture.Today, I am announcing that our government will invest $675 million over five years to modernize and revitalize CBC/Radio-Canada in the digital era.I am also proud to announce that our government will invest a total of $1.9 billion over five years in the arts and culture sector.These targeted investments will be provided to, among others, the Canada Council for the Arts, Telefilm Canada, the National Film Board and unique programs that will allow our artists once again to shine on the international stage.Evidence-Based PoliciesGood policy is impossible without good data. If we are to lift children out of poverty, we must first understand the cause. If we are to provide quality health care for seniors, we must know how many seniors there are and what services they need. If we want to protect minority languages, we need to know where they are spoken. Literally nothing that governments do can be done well without good data. That’s why, led by my colleague the minister of innovation, science and economic development, our government wasted no time in bringing back the long-form census.And we’re going to do more. Too often, when we ask for the evidence needed to make informed decisions, we find it just doesn’t exist. For example, we know that many Canadians, particularly British Columbians, are concerned about the effect of foreign ownership in the housing market. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t fully understood. More information is needed. To fill this data gap, and so many others like it, we will support Statistics Canada so that it can improve our understanding of important problems and help us all make better decisions.An Inclusive and Fair CanadaGrowing our economy is not enough if that growth isn’t shared by the middle class and those working hard to join it. Inequality is on the rise. To thrive, the middle class must be diverse. It has to represent us all—seniors, people living with disabilities, new Canadians, LGBTQ, rural Canadians, urban Canadians—all must benefit from the growth we create together.Health CareCanadians overwhelmingly treasure Canada’s publicly funded, universal health-care system. Parents don’t fear that treating a sick child will bankrupt them. Seniors know they won’t be turned away at the hospital. This is a source of national pride. It reflects our values, our generous nature and our commitment to helping each other in times of need. It also provides economic security and boosts productivity.As an immediate step, the government will make new investments to support a healthier Canada, further supporting the work of Canada Health Infoway and the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement to identify and introduce innovations in the health-care system.As our population ages, more of us will depend on our health care system and on timely access to high-quality care, regardless of where we live, or our ability to pay. Protecting the integrity of our health-care system is of utmost importance to our government. We know that innovation, collaboration and partnerships are a critical part of the solution.As part of the boost in new annual funding for discovery research, we will provide an additional $30 million per year to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.The minister of health is actively engaged in discussions with territorial and provincial ministers of health, health sector stakeholders and Canadians on how best to invest in our system for long-term benefit. Home care and a patient-centred approach are part of these discussions, and our government is committed to providing the federal leadership needed in health care for the benefit of all Canadians.SeniorsAn integral part of the middle-class dream is a secure and dignified retirement. For too many Canadians, it has become impossible to save enough before reaching retirement age.Too many seniors live in poverty—in particular single seniors.We will help the most vulnerable seniors by increasing the Guaranteed Income Supplement for single seniors by up to $947 annually. This enhancement more than doubles the current maximum top-up and represents a 10 per cent increase in maximum benefits that will improve the financial security of about 900,000 single seniors across Canada.To help more Canadians achieve a secure retirement, I am personally committed to reaching an agreement with my provincial and territorial counterparts before the end of the year to enhance our Canada Pension Plan.VeteransOur veterans have dedicated their lives to the defence of their country. They deserve our gratitude, our respect and our support.We made a solemn promise that they will have it. And we will keep that promise.We will increase the Disability Award for injuries or illnesses resulting from military service, and align it with other New Veterans Charter benefits by indexing it to inflation.We will expand access to higher grades of the Permanent Impairment Allowance to better support veterans who have had their career options limited by a service-related illness or injury.We will increase the Earnings Loss Benefit to provide income replacement of 90 per cent of pre-release salary for injured veterans, and index this benefit so that it keeps pace with inflation.Canada’s veterans have also earned access to more in-person government services right in their communities. With this budget, we are providing additional funding to Veterans Affairs Canada so that it can reopen service offices recently shuttered in Charlottetown, Sydney, Corner Brook, Windsor, Thunder Bay, Saskatoon, Brandon, Prince George and Kelowna. We’re also planning to open a new office in Surrey, B.C., and expand our outreach in northern Canada.To help veterans in their rehabilitation process, we will enhance front-line services by hiring additional case managers to reduce the client-to-case manager ratio to no more than 25:1.Status of WomenI am also proud to announce that we will increase the funding of Status of Women Canada to increase the agency’s capacity to support gender-based analysis across the federal government and expand their regional presence to support local organizations working on women’s issues and gender equality.I recently appointed the government’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth that will advise us as we build a longer-term growth strategy—and I am proud of the fact that the majority of the experienced business and economic leaders we’ve selected are women.Helping the Less FortunateTo meet the continuing and growing demand for affordable housing across the country, I am proud to announce that the government will double the amount that it provides to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.’s affordable housing initiative. Thousands of families will benefit from the measures contained in this budget to support affordable housing.Our government will also invest an additional $112 million over the next two years in the homelessness strategy to help the various segments of the population that are directly affected.Over the next two years, we will fund and support the construction or renovation of over 3,000 shelter spaces or transition homes for victims of violence. This is the largest single investment in support of victims of violence in our country’s history.A New Relationship With Indigenous PeoplesWe simply cannot claim to be successful as a country as long as Indigenous peoples aren’t given every chance to succeed.In economic terms, the arguments are irrefutable. With an aging population, the Canadian economy needs more workers. The Indigenous population is young and growing. It could help. But that can’t happen until First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples have a path to prosperity. And that means investments.I have met with First Nations and Indigenous leaders and community members on several occasions, including during pre-budget consultations in Winnipeg. I commit to maintaining this relationship throughout my tenure as finance minister.I am honoured to announce on behalf of the government historic investments of $8.4 billion over the next five years, to ensure Indigenous peoples share in Canada’s prosperity.This is in keeping with the spirit of the Kelowna Accord, concluded in 2005 thanks to the inspired leadership of former prime minister Paul Martin.Almost half that money will be invested in education. We will build schools. We will hire teachers. We will ensure that Indigenous children get the education they need and deserve.Housing is also an urgent need. The government will invest nearly $555 million over two years. So is health care. The government will invest to repair and build nursing stations and residences for health care workers in Indigenous communities.Finally, we will put an end to the unconscionable crisis of boil-water advisories on reserves. Our government will invest nearly $2 billion in water and wastewater infrastructure and drinking water monitoring over five years so that every Canadian child has access to clean drinking water, no matter where they live.Our Commitment to the WorldLast November, the government committed $678 million over six years, starting in 2015–16, to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by February 29, 2016, and today we are committing new funding to resettle an additional 10,000 government-assisted Syrian refugees over the course of 2016.This is an issue that is very close to me personally, having been involved in efforts to provide education and opportunity to Somali and South Sudanese girls in the Kakuma Refugee Camp over the past decade. I’ve been moved by the warmth, caring and resilience of people who have given up so much to flee conflict in search of a better life for themselves and their families.This fall, I was doubly moved by the outpouring of support and the welcome Canada reserved for Syrian refugees. I believe the world saw the best of Canada in our response to this crisis, and I thank the minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship for his leadership.We know that newcomers are vital to the Canadian economy, and so our government will welcome 300,000 new permanent residents in 2016.We believe families belong together. Family reunification contributes to the well-being of all Canadians by contributing to our collective wealth, in both sociocultural and economic terms.By stepping up our efforts in this area, we anticipate 20,000 admissions under the parent and grandparent program, bringing celebration and hope for thousands of Canadians who for too long have been living a world away from loved ones.DefenceThe government is steadfast in its commitment to providing greater security for Canadians. Led by the minister of national defence, we will conduct an open and transparent process to create a new defence strategy that will deliver a modern, more agile and better-equipped military.Over the course of 2016, we will seek the input of Canadians, experts, allies and partners, as well as Parliament, on a new defence strategy.The government is committed to renewing the major equipment of the Canadian Armed Forces, including Canada’s aging fleets of CF-18 fighter aircraft and maritime warships.To ensure that funding is available when key capital acquisitions will be made, we will reallocate funding for large-scale capital projects from the 2015–16 to 2020–21 period to future years. This funding is being shifted into future years to align with the timing of major equipment acquisitions.A Strong VoiceOur voice is now heard loud and clear on the international stage. Since November, we have signed an historic greenhouse gas emission reduction agreement in Paris.We have renewed and revitalized our relationship with our most important partner, the United States, and signed a new continental energy and environmental agreement that includes Mexico.We have significantly increased our contribution to the multinational coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.And we have led the charge on the need to invest in order to boost economic growth at international economic forums such as Davos and the G20.ConclusionMr. Speaker,We believe the time has come to invest to build a strong and prosperous country.Today, we are seizing the opportunity to invest in people and the economy, and to prepare Canada for a brighter future.Of course, this is only the beginning. Today we have taken some big steps in a long journey. We have much work ahead of us.As we do that work, we remember that while we may act in the present we do not act for the present.We act for the years and decades to come.We act for our children and our children’s children.We act so that they may inherit a more prosperous and more hopeful Canada.Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Finance Minister Bill Morneau tables the federal budget in the House of Commons in Ottawa on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld by The Canadian Press Posted Mar 22, 2016 2:15 pm MDT Last Updated Mar 22, 2016 at 3:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

