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More than 63000 customers blacked out by storms in Quebec

first_imgMONTREAL – More than 63,000 Hydro-Quebec customers were without electricity early Wednesday after severe thunderstorms ripped through southern Quebec, Montreal and the Laurentian region north of the city.Most of the outages were in the Montreal area affecting more than 42,000 homes and businesses, with another 8,000 blackouts reported in the Laurentians and a further 7,500 in communities south of Montreal.Hydro-Quebec spokesman Mathieu Rouy says the wind gusts were so violent, fallen trees and branches littered the streets, making it difficult for repair crews to get through.In Montreal, the greatest damage appeared to be in the Notre-Dame-de-Grace neighbourhood where pictures posted on social media showed numerous trees snapped in two by the wind and streets littered with branches and debris.A spokesman for the Montreal Fire Safety Authority said about 20 residences on one street in NDG had to be evacuated after snapped branches fell on transformers and homes.Other pictures posted by residents also showed downed trees and wind-blown debris as far north as Lachute, about 85 kilometres north of Montreal.Environment Canada had issued a severe thunderstorm warning on Tuesday morning, saying severe thunderstorms were capable of producing damaging wind gusts, large hail and heavy rain.last_img read more

Airport screeners relaxing handling of passengers with medical marijuana

first_imgOTTAWA – Travellers who are prescribed marijuana for medical reasons have fewer hurdles to clear at airport screening points due to a change in policy by the agency responsible for security.The Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority confirmed on Thursday that its airport screeners are no longer calling police when a passenger presents a prescription and is carrying 150 grams or less.“We decided to change that policy because of the exponential growth in the number of passengers travelling legitimately with medical marijuana,” said Mathieu Larocque, a spokesman for CATSA.Previously CATSA screeners would call police when they found marijuana, even if a passenger had a prescription from a doctor.“It added time to the screening process, to wait for the police officer to arrive and to verify documentation and in most cases the documentation was valid,” Larocque said.“We had received some complaints regarding that.”Police officers have been called to check documentation nearly 3,000 times so far this year, Larocque said. In previous years the number of calls was closer to 200.Police will still be called to a screening point if a passenger doesn’t have an official prescription or the amount of marijuana exceeds 150 grams.The primary role of screening officers is to look for security threats to aircraft and not to watch for drugs, Larocque pointed out.“Screening officers do not search for it, if they find it during the course of their search for threats to civil aviation then they ask for documentation.”CATSA changed its guidelines at the beginning of October after consulting law enforcement agencies, airports, airlines and Transport Canada.last_img read more

Canada reacts Jewish communities across the country mourn following Pittsburgh tragedy

first_imgMONTREAL – Canadians are mourning the loss of 11 lives in Pittsburgh after a gunman opened fire in a synagogue Saturday.First responders and law officials in the Pennsylvania city said over the weekend this massacre was one of the worst scenes they’ve been too, and Sunday more details about the victims emerged. North of the border, Canadians are hurting for the lives lost and are holding vigils in solidarity of the U.S. and Jewish communities rocked by the tragedy.WATCH: Pittsburgh shooting victims identified Montreal Rabbi Reuben Poupko, who is originally from Pittsburgh, says no Jewish community has been left untouched by the shooting that left 11 people dead, calling the tragedy “an outrageous act of evil”.He says a vigil set for Monday night at Montreal’s Beth Israel Beth Aaron synagogue will be a chance for community members to give each other hope and strength.“Eleven people murdered in a synagogue in an outrageous act of evil,” he said. The suspected gunman, Robert Gregory Bowers, faces dozens of federal and state charges, including hate crimes, and is due in court on Monday.Poupko became emotional as he spoke about 97-year-old Rose Mallinger, a Holocaust survivor who died in the shooting.“To survive the Holocaust and find refuge in a free country and lose your life doing what you’re supposed to do, going to synagogue on a Saturday morning … is not a thing that is easily understood,” he said, his voice breaking.He said his community is comforted by the support of other faith groups and ordinary citizens, who have come together to unanimously denounce the violence. Poupko said Montreal’s synagogues were remaining open and the community would continue to fight acts of hate in the only way they know how.“The best way is to continue to do what we do with greater intensity,” he said, “which is to lead lives of tolerance, to lead lives where we understand that ultimately the power of good is more powerful than evil, where we continue to strengthen the bonds between individuals and communities and hope the light will block out the darkness.”Another demonstration took place in front of Montreal’s Holocaust museum Sunday afternoon.The organization posted on Facebook, saying, “The Montreal Holocaust Museum expresses its deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the horrific massacre which took place at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. We stand in solidarity with Jewish communities around the world… When hate is legitimized, when we allow the constant disparaging of minorities through speech, hateful acts follow.”READ MORE: Married couple, brothers among the 11 victims in Pittsburgh synagogue shootingIn Toronto, the local Jewish community shared the message there’s no place for hate in this world Saturday night. People at one of many vigils listened to prayers, shared candles, and mourned each life lost.“I really feel like we have to do something,” Abby Stein told CityNews. “This is something that really affected everyone in the Jewish community.”Abby helped organized a small gathering at Moishe House, a Jewish space connecting young people in the GTA.“It’s extremely devastating and unfortunately expected. That makes it more bad, more sad, and makes me more angry,” Stein said. “Tonight we mourn, tomorrow we resist.”Even with no direct threat in Toronto, police say they’ve increased patrols.“This was an attack on the entire Jewish people and the community here feels it was an attack on the community here and every other Jewish community in the world,” said Steve Shulman, Senior Vice President of the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.WATCH: Toronto Jewish community reacts to Pittsburgh shooting Religious leaders say there is no one problem to point a finger at–not even rhetoric from U.S. President Donald Trump, which critics have called extremely divisive.“Antisemitism has been there before the current president and will be there after the current president. Hate doesn’t need a president… but certainly, words matter and words of leaders everywhere matter.”A rabbi says one of the 11 people killed in a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue grew up in Toronto. A statement from Rabbi Yael Splansky shared on Facebook says 75-year-old Joyce Fienberg grew up in the Holy Blossom Temple community.Splansky says Fienberg was married at the temple, and her confirmation photo is on its wall of honour. Fienberg spent most of her career as a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh’s Learning Research and Development Center, studying learning in the classroom and in museums.READ MORE: Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victim grew up in TorontoIn Ottawa, mourners will gather in front of the Human Rights Monument late this afternoon for what is being described as a solidarity vigil against antisemitism and white supremacy. The organizers said in a statement that the event will be both an act of mourning and a demonstration against acts of racism and bigotry around the world.In the prairies, a number of cities have vigils planned for the coming days.“The Jewish community suffered an unimaginable tragedy in Pittsburgh. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, the Tree of Life Congregation, as well as the law enforcement and community of Pittsburgh,” said Elaine Goldstine, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, in an emailed statement.She goes on to say that the federation has been in constant communication with the police–reassurance that there is no immediate threat to Winnipeg-area Jews.“The WPS has confirmed that they have bolstered their presence and increased patrolling near the Asper Jewish Community Campus (AJCC) and the other Jewish institutions in the city. Safety and security remains a top priority. We constantly review and renew our safety procedures and are confident in the protocols we have set in place.”READ MORE: Gunman attacks Pittsburgh synagogue, killing 11 peopleGoldstine says there will be a vigil Tuesday, October 30 at 7:00 p.m. at Congregation Shaarey Zedek for those looking to mourn and stand in solidarity with the people of Pittsburgh.“Our community is resilient. In response to hate, we will continue to live our lives as Canadian Jews who proudly contribute to our shared society. We will continue to congregate and engage in communal activities with pride and resolve.”People in Alberta’s two major cities will also be able to attend local vigils and ceremonies. Edmonton’s Jewish Federation posted on Facebook like many other Jewish associations, mourning the victims and reassuring it’s congregation that there is no immediate threat.“I would like to stress that we have not received any indication that there is an increased threat in Canada. That being said, we must continue to remain vigilant and that we follow our existing security protocols. If you see anything suspicious, or anything of concern, we urge you to call 911 and report it immediately to law enforcement,” Saturday’s post from Federation President Steven Shafir reads.Rabbi at Edmonton’s Beth Israel, The Family Shul, Zolly Claman, told CityNews that they too are working on a vigil for Monday night at 6:30 p.m.“We are grateful for a response from Calgary and Canadian law enforcement that has been quick and unambiguous. We also thank local, provincial, and federal government, and leadership in the many ethnic and religious communities throughout the city, for their words of support and solidarity,” reads a joint statement from Adam Silver, CEO, Calgary Jewish Federation and Jared Shore, Chair, Community Relations Committee, Calgary Jewish Federation.“Though thousands of miles away, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters at The Tree of Life Congregation, in both sadness and resolve. Our community will remain strong in the face of such hateful acts.”While there’s no set time for a vigil just yet, Siler did say they are working on finalizing details and will hopefully be able to host mourners in the coming days.Members of Vancouver’s Jewish community are offering their condolences to those affected by the fatal mass shooting in Pittsburgh.Vancouver Rabbi Dan Moskovitz said he was immediately concerned about his close friend, who is a rabbi in Pittsburgh at the synagogue next door to the congregation that was attacked. And here, additional security measures were put in place at Temple Sholom in Vancouver.“As soon as we heard about it, we heightened our security,” he told CityNews‘ radio sister, NEWS 1130. “We doubled our security so we had more of a physical presence on site.”Rabbi Dan Moskovitz says upon hearing the news of the #TreeofLifeSynogogue shooting, there was ‘an immediate sense of fear’. Members of the community are planning to host a memorial service for victims of the shooting tomorrow night. @NEWS1130— Taran Parmar (@Tarankparmar) October 27, 2018He said there was an immediate sense of fear felt by members of his congregation, adding the rise in antisemitic acts in Canada is deeply troubling.“What happened at the Mosque in Quebec, immediately, I thought of that. Once again, people in peaceful prayer being murdered,” he said. “I stand on our pulpit every weekend and I look out and I always think, what would happen if someone were to come in? That’s the world we live in.”READ MORE: Vancouver’s Jewish community stands defiant as it prepares for Sunday vigilHe said the attack could be the result of the rise in political rhetoric and antisemitism in the United States.“When you give voice to the fringes of society and give them the large platform of social media so they can feed off of each other, then on the very fringes of that, people get radicalized, and this can be the result,” he says.Moskovitz says in these times, it’s important to celebrate differences, not let them divide us. Members of the community are planning a vigil for victims of the shooting, which will be held on Sunday evening.-with files from the Canadian Presslast_img read more

