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Sandra Gobin, Uniline: Slavonia has a beautiful future as a destination

first_imgThe management and the leading team of Uniline, the leading Croatian tourist operator, visited the Osijek-Baranja and Vukovar-Srijem counties in order to see the possibilities for the development of multi-day destination and daily excursion programs.A more intensive opening of the foreign market of Slavonia is a prerequisite for a quality start and recognition on the domestic market and thus an increase in the arrival of domestic guests, which will certainly contribute to the working visit of the Management and leading team Unilineam, as well as all other travel agencies. they would meet and experience it. “We chose Slavonia as the destination for our team building in order to give it business and social support considering our know-how and the sales channels we have at our disposal.” said Boris Žgomba, CEO of Uniline.Sandra Gobin, Member of the Management Board and Director of the Tourism Sector: We are ready to take a share in the tourism development of Slavonia Slavonia as a destination has a beautiful future is the conclusion of the working visit, and as they point out from Uniline, it is a series of new jobs and activities on which tourism is based today – from specialized tourist tours, hunting tourism, wine roads, bird watching, school and riding trails, family farms, camps, family hotels to original restaurants and wine cellars given what Slavonia abounds in. “We are ready with other colleagues from the sector to take over our share in tourism and destination development in this area. We are thrilled with what we have experienced. We are still collecting impressions, but it is clear that there are undoubted potentials for eno-gastro, cultural tourism and historical, ie archaeological tourism, which we will gradually introduce into our programs for some foreign and domestic market niches with special interest.”Said Sandra Gobin, Member of the Management Board and Director of the Tourism Sector.Uniline, which also has the Europcar franchise in its portfolio, a rent a car operation with more than 1.200 vehicles in its fleet, is a leading Croatian tour operator that annually provides tourist services to over 350 guests in Croatia and the region of Southeast Europe. By entering the management of sales processes and the entire hotel business (hotel management), the company is just being transformed into a complete business tourism group, ie a one-stop tourist company.I hereby invite all other travel agencies to visit Slavonia and experience it with their own eyes in order to see for themselves the extremely great potential for the development of tourism in Slavonia, as well as the solution of year-round tourism. I also invite all other companies to organize their team building programs in Slavonia.Also, I invite you to support the initiative to hold the Days of Croatian Tourism in 2018 in Slavonia # DHTSlavonija2018last_img

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