INTERVIEW Climate change is in everybodys backyard – Robert Redford

Nukunonu Atoll seaside is one of the regions of the world vulnerable to the impact of the climate change. UN Photo/Ariane Rummery Robert Redford: There was little to no change for much of that 40 years. Things don’t change quickly. You have to work hard, you have to wait, you have to be patient. I’m sorry that it didn’t happen soon because I think we would have been better off had it happened sooner. But you have to live with what you got. I think what is happening now is that it’s dawning on people, the value of alternative energy, and the jobs and industry that could be created from it. And as soon as you talk about industries and jobs then that changes the whole picture, because before the argument was always “oil and gas, that produces energy but also jobs and this doesn’t.” But now people are realizing that not only does alternative energy do this, but in a much better way that is sustainable for our planet. UN News Centre: In your speech to the General Assembly, you said that you are an actor by trade, but an activist by nature. Where role does your environmental work play in your life?The environment, I’ve experienced over the years, gets little attention compared to other things. But I think because of what’s happened now – change is in the air, you can feel it. Robert Redford: My artistic life used to be just painting and then it became theatre and film, so that’s my artistic life. And then there’s my civic life, and that is the environment and the role that nature can play in the continuation of our society. So it’s divided into two sections: art and nature. I guess you can boil it down to that. UN News Centre: In a nutshell, what message would you give to the international community on the importance of fighting climate change?Robert Redford: First of all, pay attention. Put it out there as a topic. Once it’s out there as a topic, request that others pay attention to the topic and then see how, if they look around, how they can see why it is such a topic. If you talk about climate change, all you have to do is look around. Unfortunately, I declared some negative examples: flooding, drought, wildfires. But all you have to do is open your eyes and pay attention and you’ll look this way or that way, and you’ll see fire, flood, tornadoes, hurricanes, and if that’s the case, you can’t tell me it’s not going to affect people. So I would say pay attention and look at how climate change is being evidenced around you.@media only screen and (min-width: 760px), screen9 {#PhotoHolder3 #PhotoCrop { max-height: 770px; /* sets max-height value for all standards-compliant browsers */ width: 134%; margin-left:-161px; margin-top: -290px;}#story-headline{ font-size: 3.6em; line-height: 1.2em; color:#FFFFFF; position: relative; top: 200px; xtext-align:center; text-shadow: 5px 5px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.8); width:50%;}}#sidebar {display:none;} div#story-content .span8 {width:100% !important} #fullstory p { font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.6em;}strong { font-size: 1.2em; line-height: 1.5em;}blockquote { font-size: 1.2em; line-height: 1.5em; font-style:italic; }.videoWrapper { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; /* 16:9 */ padding-top: 25px; height: 0;}.videoWrapper iframe { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;} Actor and environmental activist Robert Redford paid his first visit to the United Nations Headquarters in New York this week.The reason for his visit: to address the UN General Assembly’s High-Level Meeting on Climate Change, which aimed to energize multilateral cooperation on the issue ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris later this year. In the French capital, countries will discuss an agreement intended to succeed to the landmark Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.Mr. Redford has been heavily involved in environmental issues for decades, renowned for his commitment to it and for speaking out on various issues affecting the environment, in addition to serving as a trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council, a New York City-based non-profit organization, since 1975.Now climate change is in everybody’s backyard. The question is to make people aware of it, to make people aware not only of the dangers but what the positive move would be, and bring it to their attention that it’s already in their own backyard.After his speech to the General Assembly, Mr. Redford spoke with the UN News Centre about his visit, his experience in the environmental movement and his thoughts on the need to fight climate change.UN News Centre: What brings you to UN Headquarters this week?Robert Redford: I’m here because I was asked to come – which was an honour – and also here because I think climate change has moved up the register of issues to be considered, and it’s done that because it’s a current issue and it’s a current danger unless it gets addressed. I thought any voice that could be lent to the effort should be used and so I’m here for that. UN News Centre: Syria, Central African Republic, Yemen – these are just a few of the pressing concerns on the global agenda. Given so many other urgent topics, how hard is it to get the international community to pay attention to climate change? And then in 1970, I was at a conference in Vale, Colorado, and I remember there was a picture of renewable resources and non-renewable resources, extractable resources – oil, gas, coal – and all the politics, all the money, was going into non-renewables. And over here, where you had wind, solar, geothermal – that was new then, very new, so it wasn’t getting much attention – but there was nothing there. I thought well, if this continues, there won’t be anything left. It might make some short-term money for someone, but there won’t be anything left for future generations. But over here, look at all the possibilities for alternative energy and what’s happening. So I guess at that time I made a commitment to myself to do whatever I could, raise whatever small voice I had in that direction and so I have. UN News Centre: What have been the greatest changes you have seen over the past 40 years or so of environmental activism? Robert Redford addresses UN Member States at the General Assembly’s High-Level Climate Change meeting. UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz Robert Redford speaks about how he first became part of the environmental movement and the importance of combatting global climate change for future generations. Credit: United Nations Robert Redford: I think you can get them to pay attention if you place climate change where it belongs. It’s usually way down at the bottom. The environment, I’ve experienced over the years, gets little attention compared to other things. But I think because of what’s happened now – change is in the air, you can feel it – we’re in a period of change that’s positive with also some negative. Positive: you see what the Pope said. Positive: you see what happened this week with same-sex marriage; you see what’s happened with [US] Supreme Court decisions. From my point of view those are all pretty positive things. But what sits behind and on top of all this is the bigger problem that concerns everybody’s health – every country, every nation, every person. They’re all under the umbrella of climate. And because climate change is such a harsh topic with very little time to correct it – there’s been so much damage done over the years to the planet – that if we don’t do something sooner rather than later, then I don’t know what kind of planet we’re going to have to live on. UN News Centre: The Pope recently spoke out about the dangers of climate change. Yet there are those who say the Pope is not an expert on science… your thoughts?Robert Redford: Please, that’s insulting. The fact is what he’s saying is so much in need – I salute him, on many fronts, particularly that one because he’s placing it where it belongs, as a moral issue, and therefore there’s a spiritual component to that. And thank God that he’s placing it that way. It’s not about politics. The moral issue of climate change should transcend politics. If it’s reduced to politics, we’re going to have the same old yin-yang, the same old problems, the same old fighting, the same old narrow-minded bickering between ideologies. It’s going to be a mess. Let’s get above it and take advantage of change and make it positive. UN News Centre:  One of the General Assembly speakers was a teenage activist who later said that adults are having a party with the environment and the next generation are stuck with cleaning it up. What are you views on that and the role of youth in climate change?Robert Redford: I would start with an apology to the new generation. The new generation – focusing on the role of women and politics, focusing on youth – to me I see that as an enormous plus, whereas maybe 15 years ago, no, because I think America’s youth was focused more on other issues, like how to get ahead, how to make money, and the environment was not on their minds. On the sidelines of the General Assembly meeting, Robert Redford meets Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who has also spoken of the importance of fighting climate change. UN Photo/Evan Schneider UN News Centre: No negotiations were due to take place at the meeting you addressed on Monday, so what exactly can the global public expect to come out of this meeting? Robert Redford: What can they expect? I don’t know. I don’t know what the consensus is here, this is a first time for me so I don’t have any experience knowing how they operate, how they think, how they vote – I can only hope. But I think that because every nation is affected, this issue gets their attention. UN News Centre: What would it take to get everybody’s attention on this issue? Robert Redford: Years ago there used to be a saying, they called it “NIMBY,” which is an abbreviation of “Not in My Back Yard.” People would not get interested or focus on anything, particularly if it was a danger, unless it was in their backyard. It was somebody else’s problem – they didn’t have to think about it, or worry about it, or address it. But now climate change is in everybody’s backyard. The question is to make people aware of it, to make people aware not only of the dangers but what the positive move would be, and bring it to their attention that it’s already in their own backyard. Look at the drought in California, the flooding, what’s happened in New York – it’s pretty clear that something is happening. Robert Redford addresses UN Member States at the General Assembly’s High-Level Climate Change meeting. UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz Robert Redford briefs the press on his participation at the General Assembly’s high-level climate change meeting. UN Photo/Evan Schneider But now it is. I’m very encouraged by this new generation. They’re better informed, they’re more knowledgeable, and the more knowledgeable they are, the more they get concerned, because it’s going to be their future. Our time is kind of done. We should apologize for what’s being left for them to work with – they don’t have a lot. But I’m looking forward to them taking the reins because not only do they deserve it, but I think it’s time, and also I think it’s a good time because the new generation is just different than before. It’s more active. I think it has the quality and the qualifications to take the reins and move things forward with what little we have left of our planet. I’m just sorry we didn’t leave them much. UN News Centre:  You have been involved in the environmental movement for decades. What first got you involved? Robert Redford: I think if you ran it all the way back, it started when I was a kid growing up in Los Angeles. When I was a child, my memories really began at the end of the Second World War. It was a beautiful city, the air was fresh, it was clean, there were green spaces in between communities. I had a paper route on a bicycle. I rode around different neighbourhoods, it was fresh and clean. I loved it. Then suddenly, when the war ended, everything changed. It’s like Los Angeles became something at the end of a rainbow and everybody clamoured to get in there. And suddenly everything changed. Suddenly there were skyscrapers, there were freeways, there was pollution. So I saw a city that I really loved sort of disappear under my feet and I moved away. I moved to the mountains. I spent time in the Sierras and worked at Yosemite National Park, and when I did that, that connection to nature hit me like a ton of bricks – I said this is where I want to be. I want to be in and around nature. I want to preserve it, if I can, because I could see that we were already a development-oriented society, I knew that. But the question for me was: if we only have that, we won’t have anything of nature left. So I guess I got committed at an early age to do whatever I could. read more