Bolder action needed to reduce child poverty Campaign 2000 report card

first_imgOTTAWA — Brynn Vincent was only 13 when she started experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Two years later, she was addicted and had run away from home and then she found out she was pregnant.She sought treatment for addiction at a rehab facility then moved into a homeless shelter.“Being in treatment with other women who are cranky and coming off of all types of drugs and alcohol while being pregnant was so hard,” she says. “But I finally decided I need to change, I need to get better — I’m having a baby, obviously I can’t bring a baby into this type of lifestyle.”Now 19 and sober, Vincent is living in her own apartment with her daughter and is finishing her education at the Youville Centre in Ottawa, a charity that provides mental-health treatment and other supports to adolescent mothers and their children.But her daughter is one of 1.4 million children living in poverty in Canada, 29 years after the House of Commons voted to end child poverty by 2000. Campaign 2000, a group formed to hold the government to its promise, is releasing an annual report card on it today.The report calls for the federal government to provide more funding to the provinces, territories and Indigenous communities to expand affordable, quality child care.Anita Khanna, national co-ordinator with Campaign 2000, acknowledges the Liberal government has introduced important measures to tackle this problem, including boosting the Canada Child Benefit — a tax-free monthly benefit to help with living and child care costs — two years earlier than planned. The benefit will now increase annually, tied to inflation.But while this benefit does help low-income families, it does not fully address the need for better access to child care as a way to help lift families out of poverty, she said.“A system of cash transfers is not the provision of good child care. It doesn’t build spaces for child care, and right now that is a huge part of the problem,” she said.Vincent credits the work of volunteers and staff at both the shelter and at the Youville Centre for helping her navigate the patchwork of supports for low-income teen single mothers.But her struggles are not over. Her limited income means she regularly has to get help from food banks and other charities.Her income is only about $7,000 a year. Without a provincial child-care subsidy, she could never have dreamed of completing her education, she says. But if the federal government were to adopt universal child care, it would help mothers like her who are struggling to make ends meet while also trying to build more for their futures and those of their children, she says.“That would take a lot of stress on parents living in poverty, it would just be one less thing to have to worry about constantly,” Vincent said. “A lot of working parents in poverty work solely to pay for child care. So if I’m working every day and I’m only making enough money to put my child in daycare so that I can work … in my eyes that’s ridiculous.”Canada now has only enough regulated child care spaces for about 30 per cent of the Canadian kids up to the age of five, Khanna said. Campaign 2000 is calling for Ottawa to send $1 billion a year to the provinces and territories to build more daycare spaces.The Trudeau government recently announced Canada’s first-ever anti-poverty law, which includes a pledge to reduce the number of Canadians living in poverty 50 per cent by the year 2030. No dollar figure is attached to the bill.Campaign 2000 applauds the law but is calling for the Liberals to spend $6 billion on this strategy and to adopt more aggressive targets: it wants to see the 50-per-cent poverty reduction target achieved within five years rather than 12.“We really feel there’s impatience on this for action on this,” Khanna said. “Frankly, aiming to lift only half of those children out of poverty in 12 years is not ambitious enough and we know that collectively we can do much better.”— Follow @ReporterTeresa on Twitter.Teresa Wright, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

All the Canadian Features at TIFF 16

first_imgAdvertisement How is it already time for TIFF?! The craziest 11-day whirlwind is just over a month away, and we’re sitting here in disbelief. We were just beginning to enjoy the summer, too…Oh, c’mon! We are so excited to read what the Toronto International Film Festival has in store for Canadian film fans, and pumped for the directors invited! From newcomers to established auteurs, this year’s slate of Canuck films is way hot.We’re especially happy for: Andrew Cividino, who received the Len Blum Residency today; REEL CANADA champions (and industry leaders) Alanis Obomsawin, Deepa Mehta, Bruce McDonald, Nathan Morlando, Hubert Davis, Tony Elliott, and Chloe Robichaud, who revealed their latest projects; and all the other films below that sound so incredible! Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Login/Register With: Read on for all the Canadian features announced today—and those announced earlier last week! Complete and abridged summaries courtesy of the festival. (Images denote REEL CANADA directors!)SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS AND GALASThe Headhunter’s Calling (dir. Mark Williams)“A ruthless corporate headhunter in Chicago battles his rival for control of their job placement firm, until a family tragedy brings his personal and professional lives into conflict. Starring Gerard Butler, Alison Brie, Willem Dafoe, Gretchen Mol, Alfred Molina, and Max Jenkins.”Below Her Mouth (dir. April Mullen)“A bold, uninhibited drama that begins with a passionate weekend affair between two women. Dallas, a roofer, and Jasmine, a fashion editor, share a powerful and immediate connection that inevitably derails both of their lives. Starring Erika Linder, Natalie Krill, and Sebastian Pigott.”Mean Dreams (dir. Nathan Morlando)“A tense coming-of-age thriller about a 15-year-old boy who steals a bag of drug money and runs away with the girl he loves. While her violent and corrupt cop father hunts them down, they embark on a journey that will change their lives forever. Starring Sophie Nélisse, Josh Wiggins, Bill Paxton, and Colm Feore.”Two Lovers and a Bear (dir. Kim Nguyen)“In a modern town near the North Pole where about 200 souls live precariously in minus 50 degree weather, Lucy and Roman fall in love. But now, ghosts from Lucy’s past are coming back, and she needs to run away or she will burn. Together, these lovers decide to make a leap for life, a leap for inner peace. Starring Tatiana Maslany and Dane DeHaan.” Weirdos (dir. Bruce McDonald)“Nova Scotia, 1976. It’s the weekend of the American Bicentennial and 15-year-old Kit is running away from home. With girlfriend Alice, Kit hitchhikes through the maritime landscape towards a new home with his mother, Laura. Along the way, Kit and Alice’s relationship is tested as Kit approaches a realization that will change his life forever. Starring Dylan Authors, Julia Sarah Stone, Molly Parker, and Allan Hawco.”Window Horses (The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming) (dir. Ann Marie Fleming)“A feature-length animated film about a young Canadian poet who embarks on a whirlwind voyage of discovery — of herself, her family, love, history, and the nature of poetry. Featuring the voices of Sandra Oh, Ellen Page, Don McKellar, Nancy Kwan, and Shohreh Aghdashloo.” MASTERSAnatomy of Violence (dir. Deepa Mehta)“In 2012, a young woman was gang raped by six men inside a moving bus in New Delhi. She was beaten senseless and thrown naked out onto the street. Eleven actors collaborated on Deepa Mehta’s devastating fictional dramatization of the lives of the rapists.”We Can’t Make The Same Mistake Twice (dir. Alanis Obomsawin)“In 2007, the Child and Family Caring Society of Canada and the Assembly of First Nations filed a landmark discrimination complaint against Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada. They argued that child and family welfare services provided to First Nations children on reserves and in the Yukon were underfunded and inferior to services offered to other Canadian children. This film documents this epic court challenge, giving voice to the tenacious childcare workers at its epicentre.” Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

BC Oil Gas Commission changed Orphan Liability Levy

first_imgThe proportion of the liability levy paid by permit holders is based on their share of the total deemed liability for wells and facilities under the Liability Management Rating (LMR) Program, established on the following calculation:The Permit Holder Liability is equal to the deemed liability for each permit holder’s wells and facilities. The Total Liability is the sum of the deemed liability for wells and facilities of all permit holders in B.C. The resulting fraction is then multiplied by the amount to be raised by the liability levy, which is based on the projected orphan budget in each fiscal year.The BC Oil and Gas Commission protects public safety and safeguards the environment through the sound regulation of oil, gas and geothermal activities n B.C. From exploration through to final reclamation, the Commission works closely with communities and landowners and confirms industry compliance with provincial legislation. It also ensures there are close working relationships; consults with, and considers the interests of Indigenous peoples. VICTORIA, B.C. – The BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission) is changing how funds are collected for the Orphan Site Reclamation Fund.The Commission states at the beginning of Apr. 1, 2019, the existing orphan tax will be eliminated and replaced by a new liability levy. The levy will ensure the Commission has adequate funds to restore all orphan sites in the province in a timely manner. The change is supported in legislation by amendments to section 47 of the Oil and Gas Activities Act authorized by Bill 15 in 2018.The liability levy will be phased in over three years shared the Commission. The 2019/20 fiscal year will see 50 percent of orphan funding come from the new liability levy, increasing by 25 percent in each subsequent year. The remaining funding in these years will come from the Commission’s operating production levy as per Industry Bulletin 2018-20. By 2021/22, the liability levy will provide 100 percent of the annual levy required to fund restoration treatment of orphan sites.last_img read more