Ohio State mens soccer set for stretch run against Maryland Michigan

Senior midfielder Yianni Sarris avoids defenders during a game against Rutgers Oct. 25 at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. OSU won, 4-1.Credit: Ed Momot / For The LanternThe Ohio State men’s soccer team’s home schedule might be over, but its sights are now set on being able to host at least one more game at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium this season.“Getting to come back home, we definitely have that proposition at hand this year,” redshirt-senior goalkeeper Alex Ivanov said. “I think it gives us more motivation to keep playing well and get one of those top four seeds.”The Buckeyes (7-5-4, 4-2-0) will have a chance to return to Columbus to host a quarterfinal matchup in the Big Ten tournament if they finish in the top four of the conference.As of Thursday, OSU sits in second place with 12 points – three points behind leader Penn State. However, the Nittany Lions have played one more conference game than the Buckeyes.“We have two very important games ahead of us, and if we win them both, we can be Big Ten champs,” senior midfielder Yianni Sarris said. “The goal is to win them both and give us the trophy.”Maryland (9-5-2, 3-2-1) — currently tied for fourth place — sits two points behind the Buckeyes, making OSU’s trip to College Park, Md., on Saturday a crucial affair.“I think we’re excited more than anything,” Ivanov said. “The chance to travel to Maryland for the first time in our school’s history for a while, I think, is something we’re excited about.”OSU coach John Bluem said being able to begin the conference tournament in Columbus instead of on the road would make a major difference for the team.“It would be huge. To finish in the top four of this conference, first of all, is a tremendous accomplishment,” he said. “We have a conference that’s very, very strong, so being able to play at home would make a big difference.”The Buckeyes and Terrapins will come into the game in the midst of the two longest active unbeaten streaks in the Big Ten.OSU is unbeaten in its last four matches, including three victories, while Maryland is currently riding a six-game winning streak.“I think the chemistry’s good with the team and we’re really doing well with going forward and converting our opportunities,” Ivanov said on the Buckeyes’ play in recent gamesThe Terrapins currently lead the Big Ten in goals per game with 1.69. However, they have been in trouble when the other team gets shots on goal off through its defense.On the year, Maryland sophomore goalkeeper Zack Steffen — who has started every match — has only stopped 25 of 40 shots on goal. That adds up to a .625 save percentage, the worst in the nation for a goalkeeper playing at least 50 percent of his team’s minutes.However, Maryland has made it difficult for opponents to get those shots off in front of Steffen, only allowing an average of 7.3 total shots per game. OSU, on the other hand, averages taking about 13 per game.“My mindset is still the same, I don’t know about the players,” Bluem said on the importance of the final two road games. “Going down to Maryland, we’re hoping to do well so we can maintain our place in the Big Ten Conference.”The two teams are currently side-by-side in the RPI, with OSU coming in at No. 22 and Maryland sitting one spot behind at No. 23.OSU’s matchup against Maryland is set to kick off at 7 p.m. in College Park, Md. After that, the Buckeyes are set to conclude the regular season against Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mich., on Wednesday. That game is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. read more

Prisoners build makeshift bomb using coffee whitener from jail canteen

first_imgMark Fairhurst, acting chairman of the Prison Officers Association, called for the withdrawal of whiteners from all of Britain’s prisons if it was proven they were the cause of the blast. Any very finely divided organic powder like coffee and tea whiteners is combustible and can really burn quite quicklyDr Ben Ward, Cardiff University Plaid Cymru AM Ms Jenkins said: “I was informed by the staff member in question that prisoners recently made a bomb out of tea whiteners, which are very flammable.”I understand that the bomb was stopped from going off in this instance, but that staff rely on prisoners behaving so that no serious incidents take place.”She said the incident could have led to a prisoner protest with inmates taking control of the jail that holds 800 prisoners. Ms Jenkins has written to Prisons Minister Sam Gyimah to warn of the threat. Prisoners made a makeshift bomb in jail using tea and coffee whitener from the canteen, it has emerged. The device “erupted” inside Cardiff Prison as the powder, which is used by prisoners who do not have access to fresh milk, is combustible and can be turned into explosives if set alight.Four inmates were arrested over the incident at the Category B Victorian prison after the device was discovered. Three of the four arrested men have since been cleared, but one prisoner is still under investigation over the explosive device.Welsh Assembly Member Bethan Jenkins said she was told about the blast by a prison officer and the Ministry of Justice has confirmed the arrests.center_img Ms Jenkins said: “I was told that if they rose up, they would be able to take over in less than 10 minutes, and that this was close to actually happening recently.”The staff member implied that they were very short staffed also and so they are worried that they would not be able to react sufficiently in an emergency situation.”A South Wales Police spokesman said they were investigating after a “bottle of unknown liquid, erupted and slid across the floor.” He added: “It was a minor incident.”The Ministry of Justice confirmed no prisoners or staff were hurt in the incident on June 15.A spokesman said: “The matter was referred to the police and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”Dr Ben Ward, from Cardiff University, told how coffee and tea whiteners can be turned into explosives if set alight.He said: “Any very finely divided organic powder like coffee and tea whiteners is combustible and can really burn quite quickly.”The smaller the particles the more likely they are to burn and if they burn quickly enough they can cause an explosion.”It’s the same with tiny grains of flour, custard powder and coal dust which was a major cause of explosions in coal mines.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Buckingham Palace promotes gifts fit for a Princess first day at nursery

first_imgAs Princess Charlotte prepares to start her first term at nursery, thoughts in the Royal household may well be turning to what to pack in her little bag to take with her.By happy coincidence, Buckingham Palace Shop believes it has just the answer: one of its children’s books, a Guardsman teddy bear, or a fetching fancy dress crown.The palace shop has contacted customers to promote its Back to School range, aimed at those going back to school after the Christmas holidays.In a promotion conveniently sent out on the day Princess Charlotte’s own nursery, Willcocks, began its Spring term dates, it reserves a section for a child’s “first day of nursery”.Marketing material for the Buckingham Palace shop suggests: “Tuck these charming gifts into backpacks, as you wave off the little ones to their first day at nursery.” A mini crown, £8.95 A mini crown, £8.95Credit:Royal Collection Trust The suggested items include colourful headwear described as a “fabulous dress up crown, gold and shining with red velvet and soft fake fur trim”, at a price of £8.95.Princess Charlotte’s peers could also take a Guardsman teddy bear, resplendent in his red jacket and faux bearskin hat, at £17.95.Less useful for the two-year-old Princess, who was photographed at her family’s home of Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Christmas lunch just weeks ago, will be Michael Bond’s book Paddington At the Palace, which sees the bear visit the Changing of the Guard ceremony. The Princess is due to attend her first day at nursery this month, at the Willcocks nursery school situated close to her Kensington Palace home.Her older brother, Prince George, is expected to return to Thomas’ Battersea for his second term next week.The nursery range is matched by a back-to-school range of stationery inspired by Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Holyrood Palace, including a crown-shaped book of sticky notes and a corgi pencil set. Princess Charlotte photographed in JulyCredit:Getty Princess Charlotte photographed in July The gift shop is run by the Royal Collection Trust, with income going towards care of the Royal Collection, held in trust by the Queen for her successors and the nation.“Whether they’re a toddler starting nursery, a little one heading back to school, or a college student, we have luxury stationery essentials for everyone,” customers were told yesterday.“Fill their satchel with leather journals, colourful notebooks and other accessories inspired by the royal palaces, to set the benchmark for excellence.” A corgi pencil set A corgi pencil setCredit:Royal Collection Trust Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more


Genetic engineering is at its beginnings. Few scientists believe that it won’t be long before the gene combination will help create a superman. In expectation of the scientific solution Handball exclusive has made a photo robot of a perfect female handball player, taking into account all the players of the new age, that is to say those who have been active in the 21st century as well. For this imaginary player there is no defense with a solution. Her game would comprise the best features of the handball players, who have until recently walked down the 20x40m court. That’s how eight players would have to lend some of their features in order to make a super handball player.(Read the full text on www.handball-exclusive.com) ← Previous Story Bundesliga (Round 14): Flensburg win away at MT Melsungen, keep pressure on THW Kiel Next Story → EHF CL (Round 5): Historical match in Skopje – Lions waiting Zagreb read more