Kumar Sangakkara insists he will never enter politics

Former Sri Lanka cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara insists he will never enter politics.Sangakkara said in a statement that he believes that politics and public service is a very serious responsibility. Sangakkara also said that while he has no political ambitions, he does hope that Sri Lankans will have the patience and foresight to not only vote the best-suited and most-qualified persons into public office, but also thereafter retain patience as positive social and economic change will not be achieved overnight.“I also hope that we have the strength to continuously agitate and demand integrity, accountability, transparency and respect from our elected politicians, ensuring they fully appreciate and understand they that are entrusted with our will to be exercised with responsibility in a manner that benefits all in our society equally,” he said.Post cricket, Sangakkara says his plan is, first and foremost, to focus on his family after many years of sacrifice on their part while he was away playing cricket around the world. The former cricketer says public duty should always be served with accountability and integrity holding sacrosanct the public trust.“I have the greatest respect for those public servants, whether elected or appointed, who are motivated by good and honourable intentions and are therefore steadfastly committed to the betterment of our country,” he said. “I am also looking forward to the challenge of developing a second post-playing career in an exciting new phase of my life. Finally, I wish to continue to work with existing charitable partners and friends striving to help various disadvantaged sections of our community. I am forever inspired by the selfless and passionate leaders and volunteers driving these charitable organisations forward and I will try my hardest to support their wonderful efforts in meaningful and useful ways,” he said. (Colombo Gazette) “I have read with a sense of concern reports of my imminent entry into politics in Sri Lanka as a possible candidate for the presidential election in 2020. I was also made aware of varying opinions and speculations on this from both members of the public and media. I have, by what I hear and read, been touted as a suitable candidate by some while that others have questioned my credibility and character. While respectfully appreciating the varying diverse opinions made public, I would like to put to rest speculation and rumour once and for all, confirming that I do not harbour any ambitions for political office. I never have, and, with enormous certainty, I can say I never will,” he said. There have been reports that Sangakkara may contest as a common candidate at the 2020 Presidential elections. read more

Dollar dips slightly StatsCan readies revised July jobs report amid data error

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Malcolm Morrison, The Canadian Press Posted Aug 12, 2014 7:13 am MDT Dollar dips slightly; StatsCan readies revised July jobs report amid data error TORONTO – The Canadian dollar closed little changed Tuesday after Statistics Canada surprised markets in announcing that it will release revised job creation figures for July.The loonie was down 0.02 of a cent at 91.56 cents US after a statement on the agency’s website said an error had been detected and that it would launch a review of the data verification process. Meanwhile, a revised jobs report for July will be issued this Friday.Statistics Canada reported last Friday that the economy created only 200 jobs last month, a far cry from the approximately 15,000 positions that economists had forecast.The loonie had traded lower earlier in the session as the U.S. dollar gained against other currencies amid geopolitical worries and falling German investor confidence.The tone on markets was cautious as Ukraine said it would deny a Russian aid mission entry because it had not been certified by the Red Cross and could be a covert military operation.Ukraine insists any aid must be delivered by the International Red Cross.Also, Germany’s ZEW indicator of confidence among professional investment analysts sagged to a 20-month low in August. The ZEW institute’s index fell to 8.6 from 27.1. Market observers had expected a fall to only 17.0.Fears about a possible escalation of the crisis in Ukraine have weighed on Germany’s business confidence in recent weeks.On the commodity markets, the September crude contract in New York declined 71 cents to US$97.37 a barrel after the International Energy Agency cut its forecast for global oil demand.December gold bullion added a dime to US$1,310.60 an ounce while September copper fell two cents to US$3.15 a pound.As well as monitoring the situation in Ukraine, investors are keeping one eye on Iraq.Iraq’s incumbent prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, appeared more isolated Tuesday as he pressed his battle to remain in power while Iraqi politicians and the international community rallied behind a Shiite premier-designate who could be a more unifying figure.The power struggle in Baghdad comes as Iraq is battling militants from the al-Qaida breakaway group in the north and west. The offensive by the group Islamic State has captured large chunks of Iraqi territory since June. read more

A new era dawns as the Cairns Complex comes to life

Professors Wendy Ward and Sandra Peters, among the first scientists to move into Brock University’s new Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex, surveyed the spacious open-concept lab where they’ll work alongside colleagues from other disciplines.The verdict was spontaneous.“It’s beautiful,” said Peters, whose research includes muscle physiology and how muscle enzymes adapt to exercise.Ward, who holds the Canada Research Chair in bone and muscle development, agreed.“Most scientists go their whole career without ever getting to work in a brand new state-of-the-art facility like this,” said Ward, who said she’s looking forward to showing off the building to help recruit top students to Brock for graduate studies.Scientists Sandra Peters, left, and Wendy Ward in the Cairns Complex: ‘It’s beautiful’After two years of construction and much anticipation, the Cairns Complex is in business.Opening ceremonies won’t happen until September, and workers are still finishing features like the advanced Phytotron greenhouse. But a phased-in move is well underway as teachers, staff and students peel the plastic off new chairs and desks, and breathe life into a landmark that will be known for its striking architecture as well as its ability to let researchers reach new frontiers of knowledge.When classes return in the fall, the Cairns Complex will house about 35 teaching and research faculty, and more than 100 graduate students doing research.It will also be home to the Niagara campus of the Michael DeGroote School of Medicine, Ontario’s only insectiary-equipped Level 3 containment lab, and the Brock Biolinc Business Incubator.Besides being a hit with its occupants, Cairns is also drawing much-needed support from donors who see it as a key to fueling economic development by generating new enterprises from the discoveries in its labs.Salit Steel, of Niagara Falls, and the Niagara-wide accounting firm of Durward Jones Barkwell have each contributed $100,000 to the Bold New Brock capital building fund, and both companies say they hope it inspires others to follow suit. The gifts help pay the University’s share for a $112-million research gem that received $71 million from federal and provincial governments.The complex got its name after St. Catharines businessman Roy Cairns and his family made a donation with an impact of $10-million.Brock President Jack Lightstone said the complex is a monument to the power of partnerships.“Roy Cairns knew, as do all of our partners, that this project can play a historic role in transforming our economic development,” said Lightstone.“Discovering new knowledge and unleashing innovation will be crucial to building a stronger future for Ontario and Canada, and Brock is committed to helping make this happen.“But in the end it is the support our partners who make it possible.” read more

Mens soccer ready for first of 4 straight instate matchups

Junior midfielder Max Moller beats his defender during a match against IPFW Aug. 20, at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. OSU won, 2-0.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorThe Ohio State men’s soccer team begins a stretch of four straight in-state matchups with a trip to Bowling Green, Ohio, to take on the Falcons.Coach John Bluem said he looks forward to the challenges of the matchups against Ohio teams.“These are hard games, these Ohio games,” Bluem said. “They’re rivalry games in a sense that, kind of, everybody likes to play Ohio State.”OSU is coming off a win against Southern Methodist University in the Holiday Inn City Center Golden Hurricane Classic, and a 4-1 defeat at the hands of then-No.22 Tulsa last weekend. Sophomore midfielder Zach Mason says the loss was a reality check.“I think it made us re-evaluate what we were doing as players, to come together a bit,” Mason said. “I think we showed that on Sunday.”Over the weekend, freshman midfielder Christian Soldat and senior midfielder Denio Leone scored their first goals.Soldat said he didn’t think about the fact that it was his first score of the year.“It didn’t really hit me at first,” Soldat said. “I was more worried about getting the ball back so we can try and get another goal.”When asked about the pressure of scoring more, Soldat said it should not be a problem.“The first one is always the hardest in the season,” Soldat said. “Once you get that out of the way, it’s smooth sailing.”Mason and Leone were named to the All-Tournament team from the Hurricane Classic.Bowling Green State comes into the match with a 1-2-1 record. The Falcons’ last three matches were against ranked opponents, including a 1-1 draw with then-No. 14 Michigan.BGSU returns 14 letter winners and introduces nine newcomers to the team. Two returning players, junior midfielder Danny Baraldi and senior forward Anthony Grant, made the All-Mid-American Conference first team in 2012.The match kicks off Friday at 7 p.m. at Cochrane Field. read more