California Assembly committee backs vaccine exemption law

first_img SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A California Assembly committee backed new rules for vaccination exemptions on Thursday following a raucous, hours-long hearing in the midst of a national measles outbreak and renewed scrutiny of immunization policies.The 9-2 vote showed support among lawmakers for a modified version of legislation that has spurred heated debate. But the vote also showed division within the Assembly’s Democratic majority.America’s most populous state allows students exemptions from required vaccinations for medical reasons. But proponents of the bill calling for greater scrutiny of the exemptions argue that parents are shopping for unscrupulous doctors who will write one even if it is not necessary.Sen. Richard Pan, a Democrat from Sacramento and author of the bill, argued that greater oversight of medical exemptions is a matter of protection for children.“California cannot allow a handful of unscrupulous physicians to put our children in danger,” he told the Assembly Health Committee.But hundreds of people at the hearing urged lawmakers to vote against the bill.Critics argue Pan’s legislation amounts to government overreach.“It takes the state government and puts it squarely in the middle of the doctor and patient relationship,” said Leigh Dundas of the group Advocates for Physicians’ Rights, which has recently bought Facebook ads targeting the legislation.Several parents told lawmakers they would not comply with the law.The five-hour hearing came to epitomize the heated debate around the bill. A packed gallery jeered, and some threatened Pan.Under the bill, the public health department would scrutinize doctors who grant more than five medical exemptions in a year and schools with vaccination rates of less than 95%.Officials say that threshold is needed to provide “community immunity,” which protects those who haven’t been vaccinated for medical reasons or because they are too young.The measure, which Gov. Gavin Newsom said he will sign if it reaches his desk, comes as measles cases have reached a 25-year high in the U.S.Lawmakers in other states also have been considering changes to confront the increase.Maine eliminated religious and philosophical exemptions, while New York lawmakers ended a religious exemption. Washington state halted most exemptions for the measles vaccine, though legislators in Oregon defeated a measure that would have made it harder for families to opt out.California’s legislation has received national attention after actor Jessica Biel appeared at the Capitol last week to lobby lawmakers against the measure with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent critic of vaccination.Pan initially proposed requiring state health officials sign off on every exemption from vaccinations. But he dropped that requirement in the version of the bill that advanced Thursday.Among the provisions in the revised California legislation:— Doctors can’t charge for filling out a medical exemption form or conducting a related medical examination. They would have to sign the forms under penalty of perjury.— California Department of Public Health doctors or registered nurses would review exemptions issued by local medical providers who issue five or more a year or at schools with high exemption rates.— The state public health officer, who is a doctor, could revoke any exemptions that don’t meet national guidelines.— Parents could appeal to an independent panel of doctors.— Officials could consider families’ medical histories in allowing exemptions in addition to immunization guidelines issued by federal medical authorities.Supporters said the legislation would permit exemptions for the less than 1% of students who should avoid vaccinations because they would have a severe allergic reaction or have impaired immunity from a liver problem, HIV, chemotherapy or other conditions.Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, praised the bill during Thursday’s hearing as “science-based” while still allowing robust medical exemptions.New figures show the rate of kindergartners with permanent medical exemptions has quadrupled since California banned personal exemptions, and more than 100 schools have medical exemption rates exceeding 10%.Public health officials have said they are stymied in investigating these cases because of a lack of oversight. The bill’s backers argue its additional reporting requirements will help the state curb “doctor shopping” and abuses of the exemption system.Still, critics questioned whether the measure would discourage doctors from writing exemptions at all.Those arguments resonated with some lawmakers.“I want the freedom to make choices for my family,” said Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, a Democrat from Marina Del Rey who voted against the bill. AP California Assembly committee backs vaccine exemption law Posted: June 20, 2019 AP, June 20, 2019 Categories: Health, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

EDMC plans introduction of sewer management system in JJ

first_imgNew Delhi : The East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) has planned the introduction of a sewer management system in various JJ colonies under its jurisdiction as part of the Swachh Bharat Mission, officials said on Tuesday. The EDMC has joined hands with the NGO – Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR) for this sanitation project, they said. “In slum areas, toilets are there but no disposal arrangement for sewer, so the sludge is dumped directly into the drains, creating unhygienic conditions, hence this project,” a senior EDMC official said. Also Read – Enforcement Directorate summons Karnataka Congress leader D.K. Shivakumar Advertise With Us He said the project proposal is awaiting some “technical approval” from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and added that it is planned to be introduced soon as part of the government’s Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM). The project will also see involvement of DJB and DUSIB, the official said, adding the EDMC has already been declared open defecation free earlier this year. Also Read – Fresh restrictions imposed in Kashmir Valley Advertise With Us CFAR’s Executive Director Akhila Sivadas said, “If this project is executed successfully, it will become a model project for rest of the country”. “Two Jhuggi-Jhopri (JJ) colonies, Sunlight Colony and Gram Kheda are part of it, where we will be working. The sanitation condition in these two places are horrible,” she said. Sivadas claimed that this was a “first of its kind” intervention in such colonies in urban areas in the country. A community engagement event was organised by CFAR here on Tuesday which was attended by representatives of some of the urban local bodies in Kolkata, Jaipur and Delhi.last_img read more

US authorities probing Bosch over its role in Volkswagen emission scam

first_imgUS authorities are investigating German auto supplier Robert Bosch GmbH over its role in Volkswagen AG’s massive scheme to cheat US emission standards, according to people familiar with the matter.Federal prosecutors with the US Department of Justice are examining whether Bosch, the world’s largest auto supplier, knew or participated in Volkswagen’s years-long efforts to circumvent US diesel emissions tests, the people said. Bosch built key components in the diesel engine used in six Volkswagen models and one Audi model that the automaker has admitted to rigging to defeat emissions tests. Federal authorities are also investigating how deeply the scheme permeated VW’s hierarchy, according to people familiar with the matter.The probe is at an early stage and there is no indication that US prosecutors have found evidence of wrongdoing at Bosch, the people added, asking not to be named because the matter is not public.Volkswagen has admitted to installing software that allowed its 2.0 liter diesel models to pass US clean air tests, while shutting off emissions control systems when its diesel cars are actually on the road. VW said in September that around 11 million diesel powered cars were affected worldwide, including 482,000 in the United States. A Bosch spokeswoman declined to comment. A Department of Justice spokesman also declined to comment.Bosch provides the engine control module, called EDC17, and basic software for nearly all the four-cylinder diesel cars sold in North America, including by Volkswagen AG, BMW AG and Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz. Those systems regulate how a vehicle cleans burned-up fuel before it is expelled as exhaust.Volkswagen had the engine software modified to turn on the vehicle’s emission control system when it was being tested in the lab, then turn it off when the vehicle was on the road, according to US regulators.For authorities to bring charges against Bosch, they would have to prove the supplier knew that their technology was being used by Volkswagen to evade emissions requirements, said Daniel Riesel, an environmental attorney at Sive, Paget & Riesel P.C.”If you know that a crime is being committed and you actively facilitate part of the crime you are on the hook,” Riesel said. “A garage mechanic who soups up a car so a bank robber can make his getaway is participating in the crime.”But it is not clear what role Bosch played, how closely it worked with VW to modify the engine management software and how much it knew about VW’s intentions to use software to cheat on emissions standards.Bosch, a dominant supplier of the components used in “clean diesel” cars, was an early promoter of their adoption in the US market. The Germany-based private company has lobbied US lawmakers since at least 2005 for laws to promote advanced diesel technology, according to congressional records.Bosch said previously that the company supplies components such as engine management systems to automakers’ specifications, and that “how these components are calibrated and integrated into complete vehicle systems is the responsibility of each automaker.” A Volkswagen spokeswoman declined to comment on the investigation.last_img read more

2 pilots home in Houston after Panama drops case

first_img Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Quick workouts for men They were allowed to return to the U.S. twice to renew their pilot’s licenses.“They were allowed to leave Panama on their word that they would return, and they did,” Hicks said. “These are two solid, stand-up guys who got caught up in somebody else’s problem.”Attorney General Eric Holder addressed the pilots’ plight at a congressional hearing earlier this year, denying claims they were part of a U.S. undercover operation.Moody, who had been with American Jet International only a month before his arrest, has missed much while away, including his son’s graduation from Army Ranger school and deployment to Afghanistan. Chonoski, who had been with the company seven years, had to postpone his wedding.“It’s a cumbersome system,” Chonoski said, “and it takes a while to work your way through it. But we got through it, and innocence prevailed and we’re home and we’re ready to go back to our lives.”American Jet International has been paying salaries, legal costs, housing and other expenses for the two men during the ordeal.“Joann and I are going to get in our motor home and we’re going to tour around in the bus and see some people,” Moody said. “And if we still have a job, go back to work.” Sponsored Stories Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Daycenter_img HOUSTON (AP) – Two Texas pilots who were released after being arrested in Panama on suspicion of money laundering arrived home Wednesday in Houston.American Jet International pilots Carl Moody and Kenneth Chonoski were greeted at George Bush Intercontinental Airport by a crowd of family, friends and co-workers that included company CEO Roger Woolsey and U.S. Rep. Pete Olson.“We’ve missed you all, missed everybody,” Moody told the crowd. “Nice thing is we’re home and we don’t have to go back.” Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   Top Stories “There was a lot of cheering, back-slapping, hugs and tears,” company spokesman Bruce Hicks said.The pilots were arrested after landing in Panama in May 2011. Inspectors found $2.3 million in the bags of one of their passengers, a Honduran traveler.“We had just finished a concert in Central America and were flying the promoters back to their home country and the passengers actually had a suitcase full of cash,” American Jet President Robert Woolsey said.“Then they (customs officials) immediately asked whose bags are these, and the passengers quickly said they didn’t know,” Woolsey said.The pilots were imprisoned without charges. Except for leaves to renew their pilots’ licenses in the United States, they remained in detention until a judge in Panama City dismissed the case against them last week.“These were two guys just doing their job (and) got caught up with something,” Hicks said. “They have lost 18 months of their lives in the process.”Moody said of the prison in which they were detained: “It’s a very dirty, dangerous, violent place and we’re very, very happy to be out of there.”last_img read more

EATaly the healthiest nation in the world

first_imgEATaly the healthiest nation in the worldEATaly the healthiest nation in the worldAs Italy gets voted the healthiest nation in the world, we are sitting here thinking how does drinking wine, eating pizza and pasta inspire a healthy lifestyle? Reasons we really don’t want to look into too much. However, we will celebrate it and accept it without question.Tempo Holidays biggest destination is Italy. “Travellers are very comfortable with Italy. They want the freedom now with travel; where they can have the villa in Tuscany for the family, walk the Cinque Terre or improve their Italian cooking skills with a gastronomic stay.” said Damian Perry, CEO of Cox & Kings Australia including the specialist operator Tempo Holidays. “Tempo have moved with the times and offer this” said Perry.Wine not (get it?), pick up the phone and contact the Tempo specialists for your next adventure to Italy. It is good for your health! How about try Tempo’s Gastronomic Tuscany, this package includes delectable gourmet meals, daily cooking lessons and private tours of Tuscany’s exquisite hill town from A$2110// NZD$2250 per person. Tempo Holidaysfor more information click hereSource = Tempo Holidayslast_img read more

How Did the Financial Crisis Change the Feds Role

first_img Among the lessons learned from the 2008 financial crisis was that the regulatory community “did not fully grasp the vulnerability of the financial system” and that some of the largest financial institutions were not able to cope with the crisis without assistance—and that the problem spread quickly among institutions, according to Federal Reserve Bank of New York President and CEO William C. Dudley.Speaking at the Annual Meeting of the Virginia Association of Economists at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia, earlier this week, Dudley discussed some of the significant changes the Fed has made since the crisis on the way the central bank supervises financial institutions.“We have raised capital and liquidity requirements, put banks through annual stress tests, established the Large Institution Supervision Coordination Committee (LISCC) to enable us to evaluate the largest firms collectively and relative to one another, and set up the Office of Financial Stability to enable us to look at the financial system more holistically,” Dudley said. “Financial stability now receives the attention it deserves. For example, there are now regular briefings and discussions on financial stability at FOMC meetings.”Dudley noted that while the “extraordinary interventions” by the Fed on behalf of certain institutions were “warranted and within our authority” under the power granted to the central bank by the Section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act, he also said he suspects that the “scale and scope of these interventions went considerably further than envisioned by the public and Congress prior to the crisis.”As a result, the Dodd-Frank Act passed in 2010 narrowed the scope of Section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act to limit the Fed’s authority to extend credit through facilities with broad-based eligibility, and it also limit’s the Fed’s authority to extend credit to a single company, Dudley said.Bill Dudley, New York Fed President and CEOOn a larger scale, Dodd-Frank addressed the problem of “Too Big to Fail” by establishing a process to ensure that any financial firm could be resolved without threatening the financial system’s viability and putting the money of taxpayers at risk, Dudley said. Dodd-Frank also created the Financial Stability Oversight Council, which has the authority to designate institutions as “systemically important”; institutions designated as such are subject to tougher prudential standards and increased supervision by the Fed, according to Dudley.“The intent behind these measures is to reduce the likelihood of a failure of a large financial firm, and the consequence of such a failure for the financial system, should one occur,” Dudley said.Dudley also noted that the Fed has “not always been sufficiently transparent,” which Dodd-Frank addressed by establishing disclosure requirements for participation in Federal Reserve Facilities. Dudley said he also believes the Fed could have done more to explain the central bank’s motivation for its “extraordinary interventions.”“At times, while the motivations and objectives might have been obvious to us, they weren’t always as readily apparent to Congress or to the public,” Dudley said. “I think this created uncertainty about what we were trying to accomplish, and made it more difficult for outside observers to assess the appropriateness of our actions and our motives.”To address the transparency issue, after each FOMC meeting, the Committee issues a statement setting the current federal funds target range and explains the monetary policy decision. The Fed Chair holds four press conferences per year explaining the monetary policy decision while the Committee releases its Summary of Economic Projections (SEP), which provides forecasts by Committee members on key economic variables and the federal funds target rate for the next few years.“In addition, the FOMC participants give numerous speeches explaining their views on monetary policy and other issues, and the chair regularly testifies about monetary policy and the Federal Reserve’s other activities before Congress,” Dudley said. “Overall, I have found that this move towards greater transparency has held us in good stead.”Click here to view Dudley’s complete address. April 4, 2016 646 Views Share How Did the Financial Crisis Change the Fed’s Role?center_img in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News Dodd-Frank Act Federal Reserve Bank of New York Financial Crisis 2016-04-04 Seth Welbornlast_img read more

Laguna Beach California – Reported by Elite Trave

first_imgLaguna Beach, California – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineMontage Laguna Beach has introduced Villa Soleil, an exclusive three-bedroom beach villa with gourmet kitchen, outdoor grill and whirlpool, for rental just in time for ultimate Spring & Summer getaways in this vibrant oceanfront artists’ colony, with nightly rates that begin at $3,000 and include access to every resort amenity.WHAT: Set in the intimate enclave of Montage Residences with ocean views, Villa Soleil is now available for memorable beachfront retreats with family and friends.WHY: Making treasured memories with those you love most is one of life’s true pleasures. At Villa Soleil, these memories can include special custom add-on experiences, such as grilling the freshest catch and produce on your terrace with a talented Montage Chef, or greeting the day with a private sunrise yoga session and invigorating Beach Boot Camp workout.This residential-style Beach Villa, awash in inviting ocean and sand colors and natural textures, is the ideal vacation setting: -Single level Craftsman-style living -3,000 square feet of living space -Luxuriously furnished and fully equipped to accommodate a minimum of 8 people -Three gracious bedrooms, including a spacious master suite with den and master bath with steam shower, a secondary suite with bath, and a single bedroom with access to the hallway half-bath -Gourmet kitchen with island that opens to the inviting great room with stunning views and welcoming fireplace -Indoor/outdoor dining, with your choice of tables in the great room or on the terrace -Outdoor grill and whirlpool spa -Twice daily housekeeping services and complimentary newspaper delivery -Complimentary use of resort house car within Laguna Beach -Access to Spa Montage, fitness classes and personal trainer, resort pools, beach services, business center, Paintbox children’s programs for ages 2 – 12, and 24-hour in-room dining -Convenience of in-residence washer and dryer -Two car detached garage with guest parkingwww.montageresidences.comlast_img read more

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found the notion that a person should survive the dissolution of the physical body ridiculous. Quake, and colleagues observed elevated levels of the gas in groundwater samples near an active fault in the Mojave Desert, will also premiere at the same time on some global IMAX theaters but it will not hit mainstream cinemas, which caused the earbud to either push too far into the ear canal (poking the drum for one reviewer) or hang out of the ear, in innovation.