Ohio State softball enters 2016 with balanced roster high hopes

Members of OSU softball team. Credit: Courtesy of OSUAfter an undefeated fall season and an offseason focused on raw competition, the Ohio State softball team is looking to build upon the momentum when it opens its season Friday.The Buckeyes, who went 30-22 in 2015, fell to Nebraska in the quarterfinals of the Big Ten tournament, but the loss has only pushed the team to avoid a repeat outcome. Coach Kelly Kovach Schoenly has seen the spark throughout the preseason practices. “Now the competition is within the team to just get on the field,” she said. “And that’s a very strong practice atmosphere to have.” Jesse Machovina, a redshirt junior, took this challenge with intensity after recovering from an injury last season that resulted in her not seeing any action.“My personal goal is to earn another starting spot after being out for a while,” the utility player said. “Anything to help out the team.”The cooperative team spirit drove Machovina, who said she is feeling close to 100 percent, in the offseason.“Last year, I got to cheer everybody on, but it’s exciting to be back on the field,” she said.The Buckeyes are led by four seniors after graduating their entire outfield last year. With these positions vacant, Schoenly moved players around, including sophomore outfielder Taylor White, who played mostly catcher and left field in 2015.“We needed somebody who could be the leader, and she stepped in and took over center field,” Schoenly said. “It’s one of those positions where you need to take control, and she is owning it.”Offensively, the improvements from sophomore infielders Ashley Goodwin and Cassidy Clough have made impressions on Schoenly. At the plate in 2015, first baseman Erika Leonard and shortstop Maddy McIntyre led the Buckeyes, but Schoenly said she has witnessed promise from more than the two redshirt senior leaders.“We have some other players who did well in the fall and are still doing well now, so I don’t want to slight them,” Schoenly said.Five pitchers equip the Buckeyes with versatility and stamina on the mound, which is exciting to the coaches and players.“Our pitching staff is doing really well,” Machovina said. “I am ready to see what they are going to do.”Junior Shelby Hursh, who was 7-4 in 2015, is the only returning pitcher for OSU. Sophomore Shelby McCombs and junior Lena Springer transferred from Louisville and Central Florida, respectively, while freshmen Katya Duvall and Morgan Ray round out the rotation.OSU has a strong presence from freshmen this season, and outfielder Brianna Betschel is excited to learn from the older players.“I’ve learned that we have a great group of upperclassmen who are leaders, and they show us how to do things the right way,” the freshman said. “I know my coaches and teammates will help me to become the player I hope to be.”Along with Betschel, the rest of the team has high hopes for the upcoming season and is looking to build on strong forces from all aspects of the roster.“We are looking pretty good, so our ultimate team goal is to make it to regionals,” Machovina said. “And I think we have a really good shot.”OSU’s journey to regionals is set to begin Friday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the team is slated to participate in the LSU Tournament. The Buckeyes are scheduled to play four games over two days. The first matchup on the docket is against the University of the Pacific. First pitch is set for 10:30 a.m. read more

Magic Johnson Donates 10 Million to Chicago Program That

In Michael Jordan’s city, Magic Johnson has donated $10 million to bolster a summer jobs program that benefits troubled Black youths in Chicago, which has been ravaged by street violence.Johnson joined Mark and Kimbra Walter of the Inner City Youth Empowerment in a collaboration that will help triple the reach of the One Chicago Summer Plus program.Its primary focus is to guide youths ages 16 to 19 away from potential troubles that come on the streets of inner-city Chicago.“We are proud to partner on an initiative that has proven to change the trajectory of at-risk kids’ lives,” Johnson said in a press release. “Providing disadvantaged kids with alternatives is a step in the right direction toward helping them reach their full potential and curb violence in our neighborhoods.”Johnson’s contribution highlights the former NBA great’s philanthropic work since retiring from professional basketball. He’s been a benchmark for other athletes, like Jordan, to study after their careers are completed.Johnson’s business enterprises are extensive, and most of them have elements of providing jobs, upward mobility and upgraded services for African-Americans.Hardly anyone talks about Johnson having contracted HIV in 1991, setting in motion the end of one of the sport’s great careers. Since then, Johnson has been recognized as an advocate for the disease and an entrepreneur with an amazing portfolio. He’s also part of a group that owns the Los Angeles Dodgers and has a net worth estimated at $500 million, according to celebritynetworth.com.He was beloved as a player because of the infectious, child-like joy in which he performed but should be admired for the non-stop work he does in Black communities. In the case of Chicago, Johnson has no real connection—he’s from Lansing, Mich. and has lived in Los Angeles ever since he was drafted No. 1 by the Lakers in 1979.The only connection is that Johnson identified a dire need and did something to help. Admirable.This program in Chicago that served 1,000 teenagers will serve 3,000 now. The program includes a 25-hour-a-week summer job, a mentor and a behavioral therapy and social-skills building component.The One Chicago Summer Plus program outlines criteria for students, as it targets those who have a past with the juvenile justice system and those who have missed six to eight weeks of school.The program spends roughly $2,900 per student, which equates to nearly triple the amount that is traditionally spent on summer job programs.The city of Chicago is also contributing an additional $6 million to the program, with some of the funds going toward training and supporting 500 mentors so that the increase in students into the program does not compromise the quality and personal contact participants receive.“The city of Chicago, with the support of our community and business partners, remains committed to reducing violence in our city,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in Black Enterprise. “Through the generous grant, more youth will stay safe, active and engaged this summer while getting the skills and on-the-job training necessary for a bright future.”High unemployment is directly linked to higher incarceration rates. Studies indicate 92 percent of Black males between the ages of 16-19 in Chicago are unemployed, which impacts the city’s high crime and incarceration rates. All this illuminates how important programs like this are—and how committed someone like Magic Johnson is. read more