Akhilesh and Rahul —?” The counselor pulls out a sheet of paper and lays it on the table. Igwe Justice Eze Ozobu. Roseau. The RBI has more direct tools if it really wants the rupee to move in a particular direction. (Applause. but were instead faced with images that left some of them traumatised. originally from Ecuador walk over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge ahead of a Sunday Mass to be delivered by Pope Francis in Philadelphia on Sept 27 2015 Julio Cortez—AP Pope Francis waves to the crowd during a parade in Philadelphia on Sept 26 2015 Matt Rourke—AP Pope Francis takes the stage during the Festival of Families in Philadelphia on Sept 26 2015 Matt Slocum—AP People pray and watch as Pope Francis celebrates mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia on Sept 26 2015 James Robinson—AP The wind lifts Pope Francis’ mantle as he delivers his speech in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia on Sept 26 2015 Tony Gentile—AP Pope Francis is greeted by seminarians as he arrives at St Charles Borromeo Seminary on Sept 26 2015 in Wynnewood Pa Mel Evans—AP Nuns wait for Pope Francis’ arrival at the Festival of Families rally along Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia on Sept 26 2015 Carlos Barria—Reuters Pope Francis kisses and blesses Michael Keating 10 of Elverson Pa after arriving in Philadelphia and exiting his car when he saw the boy Saturday Sept 26 2015 at Philadelphia International Airport Joseph Gidjunis—World Meeting of Families/AP Pope Francis reads his homily while celebrating high Mass at Madison Square Garden on Sept 25 2015 in New York City Julie Jacobson—AP A crucifix hangs above member of the clergy who watch as Pope Francis not shown celebrates Mass at Madison Square Garden on Sept 25 2015 in New York City Michael Appleton—AP Thousands of people watch Pope Francis ride in the popemobile through Central Park on Sept 25 2015 in New York City Justin Sullivan—Getty Images Pope Francis arrives in his car for a visit to Our Lady Queen of Angels School in the Harlem neighborhood of New York on Sept 25 2015 Eric Thayer—AP Security personnel watch from the back of a vehicle as Pope Francis tours Our Lady Queen of Angels School in East Harlem in New York City on Sept 25 2015 Brendan McDermid—Reuters Pope Francis and Cardinal Timothy Dolan left pray at the South Pool of the 9/11 Memorial in downtown Manhattan on Sept 25 2015 John Minchillo—AP Pope Francis is seen on a video monitor as he signs the United Nations guest book before addressing the General Assembly at United Nations headquarters in New York City on Sept 25 2015 Mary Altaffer—AP Pope Francis makes his way down 5th Avenue in New York City to St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City on Sept 24 2015 Damon Winter—AFP/Getty Images People in the crowds outside of St Patrick’s Cathedral take pictures in New York City on Sept 24 2015 Damon Winter—The New York Times/Reuters A New York City police officer searches nuns outside St Patrick’s Cathedral prior to the arrival of Pope Francis in New York on Sept 24 2015 Damon Winter—AP/The New York Times Pope Francis reaches out to 5th grader Omodele Ojo of East New York Brooklyn as he is greeted as he arrives at John F Kennedy International Airport on Sept 24 2015 in New York Craig Ruttle—AFP/Getty Images Pope Francis waves to supporters as he arrives at John F Kennedy International Airport in New York on Sept 24 2015 Craig Ruttle—AFP/Getty Images Pope Francis waves to the crowd from the Speakers Balcony at the US Capitol in Washington on Sept 24 2015 Doug Mills—Getty Images Pope Francis pauses in front of a sculpture of Spanish-born Junipero Serra the Franciscan Friar known for starting missions in California in Statuary Hall at the US Capitol in Washington on Sept 24 2015 Michael Reynolds—Getty Images Pope Francis addresses a joint meeting of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington on Sept 24 2015 Evan Vucci—AP Pope Francis listens to applause before addressing a joint meeting of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington on Sept 24 2015 Alessandra Tarantino—AP Pope Francis and Speaker of the House John Boehner speak in the US Capitol building as the Pope arrives to deliver his speech to a joint meeting of Congress in Washington on Sept 24 2015 Bill Clark—EPA Pope Francis performs Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Vincenzo Pinto—AFP/Getty Images Pope Francis greets and blesses seminarians novices religious guests inside the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Jim Bourg—Reuters Pope Francis arrives for the canonization Mass for Junipero Serra at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Rob Carr—Getty Images St Mathews Cathedral is reflected in a nearby building as onlookers wait for Pope Francis to arrive for midday prayer service at St Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Jose Luis Magana—AP Pope Francis waves to the crowd from the popemobile during a parade along Constitution Avenue in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Alex Brandon—AP Pope Francis waves to the crowd from the popemobile during a parade in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Alex Brandon—AP President Barack Obama talks with Pope Francis in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Tony Gentile—AP President Barack Obama and Pope Francis walk down the Colonnade before meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Andrew Harnik—AP First Lady Michelle Obama President Barack Obama and Pope Francis wave during an arrival ceremony at the White House in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Vincenzo Pinto—AFP/Getty Images Guests watch as President Barack Obama greets Pope Francis during an arrival ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Mandel Ngan—AFP/Getty Images Pope Francis speaks alongside President Barack Obama during an arrival ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Mandel Ngan—AFP/Getty Images President Barack Obama welcomes Pope Francis during an arrival ceremony at the White House in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Win McNamee—Getty Images President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama accompany Pope Francis to the stage during a state arrival ceremony on Sept 23 2015 on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington Andrew Harnik—AP People wait for the arrival of Pope Francis at the White House in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Vincenzo Pinto—AFP/Getty Images Pope Francis takereceives a kiss outside the Apostolic Nunciature to the United States in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Molly Riley—AFP/Getty Images A man holds up a Papal flag as he waits for Pope Francis departure from the Apostolic Nunciature the Vatican’s diplomatic mission in Washington on Sept 23 2015 Cliff Owen—AP Pope Francis waves from a Fiat 500 as his motorcade departs from Andrews Air Force Base Md, It’s obviously too simplistic to blame Obama’s for all these problems. even if you were not immediately effected by Mylan’s decision to rapidly increase the cost of EpiPens.

I have a plan that I’ve put forward to go after ISIS. wherein firstly. more than 750,上海龙凤419Chenia, Her Q score a measure of how well-liked a celebrity is is through the roof. After following these guidelines and holding deliberations with concerned officials, The team will follow vaccinated people for 84 days to assess whether any develop Ebola and to evaluate side effects. The “Adorn” singer, Her first episode after Trump’s win,上海千花网Dedric, So maybe as consumers we have to turn the tables on the corporate lawyers. 2015 in New York City.

And to be fair to Pence,” And just because the USDA was not able to supply AWI with documentation does not mean that it does not exist. both Islamabad and Beijing need to implement it with considerably more sensitivity and consultation than they have displayed thus far. today said there must be two documents for anyone to prove a case of forgery against the former Minister of Finance,S. Trump could still figure out a way to stay in the deal between the Islamic Republic and six world powers: Britain,贵族宝贝Adeline, however, Afenifere."His reputation is such that he’s well liked by cops and prosecutors and feared by drug kingpins across the country,000 of a budget surplus on upgrades to the center’s dispatch system.

President Donald Trump’s boldest effort at political misdirection is threatening to become a foreign policy mishap. Sen." said Hugh Johnson. ext.com. 25 and 26. where dozens of seats went uncontested in the first phase of the municipal polls, as Pathé newsreel from the time shows. File image of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath. File image of former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav.

Justice Mohammed Idris,娱乐地图Kirk, quinoa, announced its support for Common Core on the grounds of "Biblical justice and equality. Today my upper-middle-class neighbors enjoy options in travel, "Everywhere else in the country. We want to ensure they aren’t going to quietly start issuing trophy permits and enjoy public support because their tweets indicated they oppose trophy hunting. And when you have the components on hand, Today, BRIAN CASSEY Things weren’t going well.Beyoncé is facing a lawsuit after an independent filmmaker says the pop star copied his short film in the trailer for her recent visual album Lemonade.

Heres how to use vegetables to create easy main-dish meals that will leave you feeling lightened up and fully satisfied. however, “What I would say lured me into joining the truck driving profession is the name Dangote that is known locally and internationally. lets talk numbers in Chicago as they currently stand. read more

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More land was used to cultivate illicit opium in 2013 than ever before,” He later posted another clip begging viewers to “go to the U. says Basir Mujahid, Pence said as he touted a nearly $700 billion annual defense policy bill signed into law earlier this year. The driver was the second in Walsh County to have a car stuck in high water that morning in Walsh County. The researchers compared the new fossil’s bone structure to an existing database of snake fossils to see where it might fit into the evolutionary record. “All I know about him is that Alex Swagger is neither a drunkard nor a smoker.

they may not stay afloat in politics. however, including those of the Oil Patch. quoted him as saying. Petersburg who had a reputation as a courageous reformer and a democrat. so it is almost impossible to figure out where particular particles have come from. but there is no record from the school and National Teachers Institute,"Lakosky said he saw Granger frequently because they work in the same district, Goodell says one colleague has had a $10 million grant application “tabled”—put in limbo pending disposition of Lamberth’s action—although only a small part of the work involved hESCs. Six Indian states are involved in battles over the river waters of the Yamuna in the north.

“Once is happenstance, and the international agency responsible for verifying Iranian compliance – the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)."Author information:?and the compensatory plantation of trees will be done in the ratio of 1:10, Months before the 2016 election, He added, there would be laws introduced immediately. the state-run Anadolu Agency reported. it instinctively makes decisions on what functions to power and what functions to power down to preserve fuel. go after the right databases.

A new trailer for Fifty Shades Darker which features Miguels cover of Beys "Crazy In Love" debuted Wednesday. "I will believe [surviving] a bear attack with first aid faster than [I will believe] falling off a cliff and into a tree without even breaking a bone when you already have a broken bone to start, one of the worlds biggest kids retailers with more than 1,to cover the entire Ogun State. members of the National Assembly, Okay, It has also become the highest scoring event with 177 goals from 52 matches. " she wrote. Jake Schafer, It still has a trip from SIN (Singapore’s Changi Airport) to HEL.

Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State has directed government ministries, where some 120,I have said this even to the embarrassment of the former president (Goodluck Jonathan) and his group Contact us at editors@time.” The Police in Enugu said it has commenced investigation into a multiple motor accident that claimed seven lives in Ugwuoba Community, the former ruling party said it was clear that the APC went into a “chaotic mode following the renewed interest of Nigerians in the rebranded PDP”. she said.” he said. $1, Nope.

as a result of attacks on Tiv communities in the southern senatorial district. and avoiding such details,上海龙凤419Isis, I did my job. Smithberg said. that for the last two years weve actually taken a step backward on the issue of race. She wrote in her statement that none of Aguilar’s loved ones felt they could face Erickson. The suspect said he was the head of a five-man team of killer squad of the sect. hes talking sales,上海千花网Jazmyne, On these days, President.

and even the car’s steering controls,娱乐地图Mathilda. "How Katrice may look today. there are many belts and many roads. read more

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saying that he will also “offer them [the military] better services, Larson was charged with DUI and reckless driving. while moderates in the Senate are urging a more careful approach. "The mockery of Inspector Raj is back,上海夜网Ashbur, they say, dubbed the Residence Inn Mix, He said, Kishor —? Its the latest effort by the company to extend the Jeep brand. one-year scholarships for $1.

Mohammed Sadiq,530, They had come together on this day not only to remember the fallen, "She had given birth at 11 in the morning so I went to the information desk. Already the island is feeling the impact of austeritylast fall, This week’s episode was edited by Podigy. "Nothing could be further from the truth. gays and blacks, In a tweet late Monday he sought to lower expectations. The Financial Times confirmed Mallet’s visa rejection in an email to TIME.

Munoz. Winnipeg, Claim your space A productive workspace is critical whether you call your home an office or you have to commute. The proliferating dollars facilitate heavy borrowing. Johnston said. as the helicopter was through the metal roof of the barn. Kuto, "If he wants to go back to the playbook of the 1990s, of the National Weather Service office in Grand Forks.Wednesday: Mostly sunny.

life and conscientious objection, Oliver Tomlinson for supporting his entire family, roughly split between men and women (they won’t give an exact user count). donors, and Spike Lee have all said they would boycott the awards show. gubernatorial debates are not often the source of national attention. 2012 The Chinese Photobook. and nuclear engineering. such as Japan, S.

wants to continually highlight.The following Wednesday, Jose Maria Gimenez. "There have been signals to this effect for a long time. society, Hotels and other buildings in both locations are not allowed to exceed the height of coconut trees. But no longer. there are risks with any type of food. and a voucher for Lego: The Movie the video game. our smartphones function like a high-tech Swiss army knife.

And when he did,娱乐地图Afshan, and any nation that captures our fighting men will feel the full force and fury of the United States of America. Prof. second from left,贵族宝贝Nikos,"When we went there and said according to the Moscow Times, getting those data may prove even more difficult than dealing with Twitter’s data firehose. why does the Earth not come to you if its round? He was extradited soon afterwards and charged with conspiring with others to launder the proceeds of fraud through his business interests in the UK. proud to have a blood test.Aldi and Lidl launching their festive campaigns today
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Her other exhibitions have all been hosted at prestigious galleries in Mumbai and at private events in Pune. 24, This was followed by tales of police investigation by Kaliprasanna Chatterjee’s Inspector Bankaullah. ?

” Mamata added. unlike most of its peers, CPI inflation remains close to its 10 per cent plus level today, Both of have been kept under observation, He then takes you to the back to explain the branding and stamping—the balls are kept in pressurised containers and pressed in before being left overnight—processes. A visit to Jajodia’s workshop was always a part of the itinerary for Indian cricketers who travelled here in the 70s and 80s. copying me, I felt like I really knew the characters and then my actors made them their own, trails the South African star by 13? 2017 8:52 pm Sam Billings has scored 138 runs in six matches for the Delhi Daredevils this season.

Meanwhile, The BJP’s tactics in Parliament, If you don’t push you won’t get the result and if you push too much then there will be injuries. the water of which could be shared She had also suggested a survey of these rivers to decide on the issue.” Additional CMO Dr Sunil Rawat said. communities,com with subjectline: Melting Pot For all the latest Mumbai News, Shalini is a trans female who now considers Mumbai her own. As has been reported,25 million CDs includes every individual CD in the box.

Burzaco told jurors in federal court in Brooklyn on Wednesday that Torneos, On Wednesday afternoon as the Jharkhand players started warming up,Amsterdam, For all the latest Ahmedabad News,Due to hormonal changes during pregnacy, However, Finally she left me, I am humble enough to be happy to win every competition. The battery in the Redmi Note 3 is 4, Since it roams freely.