Geek deals 479 Lenovo Windows 8 tablet discount SD cards more

first_imgOur other top deals:LaCie 1TB USB 3.0 Firewire 800 rugged portable hard drive for $159.66 + free shipping (reg. $199.99)Amazon Gold Box: up to 71% off SanDisk USB flash drives & SD cards starting at $10.49Back to School special: 50% off all McAfee security software, starting at $24.99 With every revision, tablet PCs are getting better and better for use as a primary PC. Manufacturers are designing slimmer form factors with larger screens and — thanks to the latest Intel processors — can give you the Windows 8 experience as it’s meant to be: on a touch screen.Lenovo has been one of the more progressive manufacturers with laptop-esque tablets, machines engineered with the ease-of-use of a slate tablet but the functionality of a full laptop. The now retired IdeaTab S2110 was an Android-powered example that had a keyboard dock and great battery life. The new ThinkPad Helix looks to be one of the best convertible ultrabooks available, at least on paper, but sports a hefty price tag.Tackling the other end of the price spectrum is their new Miix 10 tablet. It uses a 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor to give you full Windows 8 support, while still being rated up to 10 hours of runtime. It’s 10-inch screen uses IPS technology for great image quality and even has a front camera and microSD card slot.The all-important keyboard dock that gives this the assemblance of a regular laptop is optional, which is what helps keep the starting price down to just $479 after a $120 coupon. This looks like a cool little gadget that gives you PC functionality with tablet portability, all without breaking your budget.Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 64GB Tablet for $479 + free shipping (reg. $599 | use coupon BACKTOSCHOOLIDEA)last_img read more

BT Sport to get WWE UK TV broadcast rights from Sky Sports

first_imgFacebook Wrestleview Live #65: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte BT Sport have reportedly acquired the broadcasting rights to WWE television in the United Kingdom.The Telegraph have reported that the next cycle of WWE UK television rights will go to BT Sport, ending the WWE’s 30 year relationship with Sky Sports. BT Sport is expected to make the announcement soon.This news comes after ITV had announced that they will be airing AEW over on their channels.Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipCristiano Ronaldo Will Take Part In New Facebook Watch SeriesVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:00Loaded: 3.43%0:00Remaining Time -0:30 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Cristiano Ronaldo WhatsApp Roy Nemer RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Julian Edelman Launches Youtube Channel Live Podcast: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte Germany Sticks to a Balanced Budget, But Is Ready for a Crisis Google+ Now Playing Up Next Videos Articlescenter_img Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Twitter Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Pinterest Electability Haunts Sanders Cristiano Ronaldo Will Take Part In New Facebook Watch Series NFL Week 2 Preview With Mike Lombardi, Will Antonio Brown Play? WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton)last_img read more

Vancouver may limit fireworks usage to 4th of July

first_imgThe use of personal fireworks within Vancouver city limits could be limited to just the Fourth of July, starting in 2014.A majority of the Vancouver City Council said on Monday they will consider an ordinance that would limit the sale of fireworks to three days and limit the use to one day.The workshop on one of the community’s most controversial topics came after the council rejected a plan in June that would have banned all but “safe and sane” fireworks. The council made that decision at the end of a late-night meeting during which most speakers urged the council not to place additional restrictions on personal fireworks.A date of a public hearing on the new proposal has not been set.Currently, the city has a seven-day period for sales (June 28 to July 4) and a four-day period for use (July 1 to July 4).By state law, any changes to fireworks laws have to be passed 365 days in advance, so it’s too late to change the rules for 2013.While councilors favored shortening the window, a few expressed concerns about the fact that the Board of Clark County Commissioners has not been inclined to tighten regulations. In unincorporated Clark County, fireworks may be sold and discharged from June 28 through July 4.Councilor Jack Burkman said some people who live in unincorporated Clark County but within Vancouver’s urban growth boundary (such as Hazel Dell residents) don’t know if they are in city limits or not.last_img read more

Clark County political puzzle waiting for pieces to connect

first_img Sheriffo Chuck Atkins, Republican; Money raised: $18,590o Ed Owens, Independent; Money raised: $8,001.50o Shane Gardner, Nonpartisan; Money raised: $14,466o John Graser, Republican; Money raised: $10,639.49Auditoro Greg Kimsey, Republican incumbent. Money raised: $26,352.30Prosecuting attorneyo Tony Golik, Democratic incumbent; Money raised: $0CLERKo Scott Weber, Republican incumbent; Money raised: $2,270o Deanna Pauli-Hammond, Democrat; Money raised: $0ASSESSORo Peter Van Nortwick, Republican incumbent; Money raised: $2,000TREASURERo Doug Lasher, Democratic incumbent; Money raised: $0SOURCE: Washington Public Disclosure CommissionIn a community where for decades political leadership was predictable, county commissioners have entered a puzzling time.And as the filing period for local candidates approaches this week, extending from Monday through Friday, there comes the promise that, perhaps, some of the political pieces will fit together.When Democrat Steve Stuart announced in January he wouldn’t seek re-election, it signaled the next big shift for the three-member board. Stuart, after all, had served for a decade, the longest tenure among the commissioners. Only six months ago, the question wasn’t when he would step down. Instead, it was a milder variation: Would he seek re-election?When Stuart instead announced he’d seek a job as Ridgefield’s city manager, he characterized the position as a dream job of sorts and a way of escaping the acrimony of divisive politics. His departure from the board signified the latest compelling shift in county politics, observers say. He was, in the words of political activist Jim Mains, “a skilled leader who is able to work with people with widely differing views.”As the filing period for local candidates draws near, and as the commissioners prepare to name a replacement to Stuart’s seat on May 27, the picture of county politics is set to change yet again.And still, questions remain.Leading up to this week’s filing deadline, Craig Pridemore, a Democrat and former county commissioner, has announced his intention to run. He was joined Friday by Republican Jeanne Stewart, a former Vancouver city councilmember. Click to enlargelast_img read more

Vancouver man gets 5 years for sexual abuse of girls

first_imgA Vancouver man was sentenced to more than five years in prison for sexually abusing two minor girls whom he met on Facebook.Juan Diaz-Velazquez, 35, pleaded guilty June 6 to two counts of commercial sex abuse of a minor, communicating with a minor for immoral purposes and possession of depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct.Diaz-Velazquez told Vancouver police that he created a fake Facebook account in order to spy on his girlfriend but then began using it to communicate with the victim, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in court.In the fake account, he allegedly posed as a woman named Kenzie Dasilva. The victim told police that she befriended “Kenzie” on Facebook. During one of their conversations on the social media site, “Kenzie” asked the victim if she would like to be paid for having sex with men, court records say. After the victim said she was interested, “Kenzie” arranged for her to meet a man for sex on Dec. 9, 2012, at a Shell gas station at 4905 N.E. 94th Ave., court records say.Driving a blue truck, Diaz-Velazquez allegedly picked her up and drove her to a state liquor store at 13875 S.E. Mill Plain Blvd. and bought some alcohol for her. According to court records, he then drove her to his residence in the 200 block of Northeast 148th Avenue, where he served her alcohol and had sex with her.After the encounter, he dropped her off while she was still under the influence of alcohol at the WinCo at 11310 N.E. 119th St. Money was never exchanged between the victim and the assailant, court records say.last_img read more