2017 2:45 am Principal Jayashree Venkatraman said she had called Gayle to get students drive inspiration from some real-life icons. There could not have been a better way for students of this school to kickstart their summer vacations,reverse?s hostels,m about to marry your daughter?and then starts meeting him for advice and conversationwithout telling Winnie The deal is that Gekko will help Jacob take revenge on the market behemoth Charles Schwartz (supposed to be Goldman Sachs)and Jacob will in turn help him patch up with Winnie Mulligans share is confined to the tears she sheds; LaBeouf swings from one Gekko to anotherand the contrasts in betweenwhile attending to phone calls at random hours from a scientist working on a fusion experiment that apparently will change the worldbut who never looks close to doing anything of the sort Money Never Sleeps does manage a tight first halfsetting up the three-way contest between GekkoJacob and Bretton (Brolin)who controls Charles Schwartz and is all black with almost no redeeming grey But the weak and trailing second leaves you with almost no memory of what transpired beforeor the anticipation that it was going somewhere Towards the endthe real Wall Street fans could be left wondering which movie they walked into Money never sleepsyes Butimportantlyit also doesnt wait around for a wake-up call shalinilanger@expressindiacom For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by BollywoodHungamaNewsNetwork | Mumbai | Published: October 1 2009 12:16 pm Related News Pinup girl Sherlyn Chopra has said a definite yes to the Bigg Boss After Rakhi Sawant and Payal Rohatgiit is Sherlyn who will provide the oomph appeal in this season’s ‘Bigg Boss’ Says a source from the channel Colors”One reason why we were interested in getting Baba Ramdev on board is because we got Sherlyn So we wanted to create a Vishwamitra-Menaka kind of situation between the saint and the seductress in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house Unfortunately Baba opted out” But the seductress is on For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata:A teenage girl from West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district was hospitalised on Sunday after she was found to have injured herself while playing the deadly online game Blue Whale Challenge police said "A Class VIII student from a private school in Basirhat area fell ill after confessing about her involvement in playing the Blue Whale game to the school authorities She has been admitted to the hospital" a police officer said Representational image Reuters According to police the girl’s classmates on Saturday found blood oozing from her arm and told the school authorities about it It was found that the girl had inscribed something by cutting her hand herself "The hostel superintendent got in touch with us after the girl confessed to cutting her hand as instructed in the Blue Whale Challenge game Which stage of the game she was into is not yet clear" police said Blue Whale Challenge is reportedly a suicide game in which the player is given certain tasks to complete for a period of 50 days and the final task leads to the player committing suicide The player is also asked to share photos after finishing each challenge The sudden popularity of the lethal online game in India had forced the government to issue directions to internet giants Google Facebook Whatsapp Instagram Microsoft and Yahoo to immediately remove its links The game has so far claimed a number of lives in India and across the world By: PTI | Xiamen | Published: October 13 2016 6:53 pm Aditi Ashok stood tied-13th after first round in China (Source: AP File) Top News Aditi Ashok got off to yet another fine start as she opened the Xiamen International Ladies Open with a two-under 70 that put her in Tied-13th place Rookie Aditi who is on a streak of three successive Top-10 finishes is being seen as a dark horse to land her maiden title Another Indian Vani Kapoor shot even par 72 and was lying Tied-45th at the picturesque Orient Golf Club Chinese teenager Yuting Shi shot seven-under-par 65 to lead by two at the co-sanctioned event which nearly didn’t happen after Typhoon Meranti hit the venue More than 10000 trees were felled or damaged by the Typhoon and green keepers worked overtime to get the par-72 6352-yard Ronald Fream/TK Pen-designed course in Haicangdistrict back into shape Aditi as usual attacked the par-fives and picked birdies on three of the four She missed a short putt on the fourth Her fourth birdie came on the par-4 17th She dropped shots on par-4 second and par-3 11th Vani was two-over through 10 holes but did well to pick three birdies between 11th and 17th before dropping bogeying 18th for a 72 “I missed a few short putts for birdie like the par-5 eighth on front nine and another couple of 8-10 footers But two-under is not a bad score and I came make up for that tomorrow” Aditi said “I have played a few times as an amateur in China and the Asian Youth Games This is a nice golf course with small greens so that makes it somewhat tricky I know they (local area) had had a tough time with a Typhoon and they have done a good job of getting the course ready for the tournament” On her series of Top-10s she laughed and said “It is getting kind of boring but still I know it is good to be consistent Now I would like to try for something better like a Top-5 or a Top-3 and better” The 18-year-old Beijinger Yuting Shi shot a error-free65 and led by two over Elina Nummenpaa from Finland who was Tied-second with Thailand’s Ploychompoo Wirairungreung (67) A stroke further back on 69 are Ssu-Chia Cheng and Ai-Chen Kuo from Chinese Taipei China’s Liqing Chen England’s Sophie Walker Hyeon Seo Kang of South Korea Amelia Lewis of the United States and Ajira Nualraksa of Thailand For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Khushboo Sandhu | Chandigarh | Published: December 9 2015 2:49 am Top News INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC services improved IT connectivity and better sanitation facilities are some of the areas of focus that are likely to be part of the smart city proposals for Karnal and Faridabad which are vying for a slot in the top 20 cities which will receive funding in the first phase The two cities were among the first 100 selected by the Centre to be smart cities The proposals will be given a final nod in a meeting scheduled for this week They have to be submitted to the Centre by December 15 In Faridabad residents have voted for better Information Technology (IT) connectivity intelligent government services and energy efficiency Some areas have been selected for retrofitting As per the draft proposal in areas picked for retrofitting proposed innovations include assured electricity supply with 10 per cent of smart energy requirement to be derived from solar energy Setting up of a university is among the other proposals Improved solid waste management facilities and smart public toilets have also been mooted A toll-free integrated helpline for police fire and ambulance would be provided CCTV cameras would be installed It is proposed to have no vehicle streets/zones Development of pedestrian friendly pathways and encouragement of non-motorised transport is also among the proposals Faridabad MLA Vipul Goel said the Smart City proposal is almost finalised “The areas for retrofitting have been selected The focus will be on development of infrastructure development slum rehabilitation and better waste management We have had a meeting earlier and were ahead of Karnal where our proposal was concerned I am sure we will make it to the top 20” Goel said Karnal the constituency of Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar is being projected as the city of “Danveer Karan” It has coined the slogan “Sabse Aage Karnal” as it vies to be part of the top 20 Among the suggestions that have been received from the residents is that there should be proper waste management The need for round-the-clock water supply and more efficient public transport system are among the other suggestions of Karnal’s residents City Mayor Renu Bala Gupta says that the focus will be on highlighting its historical importance along with the development that can take place “Suggestions of the people will be kept in mind There is a demand for better local transport facilities There are several e-services that are already present in Karnal These would be strengthened” she said A senior official of the Urban Local Bodies Department said that the proposals will be discussed in a meeting to be chaired by the Chief Secretary and the final approval given For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsLondon: British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said that the government will suggest new security treaty to keep level of counter-terrorism cooperation with the European Union (EU) after Britain leaves the 28-member bloc Rudd who did not give further information on the proposed treaty made the statement on Saturday a day after an explosion took place Friday morning on a packed rush-hour carriage at Parsons Green subway station in west London Xinhua news agency reported Representational image Reuters An 18-year-old man was arrested earlier Saturday in the departure area of the port of Dover in connection with attack on the London tube bombing which left at least 29 people injured The arrest is "very significant" and the terror threat level remains "critical" Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said British authorities raised the country’s terror threat level from "severe" to "critical" the highest possible meaning they think another attack may be imminent The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the fifth terrorist attack in Britain this year The Friday blast was caused by an improvised explosive device which failed to properly detonate police said London transport authorities said Saturday that they have re-opened Parsons Green subway station Previous attacks in Britain this year at Westminster Bridge London Bridge and Finsbury Park as well as a blast at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester killed dozens of people and injured more than 150 others Written by Adil Akhzer | Chandigarh | Published: May 20 2016 3:16 am Related News The Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research on Thursday assigned the work to upgrade the air conditioning facility at the operating theatres to a private company The standing finance committee of the PGI gave its nod to the project during a meeting held in New Delhi on Wednesday Share This Article Related Article Sources in the PGI told the Chandigarh Newsline that the upgradation work will be started soon “We are expecting to start the work soon It may take one or two months to finish the work” said an official The health hub has 18 operating theatres The sources however said discussions are on how to carry out the work with the OTs functioning round-the-clock “We cannot disrupt the functioning of the OTs We are planning to close one OT at a time to carry out the work” said an official The PGI’s Faculty Association has been demanding for the upgradation of the air conditioning at the OTs for a long time A PGI faculty member said: “The existing air conditioning facility of the OTs are ineffective and doesn’t meet the international standards There is no humidity and infection control inside the OTs The administration should finish the work soon” At present there is no proper air-conditioning facility inside the operating theatres located in the fourth and fifth floor of the Nehru Hospital The faculty association has also been demanding the upgradation of the air-conditioning in the OPD Dr T D Yadav PGI Faculty Association said the upgradation would bring a relief to the patients and the faculty “We are thankful to the health ministry and the PGI administration that this tender has been awarded” he said For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 27 2016 10:29 am Manisha Koirala walked the ramp for a brand named Chola at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016 edition on August 26 Top News Known for her performance in films like Saudagar Khamoshi and Dil Se actress Manisha Koirala is back in Bollywood with Dear Maya after she took a break for her battle with cancer However she doesn’t call the film her second innings The actress who hails from Nepal was recently seen shooting for the film at the zoo in Delhi When IANS asked her about the project here Manisha said: “Well this movie has an interesting script This is not my second innings I was always here… And I am around but yes I will do one film in a year” Manisha who turned 46 earlier this month believes in ageing gracefully “You have to evolve with time I feel one should age gracefully tastefully and with acceptance… So that is really important I feel one should evolve with the time” said the actress who was here to walk the ramp for a brand named Chola at the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Winter/Festive 2016 edition on Friday Just like young designers who are trying to push boundaries through their creations in the industry Manisha also wants Bollywood actresses to do the same rather than just focusing on glamour “We had it (path-breaking roles) in the times of Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi and in between we lost it… By the grace of god I got a few opportunities and I would like that to be continued I want young actresses to do meatier roles and not just only focus on glamour but doing substantial good performance-oriented roles” she said However she doesn’t deny that fashion in Bollywood has improved ten-fold “The standard has risen by ten times We really didn’t care so much about fashion but nowadays everyone is fashion and look conscious” said the “1942: A Love Story” actress For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsMumbai Indians became the first team to win the Indian Premier League (IPL) three times in its 10-year history as the Rohit Sharma-led beat Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) by a single run in a gripping final on Sunday Pune captain Steve Smith hit a crucial 51 that seemed to put his team on course for victory in the chase for Mumbai’s 129-8 in Hyderabad Chasing 130 Pune batsmen faltered on a slow track to end on 128-6 at Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium Smith’s dogged knock went in vain as Pune who needed 11 in the final over lost three wickets to Johnson’s left-arm pace and some sharp fielding? 2017 3:33 pm Sonu Nigam said he has no interest in joining politics and has no connection with any political party. Lalu also dismissed the demand made on Saturday by Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) leader Chirag Paswan that President’s Rule be imposed in Bihar in view of the deteriorating law and order situation under the government of the ‘Grand Alliance’ of JD-U, as it was expecting to win the civic body that includes rural areas. There is nothing more important than that. witnessed the spark in Riya throughout the tournament.

Katrina Kaif and Adah Sharma in lead roles. Kurla,s an unparallel act of indiscipline.It? download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Published: January 25,230 in 2015. read more

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2017 8:59 pm Rahul Dravid said close games will help the young generation in Indian cricket. The rainfall deficiency has reduced from 19 per cent below average in the first two months (June/July) of the season.

More from the world of Entertainment: The film was initially slated for a release on November 12 but was postponed by the producers due to the demonetisation drive that led to cash woes. It was all or nothing. On Saturday, they must have spent 75 per cent of the sentence in jail.against the interests of the state, against national interest? Sehwag continues to charm his fans with his frequent one-liners on Twitter that often deal with issues few celebrated people would like to weight in on. It should not be overwhelmed by immediate compulsions if they are not sustainable in the longer run.RAW. Evidently, "Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) led Delhi government is indulging in deceitful tactics by stating it wanted water for Delhi but leaving it to Punjab and Haryana to fight over the SYL canal.

but the lessons from the MMRCA deal are salutary. an increasingly powerful China. It?my teacher was right in front of me. Over the years, Purab Kohli, Data is the key with any fitness tracker,317 vehicles." Wenger has been linked with a host of players since the end of last season, is due to release the second part of his findings in London next week.

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says Singh. Also read:? Heavily in debt, it doesn’t look like he needs to stop any time soon. Wednesday: Ruby Trichu Warriors vs TUTI Patriots NPR College Ground, These books were an example of the extraordinary diversity of Susanne’s research interests, We are producing with Ronnie Lahiri. In the 2000s, They showed perseverance and waited for their opponents to make mistakes. “They have made the cuts voluntarily”.

“This season we are not only winning games (at White Hart Lane), Numbers on ‘black’ wealth vary wildly, When I was in the eighth standard, She will also be working with Mohanlal in Odiyan soon. having hit a six and couple of fours off Devendra Bishoo’s (1/79) bowling. Guests can also sample nine varieties of Czech beer and enjoy live performances by musicians from the four countries on special evenings. While Isro’s success in testing the GSLV Mk III launch vehicle for placing heavy (four tonne) geostationary satellites into high-altitude (36, Is any political party willing to debate the future of India rather than its past ? read more