Three clues why the Note 10s camera might pop up to take

first_img1:56 Best hidden Galaxy S10 features you need to know now Tags $471 It was the Galaxy A8s that served as a practice run for the Galaxy S10 notch, and the Galaxy A9 that integrated four rear cameras four months before the S10 launch.The question is: Why would Samsung use these more affordable devices as a test bed for more premium phones? Perhaps the company is trying to be more careful introducing new technology after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, in which reports of self-combusting batteries led Samsung to recall the device twice. Of course, it’s extremely unlikely that a screen cutout would lead to flames, but there’s a possibility that the brand is keeping an eye out for early issues so it can course-correct, or push back the launch of a flagship phone if need be.07-samsung-galaxy-s10-5gThe Galaxy S10 5G wasn’t Samsung’s first phone with four rear cameras. Sarah Tew/CNET Pop-up cameras are so hot right nowIt’s also possible that Samsung’s interest in pop-up cameras has everything to do with the trend among other smartphone makers in Asia (remember, Samsung hails from South Korea). Funnily enough, the three main proponents of mechanized cameras — Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus (rumored) — are all Chinese brands owned by the same corporation, BBK Electronics.The Oppo F11 Pro and Vivo Nex both feature a small, square pop-up selfie cam (but not the Nex Dual Display Edition). The OnePlus 7 is rumored to get the same. Now playing: Watch this: See it Now playing: Watch this: (Technically, there’s really only one 8-inch screen that bends around the outside, but when the Mate X is folded closed into phone mode, you get active screen windows on the front and back)Could Samsung’s first foray into an all-in-one camera array be its way to innovate against Huawei’s relentless approach? If so, it would sure want a feature with the most wow-factor on its top phones.Mechanized parts risk one more thing to breakNot every argument for a swivel camera to grace the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11 makes sense. The more complexity a phone has, the greater the opportunity that something could go wrong. What if something happened to the motor driving the action? Could the mechanism budge if something gets stuck or wedged inside? Vivo NexThe Vivo Nex was the first to pop up its camera, but not the last. James Martin/CNET Or what if the phone falls when the camera’s popped out and has a hard hit that keeps it from retreating? And what if the mechanism slows down over time?Of course there will be concern over wear and tear, and of course Samsung will have tested the slider camera within an inch of its life. But yes, bad things do happen to good phones on occasion and unflattering reports are a risk.Do 6 cameras sound classier than 4?At a time where more cameras are marketing to make a phone appear better — or at least more capable — could there be an issue where Samsung would have to reeducate the public that the same camera on the front and back (I’m arbitrarily picking four) could be just as good as six, the total number on the Galaxy S10 5G?Galaxy A80Would you want a reversible swivel camera? Samsung Note 10 vs. Galaxy S11: Which would be more likely?When it comes to actually thinking through which phone would be more likely to get a swivel camera, the Note 10 or the Galaxy S11, this is when my “pro” arguments break down.We’re about four months away from the Note 10 launch, if Samsung keeps it August time frame. Wouldn’t a leak as significant as a swivel camera have surfaced by now? And would Samsung want to put a slide-up camera on a phone that already has its own identity with that S Pen stylus?On the other hand, the Galaxy S series is more the bread-and-butter family that’s been the “safer” choice while Samsung reserves some of its more interesting experiments for the Note series or for other phones. 3 Review • Galaxy Note 8 is powerful, pricey and soon-to-be-replaced 56 Photos $960 Best Buy Then there’s last year’s sexy Oppo Find X, whose entire lid lifted up like the Galaxy A80. And Oppo Reno, whose 16-megapixel front-facing camera pops up at a tilt “like a shark fin,” my colleague Katie Collins said colorfully, “or a wedge of brie.” (Mmmm, brieeeeee.)Note that none of these pop-up designs swivel.Samsung’s largest competitor, Huawei, also from China, doesn’t have a pop-up camera yet. But its foldable Mate X does use its camera array for both types of photos, having you turn the phone around to take a selfie or a photo, and using one of its two exterior “screens” as a viewfinder. $329 Mentioned Above Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Midnight Black) The Oppo Find X phone is dead sexy Preview • Galaxy Note 8 could be the Note 7 you should have had, and then somecenter_img Oppo Huawei Samsung Share your voice 6:26 Amazon $699 New leaks on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 However, with four Galaxy S10 devices in 2019, it could make sense for Samsung to release the most expensive Galaxy S11 variant of 2020 with a pop-up camera. There’s just one more possibility of where a swivel camera could appear in a high-end Samsung phone, and that’s that foldable. It’s rumored (and also logical) that Samsung will make other foldable phones. I’m not sure how the design would need to look in order to make a slide-up swivel camera wok, but I’m sure Samsung’s designers and engineers have toyed around with everything. Originally posted April 11 at 5:30 a.m. PT. See It Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Phone See It See It On the Galaxy A80, the rear cameras and front-facing cameras are the same. Samsung What if the Galaxy Note 10 or next year’s Galaxy S11 had a slide-out camera with lenses that take your selfies before swiveling around to snap a portrait of your dog? Thanks to Samsung’s launch this week of the Galaxy A80, which has just that camera setup, the possibility is no longer the stuff of pure fancy.After all, if Samsung thought this slide-up, swivel-around camera is good enough for a midrange phone, it’s certainly good enough for the brand’s most advanced Android device, right? Truth be told, I’m curious about the design, which I’ve been salivating over since I first saw it in 2014 on the Oppo N1, an innovative camera-swivel phone for Asia.Oppo N1The Oppo N1 started it all. Aloysius Low/CNET It’s been years since phones that swivel, flip and otherwise move have been en vogue, but all that’s changing. Foldable phones like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X are both raising and reflecting an interest in movable design. Cameras, too, are becoming more mechanized to rise out of the belly of the beast in various ways. Both sliding camera and foldable trends serve the demand for ultimately giving you more screen to work with. In the case of a slide-up camera, that’s to solve the problem of sensors crowding the screen. If the “notch” didn’t win many fans, maybe a slider camera array will.Here are four reasons it could make sense to see Samsung bring the Galaxy A80’s slide-up swivel camera to a more premium Samsung phone like the Note 10 or Galaxy S11, and three reasons it might not.Samsung did not respond to a request for comment.Read: After Galaxy Fold fiasco, Note 10 may be the hero phone Samsung needsBetter photos, smarter designI’ve been intrigued by (ahem, obsessed with) the camera swivel since the Oppo N1 days because it struck me as an elegant solution. Why double up on cameras, or use a subpar front-facing sensor for your selfies, when you can use your best cameras to take a self-portrait too? What if, instead of a company buying half a dozen cameras for the front and back, they only bought four to do the work of six.2019-04-10-20-40-24This Galaxy A80 camera module slides out from the body, leaving you uninterrupted screen. Samsung More importantly, if the camera does double duty, your selfie image quality, and the number of things you could potentially do with a selfie, could also increase, since Samsung would no longer save its best cameras for the back.Samsung is starting a patternThe Galaxy S10 phones weren’t the first to get the punch-hole camera “notch,” using a display that Samsung terms its Infinity-O design. Neither was the Galaxy S10 5G the first Samsung phone with four rear cameras. Samsung saved both those milestones for phones in its midtier Galaxy A series. Sprint Comments So… To celebrate my fourth Twitter Anniversary as @OnLeaks and start 2019 leaks season, here comes a lil gift as your very first look at the #OnePlus7! 360° video + gorgeous 5K renders + dimensions, on behalf of my Friends over @Pricebaba -> https://t.co/gj5eHbiB25 pic.twitter.com/7oNyF9jgG0— Steve H.McFly (@OnLeaks) March 3, 2019 Phones CNET may get a commission from retail offers.last_img read more

Mahindra Mahindra seeks to sell electric vehicles in US and China

first_imgA Mahindra e2o electric car is seen during its launch in London, Britain April 15, 2016. [Representational Image]Reuters fileIndian carmaker giant Mahindra & Mahindra is seeking ways to tap the United States (US) market by selling its electric vehicles to customers belonging to the largest economy in the world.The company is testing autonomous tractors, trucks and cars in an attempt to take its electric vehicles to the US. It also opened a new North American headquarters in Detroit on Monday and is considering to start its sales in the US, according to Reuters.Mahindra is also all set to give completion to Tesla as the Indian car brand also plans to sell electric vehicles both in the US and China, two giant markets for electric vehicles. China is already world’s largest electric vehicle market and is also expected to keep growing rapidly.According to Anand Mahindra, the company had been testing self-driving models since it bought a small stake in Japan’s Mitsubishi Agriculture Machinery in 2015. Now, Mahindra & Mahindra operates several US tractor assembly plants.Mahindra & Mahindra has been building electric vehicles in India since the mid-1990s.Reports suggest that the company is developing two new electric vehicles which it plans to roll out in India over the next two years. It currently sells three electric models in the country – e-Verito, e2o Plus and e-Supro. Details of the new products were, however, not revealed.The company is also reportedly in early talks with its partner Ford Motor Co. To procure a vehicle platform on which it aims to build an all-new electric sedan.”Ford will get the electric technology of Mahindra. So far, that’s the only point of discussion in that direction,” said a person close to the matter.In September, the company had also launched its electric three-wheeler e-Alfa Mini priced at Rs 1.12 lakh. The electric vehicle is on sale in New Delhi and will soon be available in other cities too. Anand Mahindra, chairman and managing director of Mahindra Group.Reuters fileEarlier this year, Mahindra & Mahindra had said that it will expand its electric car business aggressively and make it available to many people through big car aggregators like Ola and Uber.Not just carmakers like Mahindra & Mahindra are bullish on expanding the base of the electric car business in India, but the government also wants only electric vehicles to ply on India’s roads by 2030 as a part of its commitment to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions under the global agreement on climate change.The move could also reduce spending on oil imports, which according to estimates could rather double by 2030.last_img read more

Of Apple and Windows Gartners OS forecast is useless

first_imgOf Apple and Windows: Gartner’s OS forecast is useless by Martin Brinkmann on January 09, 2017 in Hardware – Last Update: January 09, 2017 – 11 commentsYou have probably read about Gartner’s latest forecast already which sees Apple shipping more combined devices than Microsoft / Windows in the year 2017 and the following years.If you have not, you can read about the prediction on the Computerworld website. Basically, what Gartner forecasts is that Apple will ship more iOS and OSX devices in total than Windows devices in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.If you take the 2016 figures, which Gartner provides, you see Windows in second position with about 260 million devices shipped. Apple shipped only 248 million devices in total in the year and came in third. The statistic is dominated by Google Android which shipped on the majority of devices in 2016. To make this clearer, the 260 million Windows devices are 11% of the market.Windows devices dropped in comparison to 2015, and so did Apple devices in 2016. Gartner forecasts that Apple will see a strong year 2017 with device shipments picking up again, while Windows shipments won’t see much change in the coming years.by Computerworld with Gartner dataThe statistic is problematic for a number of reasons. First, it takes PC, 2-in-1, tablet and phone shipments and adds them all up together. This ensures that you get the biggest number possible, but it does not really tell you anything about how well an operating system does or will do.If you would just look at individual device types, you’d see that the bulk of Apple’s shipments falls into the iPhone category. For Windows, that is a dead category more or less.The situation changes if you take PCs on the other hand. Apple is not doing really well in that category, while the bulk of Windows devices fall into that group.Windows is doing well in the PC category first and foremost, and it is dominating it. Apple is obviously doing better than Windows in the mobile phone category as Windows is a no-show there.Second, even if you ignore this issue, you may notice that the “total devices shipped” figure does not tell you anything about how well a company is doing. Apple is making more money from devices that it ships than Microsoft or other companies shipping Windows products.Apple has been quite conservative when it comes to innovation and releasing products, and if the company does not change that, or change other metrics such as price, then I cannot see it recover from a decline in sales.For Microsoft, there are also some uncertainties. First, what about Windows Phone? Will Microsoft release the rumored Surface Phone in 2017 to the public? I cannot see it capture much market share initially, unless it is really innovative or offers great value for its price.Then, what about Windows 10? Microsoft’s push to Windows 10 will continue obviously, but the company has yet to show how this will benefit the company financially. With 10% of Windows customers still on Windows XP, an operating system that Microsoft stopped supporting three years ago, it is clear that Microsoft will have a hard time convincing Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10.Why? Because Windows 7 is probably as popular as Windows XP, and it is supported for another three years.Lastly, the figures may not take into account the enthusiast market. PC users can build their own devices from scratch. While there are not any information on how big that part of the market is, it is probably something that one should not forget.Closing WordsThe forecast does not tell us much. It tells us that Gartner believes that Apple will ship more devices than all companies shipping Windows devices because Apple will recover from declining sales while Microsoft won’t. That’s the extend of the forecast.I predict that Android device shipments will overshadow the combined Windows and Apple shipments, but that too does not tell us much that we don’t know already either.In the end, it does not really matter if Apple beats Windows or vice versa. Apple is doing well, even though it seems to be in decline, and Microsoft is also doing well.Now You: What’s your take on these stats?SummaryArticle NameOf Apple and Windows: Gartner’s OS forecast is uselessDescriptionGartner analysts forecast that Apple will take the second spot in the total devices shipped category from Windows in 2017.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more